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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like PUBG?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Mar 04, 2020

In today’s time, the hot trends that we follow with utmost devotion. The  merging technologies have become one of today’s most important aspects of our life and have certainly made the challenging lives easier yet faster. There are different reasons to give it a name for emerging technologies as it has today turned the entire working system into a high tech working environment.

In our daily life, the internet is now a kind of mandatory thing. Use of the Internet has become compulsory in our daily lives. We all spend lots of time on the internet to get an answer to every question which strikes our minds. And believe it or not, one such thing that distinctive generations can look at and see a distinct evolution of the game development industry.

In 2015, global mobile app revenue amounted to 69.7 billion USD. Looking at the way this industry is booming, it is expected that by 2020 revenue will amount to 188.9 billion USD!

With the creation of the Internet, the whole world has become a global village. The Internet has reduced our daily workload. It is possible to store an enormous amount of information on the Internet. We can get all the data from our doorstep in a click, can interact from anywhere with our loved ones at any time, can make internet payments, can purchase and sell products online, etc. 

  • Mobile games are a man’s “new” friend Smartphone games are the perfect cure for your morning blues and your evening dullness. Mobile games, especially PUBG, is nowadays most popular due to its addictive nature and class-apart features.
  • Nowadays, gamers are always on the lookout for something exciting and interesting. PUBG has come off as one of the top-rated games that are ruling the gaming world with amazing graphics, multilevel challenges, and some fun-exciting features.
  •  It has developed such a buzz over the web that in the coming future, it does not seem to be shutting down quickly.

Inspired by the success of PUBG, a lot of companies want to create an app like PUBG. With increasing demand and incredible advancement in mobile gaming technologies, the Mobile Game App Development Company is feeling encouraged to build mobile games. With a growing market and explosion of technological advancements like AR and VR in the market, it brings various opportunities for the Gaming company to make money in it. Many developers want to build an app like PUBG.

Technologies that are required to develop an app


  • Java
  • Python
  • Unreal Engine4
  • Pearl 6

Many challenges need to be faced by the developers to build an app like PUBG. The app game must consist of good quality graphics with some amazing features that attract new age gamers. 

Multiple parameters must be taken into account to determine the complexity and the price of the mobile app.

  • Type of application to be built
  • Platform to be used
  • Type of application
  • Features of the app
  • Graphics used

All of these components are critical to the overall cost of developing mobile games. To make active mobile games, find and collaborate with BR Softech, the team of professional mobile game development company.

Here are some features to develop an app like PUBG; some of the requirements are as follows. The game needs to be optimized very well for the smartphone that can smoothly run well even on the mid-range smartphones. Several factors have contributed, as well.  

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 Create a strategy

A sound and unique approach for gaming is a must that you must follow before you start an online game. One must think clearly before developing the next-generation game. It’s essential to consider its pros and cons, how it’s going to perform, its feasibility, and how engaging it will be. Create a plan A and B to build the game as trends continue to change. Developers need to keep ready to accept the changes, and the adaptability is required to attain the Profits. 

Unique Launching

During the launching the game there must be a good platform where the game will be built and launched. There are ample options where developers can launch their product, but Android and iOS stores are the primary targets for the game players. The need for a perfect platform is required to test and monitor the app while keeping the target audience in mind. This methodology is an excellent strategy for game developers to achieve the desired outcome. 

Planning Mobile App Development

It’s always the best thing to plan for anything. Write down all of your thoughts and attempt to re-discover a way to combine them all. As we already understand, PUBG has no plot and no story, only jumping and shooting. Developing a game that has some unique features will be profitable options in the long run.

Concept of the Game

The primary and foremost thing that needs to be understood before developing the game is the concept. What type of game is it? How are you going to attract gamers, what are the features, and what will be the unique strategy that can make your game engaging? All these things can hold gamer attention, and they can stay hooked to your game. The game must have interesting multilevel challenges, in-app rewards, exciting challenges, and high-quality audio-video visuals. It will boost the player’s interest in the game and also the goodwill of the game.  

 Amazing Graphics

A game developer must understand how graphics play a pivotal role in making a game unbeaten. Developing a game with realistic graphics and additional features in the design will make your game a treat for gamers. For that, you can hire a game developer or outsource the app development company that can convert your graphical imagination into reality. They must include 3D graphics, adjustable resolution, and impressive designs that can easily attract the targeted customers.  

Select the Mobile Operating System

There are hundreds of similar kinds of games in the market who are doing well in the market. The developers should be aware of all the facts and recent trends before developing a gaming app. It is essential to target the mass audience regularly, and for that, you need to build a game for both Android and iOS platforms.

 Monetization Strategy

The most crucial factor is that you need to consider what framework you need to follow. Whether you allow users to play free-of-cost or they need to buy them. All those decisions are taken based on the requirements of the competition. A game like PUBG is a real mechanism of addiction behind the mobile gaming industry. It Offers astounding graphics and impressive sound qualities that enable them to connect with a mass audience, which will undoubtedly impact the trends in the gaming industry

Brainstorming Your USP

Before developing an app, we need to understand how they will build an app like PUBG, without copying their ideas. It is essential to bring something new and unique to the new genre. Nowadays, developers are coming up with out-of-the-box ideas and impressive features that will hook the user.  

Social Media Sharing:

These days the games are well equipped with the features of social media sharing where players can share their performances on social media platforms. This way, the game will gain popularity and audience. The players must be able to share their goals, or they must be able to receive benefits for energy levels or stages passed. 

Cost to Develop the Mobile App:

All the features that have been described above impact the cost of developing an app like PUBG. Developing games like PUBG requires intensive efforts in designing and planning. The development of games depends on gameplay, designs, weapons, and other unique strategies. The games are generally developed by highly-skilled, experienced professionals that also include the development cost according to the graphics and features. 

Developing and creating games required intensive efforts in designing, planning that time ranges between 1 to 2 years or even more. While developing the app, make sure you sanction the budget for every aspect according to the needs and trends of the game. Estimating the exact cost of mobile application development is hard. It fluctuates depending on the many factors like features and functionality you choose. This game may cost you between $40k-$ 50K range. 


To conclude that developing the mobile game is not an easy task, it is hard to neglect the realistic approach while developing the app. It required meticulous planning, technical support, and never-ending features to attract the mass audience. Convert your graphical imagination into reality with BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. We will help you develop an advanced game using trending technologies and offer a wide range of rich features with high functionality.

Our team of expert developers makes every effort to understand and enhance the gaming concept. We prioritize our client’s requirements from the core. We make full use of a rich UI and UX Game Design, high-end programming, animation effects, and rich backgrounds to make the idea live. 

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