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Ultimate Guide on Dragon Tiger Game Development

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 26, 2022
Dragon Tiger game development

Cambodia was the first country to release Dragon Tiger, an Asian casino game.  As a result, Asian countries gradually became more familiar with it. The simplicity, pace, and odds of this game made it popular around the world from its Asian roots. Dragon tiger game development has therefore been in-demand by many. The availability of this game on online platforms has made it even more appealing to players around the world.

What is the Dragon Tiger Game?

Casino card games like Dragon Tiger are very popular. There are two sides to the card, one Dragon side, and one Tiger side; the dealer dealt the card on both sides. Higher cards win for the betting side. In case of a tie, the player loses 50% of their bet if the exact value of the cards appears on both sides. 

The Ace holds the lowest value in the Dragon Tiger game. In order, the Ks, Qs, Js, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Aces follow from bigger to smaller. Players win the round if they get a higher card on their bet if the King is the highest value. In the middle of the card game play, several options for placing side bets exist.

Features of Dragon Tiger Game Development

Every successful app is built on features that make it competitive with other online games on the app market. As an expert in developing world-class online gaming solutions, we are able to help our clients take their businesses to the next level. Tests that make up a result-oriented business solution are all qualified by our features. Let our dragon tiger game development company help you drive your business to success.

  • Streaming live

Dragon tiger games developed by us are too attractive and have a live streaming feature that makes engagement with your users high. It is our specialty to add live dealer streaming solutions with HD quality.

  • Improved AI interaction

We develop online dragon tiger card games with better AI interactions that help players understand the game and modes. With the most advanced AI tools, we will design Dragon Tiger card gaming solutions for you.

  • Platform-independent

We offer operators a variety of interface options with our Dragon Tiger live gaming solution. All major desktop, web, tablet, and mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows, are fully compatible. Our solution allows you to target users on a variety of platforms.

  • System for live chat

As part of our Dragon Tiger game development services, you will be able to interact live with dealers and other players on the game. If you play with your friends and want to have fun together, this is a great feature.

  • Support for multiple currencies

A wide range of players from around the world can play on your Dragon Tiger platform because it supports multi-currency. Furthermore, it increases the popularity of your app and provides a reliability checkpoint for your platform.

  • Become a guest

When you are logged in, you can use the guest mode to play dragon tiger as a guest. It is possible to play the game as a guest user if you do not wish to create an official account with your email address.

  • Real Money Online Games

Now you can play dragon tiger online with real money, so use your skills to beat the game. To compete against other online players by playing real money games, you can take part in various dragon tiger game tournaments.

  • Themes & Skins for Tables

Change tables with many attractive skins and themes that run smoothly on every platform with our dragon tiger game solutions. As well as providing custom skins and themes, we will keep the game interesting for users.

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Our Dragon Tiger Game Development Process – How We Develop?

In order to help our clients choose the right resources and tools, we always strive to provide better project-related consultancy. In order to make healthy and trusting relationships with clients, we focus on creating a trust bridge for them. We strive to ensure that our developed solutions are completely satisfactory to them. To ensure our client’s business needs are met, we always strive to provide them with a top-class development infrastructure.

Process of Dragon Tiger’s Pre-Production Stage 

For the Dragon Tiger game development, a pre-production process includes inquiry, testing, planning, integration, new code formation, etc. 

Production Process for Dragon Tiger Game

Our Dragon Tiger game production stage involves planning the game structure, designing it, prototyping it, implementing it, and testing its quality and performance.

Post-Production Stage Process for Dragon Tiger

Before publishing your Dragon Tiger game on the online platforms, we will provide end-to-end support, maintenance, and quality assurance services.

Dragon Tiger Game Development Solutions Benefits

As a prominent Dragon Tiger game developer company, we strive to provide better and richer gaming solutions to our gaming community. In addition to staying current with every technology, we also offer a new way to develop infrastructure cost-effectively.

Anti-Cheat System for Dragon Tiger

A flawless gaming experience is what matters to us users; cheating is not tolerated. Our Dragon Tiger game development platform integrates the most effective and instant cheating or hacking detector solution to eliminate and ban any cheater activity.

An Expandable & Quality Solution

In addition to providing top-notch Dragon Tiger game solutions, our main focus is creating the safest platform to play online Dragon Tiger games. In addition to allowing you to expand your Dragon Tiger platform in the future, with our game developers’ help, we also offer expandability so that if you require more features in the future, you can easily do so.

Installs & Plays Easily

You only need to follow a few steps to install the Dragon Tiger game developed by us. Signing up for the first time is required to play, but you can also log in using your Facebook account. It also automatically adds your Facebook friends who have installed the game as well.

Methods of Payment

As a result of partnering with the most reputable payment providers, we were able to add many payment options to the game so users could deposit and withdraw money using their choice of payment method. Therefore, Dragon Tiger games are developed using various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and e-wallets.

Adoption of Multiple Currencies

We provide live Dragon Tiger game development solutions that support a variety of currencies. By allowing native players to use their original currency, you can expand your market quickly. Cryptocurrencies are also supported by our developed solutions. 

Support & Maintenance Available 24×7

To ensure that your solution runs flawlessly and uninterrupted, we provide 24×7 support and maintenance services. We provide end-to-end maintenance services for all of your platform needs, whether it’s adding new features or making it more responsive.

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How Much Does it Cost For Dragon Tiger Game App Development?

Game development is a time-consuming process as well as a costly one for any mobile game development company in the USA. An online crypto poker game software development solution will take at least five to six months to complete. When it comes to the cost of developing a card game software like poker game software, it depends on several factors, features, and whether you want to create a platform-independent app or an app for a specific platform.

Card game development involves several procedures such as prototyping, designing, developing, game testing, launching, and post-launching. To ensure quality and on-time delivery of the best card game software, each task involves various teams and hires experienced poker game developers.

Card game development costs are also affected by other factors.

  • Storage of games in the cloud
  • It costs a few dollars to publish a gaming app in the App Store on several platforms, such as iOS.
  • An app’s complexity level in terms of features.
  • A game’s number of User Interfaces.

We can provide you with an average cost of $45K to $800K for the development of a moderately complex Android-only app for poker games or Rummy games.

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Dragon Tiger Game Development with BR Softech?

Known for providing quality online Dragon Tiger games, BR Softech provides game development services. Our top qualified developers have built a strong position in the market with their experience and knowledge. In order to meet the needs of your business, we provide world-class white-label Dragon Tiger game solutions. We develop feature-rich, scalable, robust, and secure Dragon Tiger games with full functionality thanks to our game developers’ knowledge of advanced technologies. 

All types of platforms are supported by our Dragon Tiger game solution. We are one of the best game development companies in the USA due to our proven expertise. Further, we possess industry-qualified experts who can develop cost-effective 2D/3D games for various platforms with Blockchain integration, making them highly secure.

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Where can I find a game development company to hire?

At BR Softech, we have a specific team hiring approach that is simple and fast.
• Send your inquiry about your project
• Consult with our experts to know more
• Interview our developers
• Choose a team engagement model
• Come aboard and start working on your project 

What is the best way to beat Tiger vs Dragon?

That’s why you should always bet on Dragons or Tigers. The strategy is easy to implement. Make your bet on Dragon if you think it has the best hand. Place your bet on Tiger if you believe it has the best hand.

What is the Dragon vs Tiger game all about?

The first thing you do is place your chips on either the Dragon or Tiger box. The dealer then draws one card from each set and places it in the appropriate box on the table. In this scenario, you win if the card value of your initial bet or call is the highest of the two box options. You lose if you don’t.

Dragon vs Tiger: How do you beat it?

These strategies will help you become the next best player:
Strategy based on Martingale.
A strategy based on suitability.
Strategy for counting cards.
Observe the dealer closely.
Make sure you know how the game works.
Bet only on the main events.
Do not follow patterns.
Tie bets should be avoided.

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