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Top 10 Games Like Wordle to Play in 2024

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Jun 14, 2024
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Top 8 Games Like Wordle to Play

Wordle is a popular online board game where you get six attempts to guess a five-letter word, for your help, feedback with each guess is given in the form of colored tiles when letters match or occupy the correct position on the board. Each day, there is a new puzzle for you to try something new and exciting. This online word puzzle game was launched in 2021 by Wardle, first, it was created to play with his partner but, later it became popular and attracted players from every corner of the world. 

If you are an avid player who wants to start his day by playing a word puzzle game and waiting for yellow, grey, and green boxes to pop up, there are a lot of games for you. Worldle is a free-to-play puzzle game that hooked millions of players worldwide by offering them tricky puzzles. 

When you have explored everything in the Wordle and looking for Wordle like games that can keep you engaged for hours by offering mind-blowing puzzles, then this blog is for you. Here, we are going to discuss 10 similar games like Wordle.

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But, before this let’s know about the Wordle game. 

How to Play Online Wordle Game?

How to Play Online Wordle Game?

In the Wordle game, you have to guess a five-word letter within six attempts, and after every guess, each letter is highlighted with three different colors green, yellow, or grey. Green means the letter is right and in the correct position, yellow means the letter is right but, not in the right position, while grey means the letter is wrong. The best part of this game is a daily new word that is the same for all players. The gameplay is quite exciting and keeps you engaged for hours, and as the game levels increase the game becomes more interesting and hard. 

Now, let’s start to know the online free games like Wordle. 

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List of The Most Popular Games Similar to Wordle to Try in 2024

List of The Most Popular and Played Games Similar to Wordle to Try in 2024

There is a wide range of games known to offer a similar gaming experience as Wordle does. But, choosing one of them is a challenging task because each one has its gameplay with amazing concepts. That’s why, we have counted the best 10 alternatives to the Wordle game so you can have multiple options for brainstorming.

1. Absurdlebrs

Absurdle is a prominent puzzle world game that is quite similar to Wordle which was introduced in 2022. It is also known as the clone of the Wordle game because in this players have to guess a five-word letter and when you enter a letter, it changes solutions. That’s why, players are highly excited about this game and have secured a place in the list of the best 8 games like Wordle. 

The game is designed in a way that is impossible to solve because every time you guess a letter, it will change the solutions. It will changed until one possible word is left. Try this game to have fun, sharpen your mind, and increase your vocabulary.

2. Crosswordle

This is another game like Wordle in which you get green, yellow, and grey boxes that help you to get the right solutions. But, the best part of this game is you have to guess two words that cross each other, and players get a clue after each guess. The game concept is quite similar to Wordle and when you play it, it will remind you of the Wordle game. Add this to your game list to experience something new. 

3. Dordle\

When you are looking for Wordle alternatives then Dordle is the perfect choice for you. The game concept is quite similar to Wordle, and here, you get two options such as daily dordle in which you get a new puzzle daily and second one is unlimited Dordle in which you can explore unlimited new puzzles. 

4. Hello Wordl

The best part of this game is you can choose the length of the world that you have to guess. Here, you get a slider to increase the number of letters and you can set it from 4 to 11. This is another game similar to Wordle to try if you want to try something different. According to your word power, you can set the length of the world. 


IYKYK stands for if you know, you know. In this game, the first letter of the word you get, and then you have three guesses to predict the letters, after the second guess, you get a hint for your help. But, you can play this game once a day. This game is known as a perfect substitute for Wordle game. 

6. Nerdle

Displaying Phoodle.jpg

In this game, you get six chances to complete a math equation and solution, and coloured boxes also help you to make a right guess. The best part of this puzzle game is you get a new puzzle every 8 hours. When you predict a letter, if it is right, the box will appear in green colour, and yellow means, the number is right but not in the right place. Try this game to take your gaming experience to the next level. For wordle game lovers, this game is a boon. 

7. Octordle

When you want to play daily games like Wordle but with more words then Octrodle is the perfect game for you. Octrodle is an amazing online word puzzle game, in this, you have to guess an 8 different 5-word letter with the help of 13 chances. Similar to the Wordle game, Here yellow colour is used to indicate that the predicted letter is in the word, and the green colour is used to indicate predicted letter is in the right position. When you are done with the Wordle game then try Octordle because here you deal with 8 letters. Add this online wordle-type game to your gaming smartphone to take your gaming experience to the next level. 

8. Phoodle

Are you a foodie searching for free online games like Wordle? If yes, Phoodle is for you! For foodie players, this game is a boon. Here, you have to guess the food-related word by using the hint. Like wordle, green and yellow squares help you to know whether your guessed letter is right or not. Add this game to your device to experience something unique but similar to Wordle. 

9. Sweardle

Sweardle is another word game like Wordle where you have to form a four-letter word. The game concept of this game is similar to Wordle that’s why, this game has secured a place in our gaming list. But, this game should not be played in a public place or among kids because you are guessing words consisting of curse words and expletives. 

10. Words With Friends

When you are looking for wordle types games then Words with Friends is a fine choice for you. This game was introduced in 2009, and has made a big hype around the world, and made a huge user base. It is a virtual Scrabble game that is played between two players, to play this, you can invite friends, and then, by using letters, you have to form words on the board, and whoever makes more points, wins the game. You can give a chance to this game similar to Wordle to add excitement to your life. 

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Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Games Like Wordle?

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Games Like Wordle

BR Softech is a leading board game development company that is known to offer innovative software solutions for all kinds of games. With +12 years of experience, they are offering their advanced and feature-rich software solutions around the world. They have the best team of developers and designers that have rich experience in developing gaming platforms and that’s why, they enrich your game software with the latest tech stacks and trends so it can stay ahead of the curve. If you are inspired by the Wordle game and want to create a Wordle-like game, share your idea with BR Softech


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What are the top games like Wordle?

Ans. Here is the list of online word puzzle games similar to Wordle-

1. Absurdle

2. Crosswordle

3. Dordle

4. Hello Wordl


6. Nerdle

7. Octordle

8. Phoodle

9. Sweardle

10. Words With Friends

Q.2 How much does it cost to develop a similar game like Wordle?

Ans. The development cost of a Wordle-like game varies from $5,000 to $10,000 with basic features and a single platform. However, it may go up to $15,000 with advanced functionalities and multiple platforms. To know the exact cost to build a game platform similar to World, share your game idea with BR Softech. 

Q. 3 How to create a Wordle-like game?

Ans. To develop a game similar to Wordle, you can hire a game app development company that can enrich your game idea with exceptional features and functions so it can create a big difference in the gaming world. You can also opt for a step-by-step development process to build your own game.

  • Research and analysis
  • Try to enrich your game idea
  • Hire board game developers and designers
  • Create an MVP of Wordle-like game
  • Development of an online word puzzle game
  • Testing and QA
  • Launch your game platform

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