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Things To Know About Html5 Game Development Services

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 08, 2022
Html5 Game Development Services

It has been quite some time since html5 Game development services were introduced. Across the globe, game developers use it as one of their favorite technologies. What’s the problem with that? Featuring offline asset storage, 2D & 3D graphics APIs, audio APIs, and support for all browsers, HTML5 has everything a game developer needs.

Find out everything you need to know about HTML5 here. Here are some of the reasons why HTML5 has become so popular.

What is HTML5?

In HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), HTML5 is the latest version. A scripting language is actually a technology that is used to create web pages. The presentation is handled by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and HTML handles the structure.

Let’s discuss HTML5 before moving on. Markup languages aren’t the only thing HTML5 does. You can create cross-platform and cross-browser games using this technology. Several famous games have been created using HTML5, including Sketchout, HexGL, Treasure Arena, and CrossCode. As HTML5 game development becomes more popular, users are able to take advantage of so many features.

Amazing Facts About HTML5 Game Development:

Amazing Facts About HTML5 Game Development:

You might not know some of the facts or benefits in this section. There are a number of factors that contribute to the demand for HTML5 game development services. The following are some reasons why people choose HTML5 game development:

1. The HTML5 game development platform supports cross-platform play:

Developers prefer HTML5 because of its cross-platform compatibility. Different aspects of games can be adapted, such as aspect ratios, screen sizes, and resolutions. As well as running on different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, HTML5 games can also be played in browsers. Several examples of browsers include Google Chrome, Opera Mobile, Safari, and Blackberry.

You can enjoy the same game via your android mobile or iPhone browser. With HTML5, you can create games that work across browsers and platforms. The game will only need to be coded once and can be deployed anywhere.

As well as saving you time and effort, it will save you a lot of money. Creating different games for different platforms will no longer be necessary.

2. Game Development in HTML5 Makes Promotion Easy:

Developing HTML5 games targets a broader audience. The reason for this is that HTML5 mobile games can be played in browsers of different operating systems. A developer can share his game’s features through a simple website whenever he creates a game.

It is even easy to share HTML5 games. Share the link to a website that gamers frequent often, and you’re done. html5 games developer can be found on several websites. If you’d like to view and play some HTML5 games, you can visit and

3. WebGL & Canvas are used to develop HTML5 games:

HTML5 mobile game development uses WebGL and Canvas to create complex browser games. A game developer can use Canvas to create 3D pictures from shapes. The library can be accessed immediately after adding such images.

Game developers can develop their games independently of plugins using WebGL. A web browser can easily display 2D and 3D content using WebGL. Developers can combine Canvas and WebGL to create web games with high graphics settings.

WebGL and Canvas enhance gaming in a nutshell.

4. The HTML5 game development industry can handle emerging markets:

A developing country or person is considered an emerging market. Technology will become more common as a result of their development. The number of operating systems and gadgets will increase, as well as the demand for them.

I find it rather scary to create different games for different gadgets. However, HTML5 game development will make it easier. As a result, it enables developers to deploy their games on a variety of platforms by offering code reusability.

5. The HTML5 Game Development Framework and Game Engine are amazing

Are you familiar with game engines? Game engines are game frameworks or software development environments used to create games. Game developers love HTML5 game development because of game engines.

The HTML5 game engines simplify the game development process and take up some tedious tasks. Developers will need to spend less time creating HTML5 games this way. In game engines and frameworks, the following tasks are taken care of:

  • Audio
  • Physics
  • Maps
  • Animations
  • And more

It is also necessary for emulators, puzzle games, shooting games, and poker games to have all of the above.

You may want to consider the following game engines if you are interested in creating HTML5 games:

❖ Phaser:

A game can be created with Phaser and compiled for various platforms using this engine. HTML5 game development is easy with Phaser, a cross-platform game engine that supports many plugins. In addition to Submarine Dash and Elf Runner, Phaser has also been used to develop Bayou Island and Elf Runner.

❖ Play Canvas WebGL Game Engine:

In desktop or mobile browsers, PlayCanvas runs 3D content, including games, using WebGL and HTML5. Anyone can add features to the game engine since it’s open-source.

You should have PlayCanvas if you plan to develop a unity 3D game using WebGL or HTML5 Canvas. It makes game development faster, more powerful, and optimized for mobile devices. PlayCanvas has been used to create games such as Robostorm, Master Archer, Blast Arena, and Swoop.

6. HTML 5 Game Development Remote updates

Users benefit greatly from its web apps since they automatically suggest updates to them, reducing the amount of effort they have to go through. This eliminates the need to manually update. It is possible to access the already updated version of the app at any time by visiting the app. In emerging markets, this feature has resulted in huge demand for this product. The suitability of its products has led to an increase in its subscriptions ever since its production began. A great example of its connectivity can be found in Africa, which is the second most connected region in the world. The diversity of devices needed to sustain such a market always turns into a nightmare. HTML5 is, therefore, an absolute necessity.

Want to Build HTML5 Games?

The HTML5 platform offers countless possibilities when it comes to game development. It will be more future-ready with the above features and innovative additions.

For HTML5 game development or monetization, contact BR Softech Studios. HTML game development is an integral part of our game development process.

Several of our clients have built and monetized amazing HTML5 games with the help of our developers. Here is a portfolio of HTML5 games we have developed. Using HTML5, as well as other techniques, we can create custom games for you. BR Softech Studios can assist you with something similar if you are looking for something similar.

More than 100 gaming projects have been delivered to our global clients as per their specifications. We can help you bring exciting games that involve dynamic features, high complexities, and so on, due to our hands-on experience.

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During the Development of a Html5 Game, What are the Stages?

There are five main stages in the game development process: pre-production, production, quality assurance, launch, and post-production maintenance.

Stage 1. Game development pre-production

In the process of creating a game, each stage is integral, but the planning phase directly impacts all subsequent cycles. Gathering technical requirements is an essential first step in developing a computer game. In order to define the goals and business of the project, managers and product owners must map out its core concept.

In a Game Design Document (GDD), more specific requirements for a game are outlined after the complete information and requirements for a project have been collected. Game concepts, genres, plots, game mechanics, level designs, and environments all play a role.

Stage 2. In production

Video game production pipelines are divided into several internal stages, with the production stage being the longest and most labor-intensive.

  • The prototyping process

In the first stage of production, a prototype is created, which tests the main mechanics of the game. This massive structure was built by hundreds of artisans with a tremendous amount of money, and the end result was colossal. The ship, however, capsized and sank within minutes of its first sail because of poor design. With this stage of game design, even the best ideas and expertise must be put to the test.

  • Creation of visual content

Characters, props, environments, and game assets are all considered visual content. There can be a big difference in the amount of time spent on a game depending on its format (2D/3D).

  • Designing and developing game levels

At Level, html5 design involves developing the logic for the game levels, which varies depending on the genre. Upon completion of a linear quest or exploration of an open world, the difficulty level can be increased.

  • Voice acting and audio design

The immersive game design relies heavily on audio. A sound specialist creates game soundtracks and sound effects for a variety of situations. As well as indicating danger, victory, and defeat, sound effects also provide specific signals to players.

  • Coding

A game engine brings all the content together after all the game elements are ready. Developers write thousands of lines of code to do this. A game must function without errors and failures and develop like a puzzle, without mutually exclusive mechanics. Game developers aim to create a positive user experience by considering all technical factors.

Stage 3. Assurance of quality

It needs to be tested to ensure that any game is bug-free and functions correctly. An individual bug can negatively affect the overall experience of a game and the user experience. In addition to functional and non-functional testing, Alpha and Beta testing is usually conducted.

After all the bugs have been fixed and functionality, performance, compatibility, and other features have been tested, the Alpha and Beta game development stages can begin. Final testing of a finished game is done by quality assurance engineers, during which the last errors are checked and corrected. Often, Beta testing is followed by end-user testing, carried out by people who imitate end users rather than professionals.

Stage 4. Launch

Game development culminates with the product launch, which everyone eagerly awaits. However, launching is only the beginning. In parallel with the launch, the game development team continues to improve and incorporate more details into the game in parallel with the launch. During this process, testers collect the first real-user feedback for developers to consider.

Stage 5. Post-production

To ensure a game’s stability and performance after it has been launched, fixes and improvements must be constantly monitored. It is ideal for studios to release regular updates to meet the technical requirements of the platforms that are also updated.

The in-game content is often updated, and new mechanics are added to keep users engaged. To maintain quality, a game must be maintained continuously and tested regularly.

How to Bring a html5 Game Project to Life? 

By offering HTML5 Game Development Services, we remain ahead of the competition and keep our clients satisfied. The following are some of the advantages of BR Softech html5 game programming development.

Visionary Game Concepts

We hire HTML5 game app developers who are serious game lovers, so they know what audiences want and need, so they can create visionary game concepts for you.

Creative UI & Character Design

A game’s user interface and characters can be developed using HTML5 using all the tools developers and designers need.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Due to the cutthroat competition in the market, we have maintained a flexible pricing policy so everyone can afford our services.

End-to-End Support

The html5 game programming development process includes planning, designing, developing, deploying, testing, launching, and after-service support.

Maintenance & Support

Maintaining something is essential to keeping it running. Additionally, we work on any changes and updates you require.

Why is HTML Gaining Popularity for Game Development?

Several flavours and versions of the HTML5 framework have been developed to suit specific purposes and requirements in HTML5 game development, with advancements in the framework. In terms of data and statistics, the mobile game development arena is dominated by this latest markup language at approximately 68 percent. Currently, this language is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly popular.

Support for cross-platform devices:

Games can be created and deployed using HTML5 frameworks on platforms such as iOS, Android, desktop browsers, and mobile browsers. Among the HTML5 framework’s game engines, Phaser and Cocos2D JS are popular. 

Support for mobile browsers:

A vast audience of games can also be downloaded from browsers, in addition to apps from app stores. Games must be playable on mobile browsers as more and more gamers use mobile devices as their primary gaming devices. 

Performance in the game:

As Smartphone users are becoming increasingly addicted to mobile gaming, performance is becoming more and more of a concern. 

Size of the game:

In addition to its popularity, this is another crucial factor determining HTML5’s success. It is possible to develop mobile games using HTML5 game engines that are lightweight and equipped with all the attributes desired by the users.

A fast connection:

A replacement of javascript with innovative tags has resulted in fewer plug-ins being required. It is possible to run gaming applications on a variety of platforms with HTML5. 

A Semantic View:

By introducing new tags with this technology, game developers will be able to improve code quality for more rational results. 

3D graphics and special effects

HTML5 and rendering frameworks are used by game developers to create exciting gameplay that keeps players engaged and keeps them coming back for more.

Robust HTML5 Game Performance

Consequently, all our HTML5 games are compatible on all devices because our work defines us and we aim to be the best.

Unique Distribution

A better user experience can be achieved by distributing HTML5 hyperlinks across mobile devices and web pages.


HTML elements interact in a way that reflects their interaction. The tool facilitates the creation of HTML5 games quickly.

What makes BR Softech the Best Choice for HTML5 Game Development?

We are highly dedicated towards our work. You’d get the cost effective, high quality & complete satisfaction when you choose us for the ultimate HTML 5 development services. Our more than 5 years of experience in developing & designing HTML5 make us achieve our goal by completing our client’s project successfully. We offer high quality HTML5 game development services by considering your project requirements & deliver services that take your business at top position

Expertise in development

More than 100 gaming projects have been delivered to our global clients as per their specifications. We can help you bring exciting games that involve dynamic features, high complexities, and so on, due to our hands-on experience.

Genre Expertise

A team of expert game developers at BR Softech Labs specializes in several game genres and develops a wide range of games, including multiplayer games for both native and browser platforms.

Solutions under one roof

Our services include re-skinning, art design, game improvement, animation, and much more, that can assist you in designing and re-designing your game.

Deliveries on time

As part of BR Softech Lab’s commitment to customer engagement and involvement, we provide open dialogues and feedback e-mails from the beginning of the project, helping us to complete projects promptly.


The HTML5 platform offers countless possibilities when it comes to game development. It will be more future-ready with the above features and innovative additions.

For HTML5 game development or monetization, contact BR Softech Studios. HTML5 game development services are an integral part of our game development process.

Several of our clients have built and monetized amazing HTML5 games with the help of our developers.. Using HTML5, as well as other techniques, we can create custom games for you. BR Softech Studios can assist you with something similar if you are looking for something similar.

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