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Easter Day – How and when it is celebrated ?

written by Admin | Apr 13, 2017

Very, very happy easter in advance for all of them who live on this beautiful planet. Easter is a comeback of Jesus in the form of happiness.

Easter is a feeling, feel it.

Easter is a river, swim it.

Easter is a spark, grab it.

Easter is a light, seize it.

Easter has a historical significance. It is a foundation of faith in Christianity. Easter is a get together of all the happiness which is being awaited by many people and end of all the sorrow. People celebrate Easter in an enlightening way. Due to controversy in different calender easter have different castes of different regions. For example 11 April 2017 is celebrated as Jewish Passover while 16 April 2017 is celebrated as easter as per Astronomical, Gregorian and Julian.

#1 Why do we celebrate easter?

It is the basic festival of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Easter is also called resurrection day. This is celebrated as the return of Jesus Christ from death while who are not Christians, they can celebrate this moment as the beginning of the spring season. When Jesus Christ was crucified by the people it was a storm in the air. It is believed that the very first Sunday after Jesus was dead, his body was no more in the tomb, which described that he is the powerful god and his resurrection gave a birth to the Christianity. The easter is celebrated as the return of Jesu Christ, who was hung with a cross over his head and was nailed in hands and legs. Easter is not limited to a specific region celebration. It is celebrated in different styles in different regions. It is said that during Easter eggs are decorated and believed that Jesus will come and bless their eggs, which will bring happiness in their home and lead to a beautiful beginning.

#2 Significance of easter:

Easter is a Christian festival, which is celebrated by other religions as well as it is the beginning of spring. They believe that goddess of spring has come back with its beautiness and will give some blossom air and pleasantness in the air. This shows that Easter is a worldwide festival, which is a symbol of love, joy and happiness. This festival is very important for Christians. They will go to their church and offer wine to Jesus Christ. They praise Jesus and wish for their happiness. It is said that this day Jesus Christ comes to everyone’s door and fulfill the wishes so ever remember this that Jesus is with us he will definitely fulfill our dreams and he always have good plans for us. We need to trust Jesus and live peacefully. One day this world will be fair to Jesus.

All the malls, events and parties are decorated as per the Easter decorations and one adult will be costumed as the easter bunny. He gives pleasure to shake his hands and click photos. In short, this is a very your crucial moment for Jesus lovers. Long live jesus !!!


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