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Extended Reality (XR) Market Growth Is Propelled By Upscaling Demand for AR, VR & MR Technologies

written by Harshita Khangarot | Jan 02, 2020
xr app development

Technology is booming all over the world; it brings a dynamic transformation in people’s lives. With the ever-increasing demand for innovative technologies, these cutting edge technologies and the emerging extended reality applications are enhancing the on-growing popularity of Extended Reality (XR). These Extended Realities are propelling the upscaling demand of AR, VR and MR.

These cutting-edge new technologies are changing the way we work to streamline the process, making it more successful. It lets you unimaginably construct solutions to solve real-time problems. Extended Reality development is embracing and expected to drive market growth as it offers a highly digital experience that can easily enhance our market growth.

A report suggests that the Global Extended Reality (XR) Market is expected to register a healthy CAGR of over 65% during the forecast period (2019-2024).

extended reality applicationsXR technologies are redefining the progression of the headsets to smart glasses that provide real-time schematics and real-time visuals. These are expected to boost overall infrastructure and 3D graphics that can impede the extended reality market growth. It has become much faster and lighter for the consumer end.

What is XR Technology?

Extended Reality is a new development that emerges as a new umbrella in this techno world; these are all computer-generated environments that merge the physical and virtual world that is proven immersive experience to its users. Extended Reality is relocated people, time with the immersive experience.

What if I say that very soon you can do what you were not even dreaming off a few years ago,
Don’t be shocked!! The time has come when we can witness the advancement of Extended Reality (XR) all thanks to (XR) Extended Reality application development. With these technologies, you can check your product line in any part of the world. You can attend business conferences and meetings, you can have lunch wherever you want just with the comfort of your office.

extended reality xr application development

Top Usage of Extended Reality in the Upcoming Market

  • Managing personal data
  • Catch Fake experiences
  • Reduce Cybersecurity Attacks
  • Changing the perspective of gaming behaviours
  • Widening Social Division Market

Now you must scratch your head and somewhere this sound weird, just like aeroplanes for the ancient time people. Very soon, the technologies are within our grasp due to excessive hard work and potential of XR developer that can easily transform the business industries.

Need Of Extended Reality in Upcoming Market

Extended Reality works as a bridge between the problems and solutions that are never thought of before. XR has the potential to become the most ubiquitous platforms in the computer world.
Let’s have a short glimpse of how XR showcases the potential in below-mentioned industries.

Extended Reality Future


Extended Reality brings the most immersive experience in the entertainment industry. It offers an opportunity for an individual where they can encounter live music/ concert with the seamless comfort of VR Headset. Entertainment industries heavily depend on the market demand and the XR is coming up with the best technologies that can help you in gearing up for a virtual expansion.

Virtual Reality video gaming sales are expected to reach 22.9 billion dollars by next year, according to Statista.


There are multiple virtual reality options available by the Extended Reality that has opened new ways in the market for the latest brands. These XR technologies have engaged the consumer with a wide variety of ways to marketing strategies and other innovative new products.


Extended Reality is the opening of new gates in the field of training and education, military or any risky sectors. XR works as a lifeline for those who are working in high-risk conditions like a chemist and pilots. XR helps these kinds of professionals by providing high-quality training about the security and safety measure using XR technology. Even medical students have hands-on practice on virtual patients.

In the military and defence sectors, the US Military is looking at immersive technologies for training purposes. The United States will also be investing as much as USD 11 billion by 2022 into virtual, augmented and mixed reality training systems, with extended reality becoming a primary focus of military innovation.

Real Estate

Extended Reality technologies are coming up with the best streamline technologies where property managers can easily process and allow the user to view their properties virtually. AR App Development, with any doubt, plays a significant role in re-shaping the Reality as it comes up as the flag bearer of all the virtualized technologies. Now you can hunt the house and property with the help of virtualized architectural design. Most of the architects and interior stylists can leverage XR more productively.

Remote Work

XR eliminates range barriers, providing distant employees to access data from anywhere in the world seamlessly. Immersive experiences are changing how we connect with people, information, and experiences. Extented Reality XR is the best possible way to interact and do all kinds of jobs while sitting in one place or without physically present at that moment.

The Accessibility of Extended Reality?

xr developerExtended Reality is going to be successful in the upcoming market that helps people to enhance future market demands. These demands highly enhance the experience of its users that are somewhere proven useful for significant AR and VR development companies.

Mirror Real Life Situations

Several significant factors are affecting our lives, but Extended Reality is providing the best and most effective ways to emphasize the overall visualization process of its users. It provides a virtual environment with flexibility to mimic the real-life situation. These are the best way for developers to reach a higher level in less time by delivering high-quality services.

End of Distance

Extended Reality provides the immersive experience to its users with secure availability options. It provides best-in-class support where business easily expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world while sitting at the office. XR is offering the best remote guided tours and other remote collaborations that can easily help the business to enhance their overall productivity and performance.

Reduced Operational Costs

Most of the leading organizations are providing best-in-class support to their co-employees. XR helps an organization to cut the unwanted expenses of transportation and travel chargers. It comes with a wide range of features and the techno advanced technologies that improve the business to reduce the overall operational costs. Trainers can also be part of these XR programming and assist the company to grow more profoundly.

Increased Engagement

With these extended realities and upscaling, demand for Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are creating a buzz in the market. It improvises the overall ability and in-gamification experience. These emerging features are somewhere that makes people more engaged and interested that leads to better retention.

Learning Through Mistakes

Training for dangerous conditions, as well as simulations that allow individuals to practice delivering. This all can be done through XR to minimize behaviours that do not promote inclusion or that could have a negative impact on companies goodwill.

In the end.

The market for Extended Reality (XR) is somewhat competitive as it consists of a few players. Some players are currently expanding their contributions throughout, while some are newbies that expand access to the market. Nonetheless, with the extension of the immersive technology aspect across the virtual world, new players are expanding their market presence, updating their offerings and broadening their market presence.

Those who are new or willing to put their footprints in this market can hire an XR app development company that can provide you with the best possible solutions according to the needs of the market.

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