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Build Your Own ICE Poker Clone Script with Metaverse Game Development

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 02, 2023
ICE poker Clone script

The magnitude of casino gaming platforms is increasing with time because metaverse game projects have obtained heavy investment in the blockchain-based online gaming industry. ICE poker is the first metaverse poker platform where you can compete with thousands of players around the globe. So, if you choose metaverse casino game scripts for your ICE poker, this is the best step for the elevation of your gaming business.

ICE poker is a free-to-play poker game where players can earn digital collectibles in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). Basically, ICE Poker clone Script is a virtual reality poker game that is in trend due to its potential to attract capital, scale up existing gaming trends and solutions, and earn from mergers, transaction fees, and the App store and play store. That’s why it has become the first choice for investors and entrepreneurs. 

Before diving in-depth, let’s know about ICE Poker.

What is ICE Poker? 

ICE Poker is a decentralized casino poker game that was launched in 2021. This game allows players to earn $ICE rewards and digital tokens by playing for ranking on the leaderboard. The main objective of this metaverse game is to allow players to earn by:-

  • Winning matches and tournaments
  • Completing daily tasks and challenges
  • Playing against their competitors
  • Managing a team for a rewarding split.

ICE Poker Game Platforms

To play the ICE Poker game players have two platforms:

  • ICE Poker Metaverse: Players have to become a part of the virtual world of decentral for a unique gaming experience. 
  • ICE Poker Flex: This makes it possible to play ICE Poker anytime and anytime on any device. 

ICE Poker Game Modes

Virtual reality ICE poker game offers you two game modes as

  • Challenge Mode: In this mode, players get free chips to play poker each day and compete with others on the basis of daily challenges to earn rewards. It is called free-to-play mode.
  • Tournament Mode: This mode offers you a large prize and for that, players have to test their skills and compete with six players in a single elimination tournament. 

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Benefits of Using a Ready-made ICE Poker Clone Script for Development

To develop an ICE poker gaming platform you can hire an entire development team that will create an ICE poker app from scratch. But it will become a tedious task because it is going to take a lot of resources, effort, time, and money. Meanwhile, if you go to opt for the ready-made ICE Poker clone script that is available on the market, then it will be cost-effective and with the help of the right services provider you would not have to deal with any issues and your ICE Poke gaming platform you can get within a short time. 

Benefits of Using a Ready-made ICE Poker Clone Script

Here are the benefits of ready-made ICE Poker Clone Script Development:

  • Saves Time and Cost

There are numerous clone script service providers on the market, which includes BR Softech too. If you choose the right one, you can save both time and money because you can customize the ICE gaming poker platform according to your need and rebrand it to use immediately. By opting for this solution, your development process becomes so much easier, and all you get at a very low cost in comparison to developing from scratch. 

  • Rebrand by Adding a Company Logo

If you are wondering how to make an ICE poker gaming platform with the ready-made clone script, then here you can end your confusion. This app is totally customizable and you can also assimilate innovative and advanced features to it using 3rd party integrations. If you want to introduce the ICE poker app with basic features, you have to rebrand the white-labeled solution. Just add the basic information of your company and use it as it is. You can scale up at any time when you feel the need. 

  • Faster Time to Market

ICE poker gaming platform can take 4 to 6 months to develop from scratch, but with the help of an ICE poker clone script, you can get it within 2 to 4 weeks. It required less time because all functions and features are already built and its code reusability makes it much easier to develop multiple gaming platforms easily without spending too much time. 

So, you can make a move in the market within a short time period and the faster you launch your business, the less competition you have to face and you will have more time to improve your business functions and profitability. 

  • Own The Source Code

Source code is written in a human-readable programming language and basically, comes in plain text that contains the collection of code. Once you have the source code, then you can easily customize the code to make changes according to the business demand. By choosing the right services provider, you can be the owner of the source code and you will be able to sell it to a third party. 

  • Whitelabel Your Game

With the help of the ICE poker development company you can create your own cloud poker application and you can sell it as a white-label application at a low cost to other people to start their own virtual reality poker game with a few changes in the game app. Using clone script for ICE poker is a common practice and you can build a profitable business of it in the online gaming industry. 

  • Add the Desired Features with Customization

Adding any desired feature in the clone script is a very simple process because you can easily customize it and add 3rd party integration to improve the functionality of the ICE poker gaming platform. It helps you to develop scalable solutions for the long term with less cost. Basically, the clone script offers you the flexibility to transform the game platform and make it as rewarding as ever. 

So, this type of ICE Poker clone script development is very fruitful in the context of business because due to having a lot of benefits and amazing features its demand is increasing day by day.  And to churn this meaningful opportunity introducing the virtual reality poker game will be really beneficial. 

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Features of ICE Poker Clone Script

As we all know that ICE Poker is the most popular card game, and due to its demand and innovative features you can opt for this as a business, and use a ready-made ICE poker clone script will reduce the cost and game development time. You can use your saved time and money to scale up your business. 

Features of ICE Poker Clone Script

Here are the features of the ICE poker clone script: 

Admin Features User FeaturesGame Features
User managementAdd friendsSupport platform
Tournaments and game managementChat roomSecurity
Payment managementGame historyDashboard
Deposit and withdrawal managementSecure transactionsMultiplayer game
Manage chipsProfile managementBonus and rewards
Game setting managementCustomer support
Admin dashboard

After knowing the innovative and trending features you can also go for the ICE poker clone script development. 

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ICE Poker Clone Script Development

Starting your own metaverse poker business with our ICE Poker clone script can create a big difference in the online gaming industry.  ICE Poker is a metaverse casino gaming platform where players can play games like Caribbean poker, 3-card stud, Texas Hold’em, and many more. But, free chips are the biggest lure for players to join a poker table and choose the right game to begin playing. 

You can also launch your cross platform compatible ICE Poker gaming platform with our metaverse casino game development services so players can enjoy such kinds of games from their comfort zones. Our developers are highly advanced and innovative that will enrich the metaverse casino gaming platform with top-notch and enticing features and functionalities to offer the best to players. Basically, ICE Poker is a great virtual reality poker game where casino players can live the real-world poker game experience with NFT collectibles as rewards. 

Why Choose BR Softech for Readymade ICE Poker Clone Script?

You have understood the leading attribute of the ICE poker clone script development and the next step is to develop metaverse casino game scripts. For that, you can buy the ready-made ICE poker clone script or can hire professional developers, in both cases BR Softech will help you to meet your goal. With years of experience in the online gaming industry, we have a reputation as a metaverse casino game software services provider and offer you scalable poker clone development services where you have complete control over the game because we offer you source code. Our experienced team of developers has vast experience that’s why we are able to offer you top-notch technological-oriented metaverse casino game development services.  

Our Metaverse casino game script is fully tested, and if you face any problems we are here for you 24X7. 

Here are the services that make us different and one step ahead of others as an ICE Poker clone script development services provider. 

  • Comprehensive customizations
  • On-timely deployment
  • Secure installation
  • Multi-platform operations
  • support & maintenance
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Powerful dashboard for admin
  • Performance scalability
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Whitelabel clone script solution


Metaverse games have been receiving a lot of traction in the past few years. Ever since the advent of the metaverse, games like ICE Poker have caught the interest of investors. ICE Poker is a decentralized casino poker game that rewards its players with rare and valuable NFTs. If you want to develop a game similar to ICE Poker, a ready-made ICE Poker clone script is your best bet. A Ready-made solution can be used almost immediately and allows businesses to stand out in the market. If you are looking for a metaverse casino game development services provider to get an ICE Poker clone script development, then BR Softech is the best option for you where you can get it all at an affordable price with stand-out features and functions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How much will it take to deliver the ICE Poker clone software?

The total time depends on your customized needs for the ICE poker clone script development. We will deliver our ready-made clone script with your customization requirements within 2 to 4 weeks. We will try to deliver as soon as possible.

Q.2 Can we customize the Metaverse casino game scripts?

Yes, we offer you our customization services in order to make necessary changes according to your business needs and we also provide you source code so, in the future, you can make changes in your metaverse poker platform to make it more advanced. 

Q.3 Is ICE Poker clone development beneficial?

Yes, it is very helpful because, within a short time span, you can launch your gaming platform at affordable rates. 

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