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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Carrom Game App Like Carrom Clash?

Game Development
Nov 30, 2023
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Cost to Develop a Carrom Game App Like Carrom Clash?

Carrom, a tabletop game that originated in India, is now strengthening its presence around the world. In addition to attracting attention from carrom fans, Carrom Clash is becoming the first choice for entrepreneurs looking to invest.  

If you are inspired by the success stories of Carrom Clash and want to develop a board game like Carrom Clash, then this blog is meant for you. In this blog, we are going to guide some things about carrom board game development like Carrom Clash including development cost, features, market, playing process, and future growth.

Rather than continue with the blather, let’s move on to the real reason behind creating a Carrom Clash clone.

Why Make a Carrom Clash Clone App?

Why Mamke a Carrom Clas Clone App?

The first question that comes to mind during Carrom Clash Clone app development is there a need for it? To get the answer, look at these below points-

  • This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s true that carrom board game solutions can enhance children’s social and mental skills like sharing, communication, taking turns, focus, waiting, and enjoying other people’s company healthily.
  • The online version of the carrom board game with cross-platform compatibility lets your players play the game on multiple devices i.e. Android and iOS anytime and anywhere.
  • As a business owner, you have the opportunity to make huge revenue from the carrom board game.
  • Great layout and salient features are the top qualities of this game that increase its need for users.  

So, What Exactly Is Carrom Clash Game?

Carrom board game is a highly known and entertaining board game app that a large customer base loves in Asia and other western countries. So, while building the Carrom Clash clone app, ensure you would provide all the basic and advanced features of the app so that people can love and enjoy the game app. 

How to Play Carrom Clash Game? 

Carrom Clash board game app permits access to play one-to-one carrom with another live user. But in this, you have to place your money first to win more money, or you can say that you have to pay some entry fee to participate in the matches.

In simple words, it is a multiplayer and easy android game. In this, a player has to put the provided round pieces before another player to win. It is a revolutionized and enhanced digital type of classic board game. You can play it with other players or with the computer to examine your game skills.

It is an amazing and trouble-free gameplay comprising pragmatic physics, country traveling and playing with wonderful contestants. Take the challenge to play, enjoy endlessly along with earning money.

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Installation of Carrom Board Game

You can’t directly download the game from the play store; firstly you have to download the carrom board game APK from the particular site. Then, install it on your phone successfully. Here are the Carrom board game rules-

The Carrom game matches are often played between two users, but you can play it with a maximum of four players also. You only have to put all the pucks despite the queen’s cover, and you will be the winner.

  • You have to hit the puck from a striker to start the game and then drag the striker on the striker line from left to right.
  • Strike when you are confident about your move and then, hit with your finger in the right direction to take a shot. 
  • If you put the striker except for the pucks in the net, then it’s a foul, and a penalty can be charged on you!
  • A person who potted all the pucks and the queen firstly will be the winner.
  • If you are highest on the leaderboard, you can get a bonus every week, month, or day.

Custom Carrom Clash Game App Development

The process of carrom clash game development is a tedious process and it requires a lot of time and effort as well.

The Carrom Clash-like board game development process starts with pre-production, in which developers and clients communicate with each other. From conceptualizing to which technology will be used, discussed in the pre-production stage.

Later, the production stage comes into action where carrom game app developers write a thousand lines of code to bring the game idea into reality. This stage also involves the process of testing, which ensures that the game application is working perfectly.

The final stage of the custom carrom clash board game development is named post-production. This stage revolves around the maintenance and marketing of the game.

If you want to make your custom carrom board game development idea a reality, contact BR Softech and let the sky be the limit for your dream.

Considerable Things for Carrom Board Game Development Solutions

The most popular android board game app ‘Carrom Clash’ has won the hearts of lots of people. So, while hiring board game software providers, ensure they will provide you with enough features and functionalities so that you can make your business stand out from other competitors. Check out below the considerable things for Carrom Board Game development solutions

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Must-Have Features to Include in Carrom Clash Board Game Development

Whenever you take board game development services from a Carrom Board Game app development company, make sure you are preserving the charm of the classic board game. It is common for people to expect new versions of a popular old game to be as good as the old one. Provide your users with prominent features so that their experience will be mesmerizing.

Play Single or with Your Friends

The best part of this online or mini carrom board game is that you can play the android and ios game with your friends or as a single player to get a test of your gaming skills.

Set the Target  

This game app provides you with enough time to set your shot in the right direction to hit it. 

Attractive graphics and smooth controls

Our Carrom Clash like board game development solutions lets the players select the color and layout of their carrom board, pucks, and strikers to keep the players engaged with the game in the long run. You can provide many lucrative striker designs to apply.

Clear view and angle

With this, users will see a clear view of the board game and can decide where they should shoot to win. Furthermore, the player has the option to change the view angle to ensure a better gaming experience.

Refer and Earn Money  

Refer the app to your friends and get an amount every time after a new installation using your link or referral code.  

Strikers with different power

To make the game even more exciting we have introduced a variety of strikers that come with different sets of accuracy, spin rate, and range. These strikers are unlocked by either paying or progressing in the game.

Private Table

The players have the option to play the carrom board game with the selected players only. For that purpose, players can create a private table and can invite their family or friends to a private setting. 

Social Media Login

Players can use their social media accounts to log in and stay in touch with their friends and invite them to play with them.  

Guide and Support

Guidelines about the game and online support for user’s queries are essential for the game app to make the users feel secure. 

Do you have any Idea About these Benefits from the Carrom Clash board Game App?

Here are some of the great benefits from the Carrom Clash board game app you will get-

  • Play single or multiplayer game as per your choice
  • Set the striker’s shot with no time limit
  • Interactive UI/UX and easy game control to get a large customer base
  • Lucid camera view and slantapp like carrom clash
  • Collaboration with top gamers
  • Enhancement of mental skills and focus.

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List Of Some Famous Online Carrom Game App Similar to Carrom Clash Game

We have rounded some extra Carrom Board Game solutions you can take help from to develop a Carrom board game app-

  • Carrom King
  • Disc Pool Carrom
  • 3D Carrom Multiplayer 
  • Carrom 3D 
  • Classic carrom board pro game
  • Real carrom 3D: Multiplayer
  • Carrom Multiplayer: 3D
  • Carrom: Candy carrom 3D free
  • Carrom 3D free

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Carrom Board Game App

Creating a Carrom Board game app like Carrom Clash is difficult to execute as you have to look at every minor thing to beat all the competition around you. Even after so much competition, many businesses are trying to enter this market by developing a Carrom Clash clone app. But to know the estimated carrom board game cost, you have to check out these below aspects-

Preferred Technologies for Carrom Board Game Development

Game Development- Construct 3

Back-end Development– Node.js

iOS & Android app development– Flutter

Cloud– Azure or AWS

Real-time analytics– Azure Stream Analytics

Database- MongoDB or SQL or Cassandra

Real-time Communication– WebRTC

Notifications– Google cloud messaging (Android) and Apple push notification(iOS)

Payment integration

Send Grid Mail Sender API

SMS gateway 

Required Team Structure for Carrom Board Game Development

  • Back-end developer
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer
  • Business analyst
  • UI/UX designer

Although all these factors affect the overall cost of Carrom Board game development, still features and platforms are two top things that can increase or decrease the app cost highly. 

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Single or Cross-Platform

If you are going for a single platform, then the Carrom Clash Clone app development will cost you a basic, but if you are thinking of cross-platform app development, it will increase your basic carrom board game development cost. Hybrid mobile app solution providers always charge double times for an app that works on Android and iOS devices. 

So, hire a prominent Carrom Board Game app development company with experience in the particular field to have cross-platform app development.  

Basic and Advanced Features

If you have some advanced and latest features other than basic features, it will cost you higher. It is necessary to attract a large customer base and make them feel that your app is lucrative. You can discuss with your hired Carrom Board Game app development company its features to be added and decide what is next?

You also have to consider the charges of different level’s app development companies that work on an hourly basis-

  • App development charges of a Small-level organization 
  • App development charges of an intermediate organization
  • App development charges of an enterprise-level organization

As per the above aspects, you can have a rough estimation of the app development budget. So, the Carrom Board Game development cost will be between $50,000-$80,000.

Why Choose BR Softech for Carrom Board Game Clone App Development?

Develop a Carrom Board game App like Carrom Clash with Prominent mobile game app development company BR Softech. Be it an Android or iOS platform gaming app; our hired professionals will provide you with a premium-quality app with all the basic and advanced functionalities. Come to us for a better and lifelong experience!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is the development cost of a Carrom board game?

Carrom board game development is influenced by factors such as the technology stack, developer location, and cross-platform compatibility. The average cost to create a carrom board game for a single platform ranges from $10,000 to $15,000.

Q. Do I need to hire a dedicated team to build a carrom board game?

If you lack the technical knowledge, it is best to hire a dedicated team of developers to develop your carrom board game. BR Softech is a board game development company that will assist you in every step of the development process. 

Q. Is developing a carrom board game profitable?

Yes, board games like Carrom are played and loved by people of every age. It has a huge audience, and you can generate a good amount of revenue from your game.

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