Facebook boosting to set more news in its News Feed

Facebook boosting to set more newsfeed

The world’s largest social network site Facebook aware of its rising importance for finding news and it’s a revising the way it delivers information to its billion plus users.

Facebook engineering manager Varun Kacholia said via a blog that “public use Facebook to share & connect, plus staying present on the latest news, whether it’s about their favorite celebrity or anything happening in the whole world. We have observed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook & so we are now paying closer alert to what build for high quality content & how often articles are clicked on from News Feed on mobile. The blog noted that “our reviews explain that on usual people favor links to high quality articles about current happenings, their favorite sports team / shared interests, to the latest meme.” And Facebook will pinch the way its displays articles in user News Feeds: “This means that high quality articles you or others read may show up a bit more significantly in your News Feed and meme photos show up a bit less importantly,” the engineers wrote.

They added that Facebook will also “show people additional articles similar to ones they had just read.” “shortly, after you click on a link to an article, you may see up to three related articles directly below the News Feed post to help you find more content you may find interesting,” they said.

But to avoid moving back the updates from friends, Facebook will modify its “hitting,” which means that after a user reads an article it may not show up again in the News Feed if there are new comments from friends.

Earlier this year showed Facebook is becoming a key source of news for users of the vast social network, even if people discover articles mostly by coincidence.

Facebook reported in October that referral traffic from the social network to media sites has increased by over 170 percent over the past year.


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