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How Much Does it Cost To Rummy Game App Development with Features?

written by Nitin Garg | Jun 29, 2022
How Much Cost of Rummy Game App Development with Features? | Rummy Game Development Company

The play store and app store provide a wide range of games, so whatever you offer should be the best in order to stand out. The only way to do this is to create an effective mobile game that is both fun and unique. However, you do not need to worry, we will help you with our expertise as a mobile game development agency.

When it comes to the traditional games played in the world, then the rummy game stands on the third number. For a long time, Rummy was played with Real Cards. But now these days Rummy games are played on mobile phones and systems with the help of Rummy game app development. Here we are going to share everything about Rummy app development with features 

What is an Online Rummy Game? 

As you know Rummy game is a traditional draw and discards card game. The origin of Rummy games is in India where people play this card game for entertainment purposes. Rummy game is played between 4 to 6 players. In a rummy game, each player has to draw and discard hands. 

But now these days this game is available over mobile phone and internet for the plying purpose and we call that online rummy game. 

Is the Development of the Rummy game a profitable venture?

Since the origin of  Rummy games stands top in the player’s lists it means Rummy game is a profitable business. 

According to the PMI CEO, the Indian Rummy market will be $1.4 billion by 2024. This is so high. Apart from other online game businesses. 

What Features do you need in Rummy Game Development?

Features create uniqueness and interest between the players. Also, people like online Rummy games just because of their features. Here are all the features are listed.

1. Interacting with other players

Playing online rummy allows you to converse with strangers. There is a growing trend of users chatting in-game and in-game with one another.

2. Technology based on virtual reality

Virtual reality is a well-known term. The online gaming industry is now on-trend with this technology. Virtual rummy games are already popular among players. Businesses are trying to create more realistic, interesting software with VR.

3. Online multiplayer gaming

There is nothing new about this, but in 2022, online Rummy games will be able to offer more clarity in multiplayer mode. In the coming year, many players will prefer to play multiplayer games without any issues or obstacles.

4. Experiment with graphics

As of now, you can play Rummy on your phone or PC in graphics. As a result, you don’t need to hold any cards to play rummy anymore. Experts predict that the growth of this trend will accelerate rapidly.

5. Tournaments of rummy

Users are now becoming more interested in tournaments because they provide a prize pool in the game development industry.

What are the Rummy game important features?

  • UX and UI that are interactive

Animations and designs in 2D and 3D enhance the gaming experience.

  • Games with RNG certification

You can keep your users engaged with your platform by using games that are RNG-certified (random number generators).

  • Integrating social media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • Security of payments

You can pay in any currency from anywhere in the country through multiple payment options.

  • Classic multiplayer game

As well as playing Rummy with friends, users should also be able to do so.

Advantages of Online Rummy games 

Without advantages games are useless for human players, to continue the same online rummy game had its own unique features.

Advantages of Online Rummy Game Apps

1. Simple

For users to quickly begin exploring and playing the game, there should be a very simple sign-up and registration process in the application. After downloading and opening the app, users should be able to navigate the features and play the game immediately. Apps should be able to provide users with a tremendous experience so they will come back for more features and also tell their friends about it.

2. Offers

Offering promotional applications is the main attraction. It is important to have a continuous flow of offers running in your application, which will make this game more interesting and subtle. Using the application and playing the game more enthusiastically will motivate users to use it.

3. Ads-free

Applications must not interfere with gameplay during gameplay, according to all users. As soon as the game is ready, there should be no pop-ups or banners on your application. Since your source of earnings is the purchase of coins by your users, you should stay away from advertisements.

4. Unlimited Gaming

A good application should contain a variety of endless playing games that allow users to improve their skills and improve their gaming experience. There is a wide range of options available to users, including cash games and tournaments.

5. Safe Transactions

In view of the fact that playing Rummy involves money, and your game is intended to earn real cash, users should have easy access to the earned cash. By allowing all the available payment options, users are able to pick the platform that is suitable for them, allowing them to conveniently access their hard-earned money.

6. Constant Updates

As Mobile apps face high levels of competition, and users need constant updates to stay connected to all the events. Application updates and stable online connections should enable users to take advantage of any new offers, register for tournaments, or use new features regularly. Furthermore, due to the large number of players using these applications continuously, you should be able to allow them to randomly use your application and find the original player to play with.

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Is it really too High to Develop an Online Rummy Game Application?

Online rummy game app development cost depends on various components. On average, rummy game development took $32,000 to $38,000.

If you are planning to develop and advance a multifunctionality rummy game application for iOS & Android it will take $55,00-$60,00. 

Where Cost Depends? 

  1. Design of the rummy game app
  2. Coding and development 
  3. Market research and consultation 
  4. User experience designing 
  5. Testing of Rummy mobile platform 

Who Charges Better?

  1. Small company/ freelance- $20- $40 per hour  
  2. SME size company- $40- $100  per hour
  3. Enterprise company- $110-$250 per hour 

Is it too complicated to develop & take too much time?

No rummy game app development for Video game development companies is easy because they are doing game development for a long time.

No, Rummy game development does not take too much time. It takes one month to complete a rummy game project. Sometimes it can be delayed for quality assurance purposes. 

Key Factors Affecting Rummy Game App Development Cost

1. Platforms available

Keeping up with the development of applications for various platforms like Android, iOS, and cross-platform means knowing your audience and learning their mindset. It has a huge impact on the overall Rummy Game App Development Cost because many devices use the Android platform. Cross-platform game development could be your best option if your target audience comes from a variety of platforms.

2. Features

To make your application different from the competition, it is important to research and know what features should be included in the application. As a stand-alone application, you may have a lot of features, but you’ll incur additional development costs. It is likely that this strategy will lead to increased development costs if it opts for the very latest design and striking graphics and visuals.

3. Development Team Size

App development speed is determined by the app’s features and functionalities. Team sizes also vary based on the scope of the development process, and members such as developers, testers, and marketing experts are chosen according to their expertise.

Rummy Game Development by BR Softech: Best in the industry

If You have come to the right place if you are looking for the best rummy game development company that can build a super cool game app like rummy completely from scratch. At The BR Softech, we employ more than 575 professionals who specialize in developing the most complex and feature-rich mobile applications. Over 450 clients worldwide have benefited from our services, and over 1789 projects have been delivered.

By focusing on people and using agile development methodologies, we ensure that our clients get what they want as soon as possible. We are committed to helping you succeed with our line of simple rummy apps and complex rummy games that keep evolving. Services available through The BR Softech include the following.

  • Product prototyping and user experience strategy
  • Validation and usability testing
  • Strategizing and optimizing the Rummy App
  • An agile approach to product development
  • User experience enhanced through analytics, visualizations, and insights


Nowadays various types of rummy games like Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle, Ace2Three, etc. are popular. They all are variants of the rummy game applications. If you are influenced by rummy game development find a game development company right now and start your next game development project.

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