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Top Games Like Carrom That You Must Know in 2024

Game Development
Nov 02, 2023
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Top Games Like Carrom

Are you in search of games like Carrom? We have got your back! Carrom is not a new game, we all might have played at least once in our childhood during our school vacations or family gatherings! Being a game based on skills and strategy, Carrom has been played for generations and even still playing this game can bring back nostalgic childhood memories. With the advent of technology and rising online board games, people still are searching for alternatives to Carrom to get an exciting and immersive gameplay experience. 

If you are one of them, you are on the right page! Read till the end to know all about board games like Carrom. Make sure to understand the rules and instructions of the different carrom board games that are different and unique from each other. Once you get to know the rules, you will easily ace the gameplay in a matter of few matches. All you need to do is download these game apps to get an enticing gameplay experience.

Stick to this page to read more about carrom like games. 

List Of The Games Like Carrom in 2024

List Of The Games Like Carrom

A board game app consists of unique features and rules. Each game is different from the others making them different and popular in the industry. Here is the list of games like Carrom that are worth trying in 2024: 


If you are looking for games like carrom to play with your friends, then you must try Crokinole which is a disk-flicking board game, that originated in Canada, with the elements of shuffleboard and curling reduced to the size of a tabletop. Herein, players come and take turns shooting discs across the playing circular surface in an attempt to defeat the opponents and put discs into the ditch. 

Unlike Carrom, Crokinole allows players to generally shoot towards the centre of the board instead of the four outer corner pockets. It is usually played with the help of cue sticks and the main objective is to shoot the discs of the opponent off the board and earn as many as scores you can. 

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Also known as pitch nut or tabletop shuffleboard, Pichenotte is one of the classic board games like Carrom wherein players use their fingers to flick small discs across the board. The main objective is to shoot discs in such a manner that they will score you high and displace the opponent’s discs. 

It is generally played between two to four players. The main objective is to displace the discs of the opponents off the board and ensure that you flick at the centre of the goal. The shooter is flicked with the index or middle finger and thumb as players pocket all the discs. 

Air Hockey 

Air Hockey is a pong-like tabletop board game wherein players try to score high against their opponents on a low-friction table. It is played using two handheld discs and a lightweight plastic puck. 

It allows players to optimize spring-loaded strikers to shoot a puck back and forth aiming to score goals in the opponent’s net. The surface of the board is quite smooth which causes less friction and enables you to move discs across the board with ease. This also causes the puck to hover and move easily across the table with less velocity. 


Nok Hockey is one of the best alternatives to Carrom, which combines the interactive interface and appealing designs to offer players an engaging gameplay experience. Playing this classic board game brings back all the nostalgic vibes and childhood memories of playing different carrom board games. 

It has a different goal structure and rules. Herein, a player uses a puck to hit a larger puck into your opponent’s goal. Moreover, it is a two-player game which can be played with great ease and comfort.


Also known as Dutch Shuffleboard, Sjoelbak is a classic board game played at family gatherings. A game of Sjoelbak consists of each player taking one turn, and the player with the highest score wins the game. 

A turn consists of three chances which players need to optimize well to goal right. If a player slips a disc in each of the four compartments then he will receive double scoring values. And in the end, whoever earns high scores will win the game. 


Being a popular tabletop football game, Subbuteo has made a great name in the industry when it comes to games like Carrom. It features miniature football players, which you need to flick using your fingers. 

Playing Subbuteo is just like a physical simulation of association football, which involves the perfect combination of flicking skills and strategic tactics in which a player can defeat his opponent. 

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Pitch Car 

If you are really fascinated by games like Carrom, Pitch Car is something you must try to get an immersive and engaging gameplay experience. It is a racetrack game, wherein half of the fun comes from assembling the racetrack itself. Playing a Pitch Car online is quite simple and easy, all you need to do is flick your chosen car piece forward while ensuring that it doesn’t go off the track, flip over or hit the opponent’s piece. 

If you will violate any of the rules, then you be paid for the same, and hence you will have to start from scratch to regain the scores. The player who finishes the racing track first will get a lot of bragging rights and all the glory of the game. There are some really crazy add-ons which you can purchase to make your gameplay exciting and rewarding. 


Get ready to roll and bounce in fun with steel balls. This is generally played by two to four players who play offence and defence like an actual contest. The rules and structure of the game are quite simple and easy to understand. You need to understand the opponent’s moves and pieces to make strategic tactics in order to ace the gameplay. 

It is a multiplayer physics-based game played by more than 8 players, aiming to push them off the board, causing enough destruction and explosion. 

Develop Games like Carrom At BR Softech 

Develop Games like Carrom

Carrom is a game of strategy and skills which fascinates a lot of players worldwide. The craze for carrom is still the same and is rising over the period of time. At BR Softech, we have an expert team of designers and developers who are experienced in developing top-notch board games like Carrom that are valuable and hard to find. Contact our experts to get affordable and high-quality board game solutions. Choose us to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
  • High-quality testing & QA 
  • Affordable Solutions 
  • End-to-end development 
  • Customized approach 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Games Like Carrom? 

Carrom is a classic board game type which can be developed with minimum expenditure. On average, the cost to develop board games like Carrom ranges from $15k to $20k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $30k and even more depending on the type and complexity of the features. 

What are The Best Carrom Games on Android? 

  • Carrom Pool 
  • Carrom King 
  • Real Carrom 
  • Carrom 3D Free 
  • Real Carrom Club 3D 

What are the Best Games like Carrom Pool? 

List of apps like Carrom Pool Disc Game: 

  • Hoop Stack 
  • Pirate Kings 
  • Hik-Connect 
  • Among us! 
  • Tic Tac Toe 

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