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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Fantasy Sports App in India?

App Development
Feb 15, 2022
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The fantasy sports app market has managed to revive at a rapid pace even after witnessing a low due to the impact of COVID-19 on the sports industry. This has led to a surge in demand for experienced fantasy sports app developers in the market.  

There might be many skilled developers available in the market, promising a full-fledged fantasy website development; however, none of them matches the quality of software applications that is created by the BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

This article is helpful for those who are seeking to invest in fantasy software development but has minimal or no knowledge about it. Moreover, the article covers every single detail that you will require to develop a better understanding of the concept and also mentions the cost of fantasy sports app development.

Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy Sports

The worth of the Indian gaming market is increasing at a tremendous rate and has gained the attraction of many e-commerce, tech, and business giants. There are many reasons behind it, but the topmost is the increasing affordability of smartphones and economically affordable internet plans. 

The concept of fantasy sports revolve around creating a virtual team of real players. The performance of the fantasy teams is derived from the selected players’ performance on-field. 

Fantasy sports not only allows the users to compete with their friends and family but also allows them to join leagues and tournaments created by strangers (app users) worldwide.

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It would be wise to gain knowledge about the essential features of a robust fantasy sports app that also determines the cost of fantasy sports app development.

Features for a Fantasy Sports App

Features for a fantasy sports app

The features of a fantasy sports app are to be segmented for the two separate versions, i.e., the user’s app and the admin’s app. 

User’s version

Registration and login-

The user registration page will be the first thing that the user will come across after successfully downloading and accessing the app. Make sure you offer a hassle-free registration and login process to create a lasting first impression and enhance the user’s curiosity.

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View player stats-

This feature holds great importance for the users accessing your platform. They should be able to view the players’ stats based on their real-time performance. Moreover, your app should keep this section updated via consistent and in-depth analysis to maintain the user-engagement.

Profile settings-

The profile setting feature can not be neglected. It should provide users with complete access to all the aspects that are related to their profile, such as managing passwords, subscriptions, updating information, etc.

Winnings and offers-

As the concept of fantasy sports is to compete with other teams to accomplish the top-rank and win exciting rewards, a section that is dedicated to listing user’s winning, match/tournament wise, and in total will enhance the user experience.

Also, with the help of advanced functionality, you can optimize the user’s app by providing personalized offers by tracking the user’s engagement. 

Create leagues and tournaments-

Empowering users to create leagues and tournaments should be provided. It should be a seamless experience for the user to create leagues and tournaments of the selected professional sport.

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Join leagues and tournaments-

Apart from the ‘Create leagues and tournaments’ button that is provided on the app, ‘Join leagues and tournaments’ holds utmost importance to keep up with the concept. It helps the users to connect and play after a user, or the admin successfully creates a league or tournament.

Create and manage team page-

Yet another important feature that holds great relevance for the users. It allows the users to create and sort teams as per their skills, positions, points, and many more.

Select tours and notifications-

This option will enhance the user experience by notifying them about any upcoming leagues and tournaments. Integrating push notifications will help you to keep the users updated. Users should be given the privilege to select the leagues and tournaments they are interested in. 

Admin version

Admin login-

Does not matter whether it is the user’s version or the admin’s; the login page will be the first page that the person will come across. Hence, it is important for the login page to be simple and convenient to access.

Manage results and points-

Allocating points to the users of the fantasy sports app is another essential feature that can not be afforded to be skipped by the fantasy sports app developers. Moreover, the admin should be able to publish results without any hassle. 

Payment management

Payment management is another important aspect of the fantasy sports app. Admin should be able to control and manage funds, be it at the receiving end, or for dispersing the prize or rewards.

Fantasy points management

This feature is about managing the fantasy points of the users based on the performance of their selected team. Fantasy points play a vital role in representing how well a team is performing or the performance of the dedicated users.

Manage leagues and players

The admin version of the app is incomplete without this feature. App admin should be able to manage leagues and players to ensure the smooth functioning of the fantasy sports platform.

Moreover, the admin app should be built in a manner that the operator can easily track all the activities performed by the user for effective management. 

Some additional features

Live group chat

Featuring live group chat on your fantasy sports app will help users connect with each other, eventually enhancing the user experience.

Social media sharing

Users like to share their scoring and achievements on social media platforms. Hence, integrating social media sharing will save them from the hassle by letting them share their accomplishments in a matter of a few taps. 

Live commentary

It will give you an edge over other competitors and make it easy to compete with other advanced fantasy sports apps that are ruling the market. Moreover, it will motivate the users to access your platform to get a detailed insight into any ongoing sports event featured on your platform.

Photo gallery 

Featuring a section that is dedicated to the photos of the sports event will elevate the user experience. 

Live video streaming

If you want to give the fantasy sports app an edge over its competitors, then considering a live video streaming feature is highly advised. It will keep the users entertained and informed simultaneously. 

Dream11 clone scripts

Using a Dream11 clone script is an economically feasible alternative to creating a fantasy sports app rather than investing in a development process from scratch. 

With the help of a clone script, you can get a fantasy sports app that shares similarity with its original version, however, in a lesser time.

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Moreover, using a clone script does not restrict you from incorporating changes; instead, a wide range of plugins that it supports to create room for the developer to fully modify it as per your requirements. 

Also, it is also suggested to build fantasy sports apps for more than a platform to hike up the success rate of your platform and cover a large audience. After knowing about the advantages of using a clone script to create an app similar to Dream11, you must now be curious to know about the cost of fantasy sports app development. The next section covers this information for you. 

Some Popular Fantasy Sports Apps


Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports app that was founded in 2008. Its headquarters is based in Mumbai. Dream11 has a team of 542 employees that has consistently been improvising the platform resulting in more than 45 million active users in the year 2018, which has now increased beyond that figure.

Recently, the brand has been making headlines as it purchased the rights of IPL season 2020 hence becoming the official partner.  

Mobile Premier League-

Mobile Premier League is a fantasy sports platform that was established in 2018. It has its headquarters in Bangalore. MPL offers a variety of sports to compete that makes it a versatile fantasy sports platform.

MPL not only operates in India but is also a preferred platform in Indonesia. The brand partnered with PhonePe allowing the users to access the fantasy sports from within the PhonePe app. 


MyTeam11 started its journey in the year 2016 and is known to feature many sports in a single platform including football, cricket, hockey, baseball, rugby and many more that can be added to the list.

Virender Sehwag, an India cricketer is the brand ambassador of MyTeam11. The brand has recently been appraised and rewarded the ‘Best Marketing Award 2020’. If you are looking to create a fantasy sports platform, MyTeam11 can be an inspirational model for your project. 

The fantasy sports platforms that are mentioned above are some of the most popular and successful fantasy sports apps in the Indian market. It is suggested to track these apps before you initiate the development process of your project to gain a better understanding of the concept and what is trending amongst the Indian fantasy sports lovers. 

Cost of Fantasy Sports App Development

After knowing about the essential features that you should consider to enrich the quality of your fantasy app, you must now be curious to know about the cost of fantasy sports app development.

Estimating the cost of fantasy sports app development is a dynamic process. There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of app development. This section will not only tell you about those factors but will also mention the cost of the development of different versions of the app.

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  • The number of features that you select influences the cost of app development. Moreover, integrating advanced features will make the process complex and hence the price.
  • The more platforms you target, the higher gets the price. However, it will also broaden the scope of revenue generation when compared to a fantasy sports app available only for a single platform.
  • The location of the app development company and their development fee based on per hour or for the entire project also determines the cost of app development.

The cost of fantasy sports app development for a single platform can range from $5000 to $10000 for the user’s version. The price can go as high as $20000 if you target both the iOS and Android. 

call to action fantasy sports app

The admin version of the fantasy sports app can range from $10000 to $20000. Altogether, the cost of fantasy sports app development for both versions will cost you somewhere around $15000 to $40000. 

However, the figures that are mentioned are just a rough estimate, and to find out the actual cost, approaching an expert fantasy sports app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is suggested.

Final words 

Fantasy sports app development is catching up with the attention of many investors. The concept is highly recognized by the youngsters as it provides them with a chance to earn exciting rewards without any cost or some minimal cost. Moreover, these platforms allow users to access the latest news and events about their favorite sports remotely.

Witnessing the rapid expansion of the fantasy sports app, investing in fantasy sports website development can be a lucrative business option. However, it is suggested to initiate the development process with a reliable fantasy sports software development company BR Softech.

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