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Game Development

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Game App Developer?

written by Nidhi Sharma | Jul 25, 2022
How much does it cost to hire a game developer

To create an indulging video game, game developers use the latest technology and trends. The game developer must understand and execute the game plan to convert imagination into reality. Developing successful games requires vision, creativity, talent, and experience.

Game development companies are widely available around the world. Programming experience is required to get into these companies. An individual who works as a game developer is involved in various aspects, including gaming narration, game creation, coding, and programming.

Value of the global video game market from 2012 - 2021

According to Statista, In 2018, the market was expected to be worth approximately 115 billion U.S. dollars and the source projects the industry revenues to surpass 138 billion by 2021.

How to Hire Game Developer?

BR Softech has the expert team of game developer for hire. To hire a game developer, one must know the skill set a game developer requires. A game developer is not only responsible for developing the game. One should also have the potential to work in other areas like visual arts, game design, game audio, and voice inflexion.

Here we are listing essential requirement to hire a game app developer which may vary depending on the employer.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or relevant field
2. Excellent knowledge of programming language
3. High level of software skills
4. Total number of years experience
5. The skill sets of working on different engines, graphics, and toolchain
6. Must know about artificial intelligence
7. Must know to perform code reviews to assure code quality
8. Should be able to perform under pressure
9. One must know how to resolve complex technical problems within games
10. Excellent verbal and written communications
11. Knowledge of object-oriented design pattern
12. Knowledge of process and technique to develop the game

Apart from these, one of the most important things is one should love to develop the game. As the work you do may vary depending on the game, you are producing. People who are looking to make a career in this field need to make sure they meet all the requirements.

How to Choose Game Development Platform?

Game development companies and the gaming industry are constantly growing and getting stronger day by day. In the world, of advanced technology, There are many platforms, ones should choose the game development platform wisely. There are many options available in the market. Each platform offers different services like Unity is a cross-platform tool. It supports Android games, iOS games, Tizon games, Fire games, Windows games.

hire mobile game developer

For beginners also there are a lot of game development platforms available. Software development companies develop software as per organization need. Unreal Engine is one of the most popular platforms for beginners and available free of cost. This platform helps you modify your game without investing time in coding and programming. The only task is to hire the right developer. Let us help you make that easy introducing a huge team of skilled professionals.

Hire Facebook Game Developers:

Hire the best Facebook app developers in India and abord with us. Our team of dedicated facebook game developers help you develop advance game covering all the aspects in mind.

Hire Video Game Developer:

Hire expert game developers to design, develop and test any kind of game offering ultimate gaming experience. With hands-on experience, they help you offer your gamers an ideal gaming experience.

Hire Android Game Developer:

Develop an outstanding android gaming application with our team of creative, imaginative, and skilled developers. They have great problem-solving skills with unimaginable storytelling ability.

Hire IOS Game Developer:

We help you hire a dedicated iOS game developer with outstanding development skills and a thorough understanding of the market and target audience. They can help you establish you in the gaming industry providing users with lucrative games.

Hire Windows Game Developers:

BR Softech offers the best choices when it comes to game development. Hire our team of windows game developer and mark your presence in gaming globally. They help build unique yet interactive games creating an engaging experience.

Game Project Complexity and Deliverables with Technology

hire a game app developerThe game developer role is an office-based role wherein, throughout the job game developer will face many challenges. Game project complexity can be divided into two parts.

1. Low project complexity with high business complexity
2. High project complexity with low business complexity

Sometimes game developers might face high technical complexity within the game development; hence attention is essential. The understanding game development process will help you determine the other factors. The amount of time it will take to complete, deliverables, budget, and phases all will be sorted once you discover all the determinants.

Since there are different fragments and various technologies in the gaming industry, there are higher complexities. BR Softech gives you the opportunity to hire dedicated developers trained on different technologies.

Hire Flutter Game Developers: Hire Flutter app developer to develop a cross-platform app using various features and high-end functionality. This trending technology allow developers to develop seamless app with better user experience.

Hire 3D Game Developer: Get a robust, outstanding and attention-grabbing game developed by our skilled professionals. Our team of experienced developers help you develop an advanced 2D and 3D game keeping quality in mind. Hire 2D Game developer and develop an amazing game.

Hire Indie Game Developer: We help you connect with top-rated Indie game developers to design, develop, and test any game. They make sure throughout the process that your game is high quality and engaging providing user the best experience ever.

Hire Unity Game Developer: Hire developers who are committed to giving exceptional development services and top-notch solutions. Transform the user experience and provide them with limitless experience using exception techniques.

Top Game Categories: –

Game development companies develop games in multiple categories. These categories can be categorized into different segments. Most popular and top-rated games are fun games, strategy game, entertainment, games, puzzle games, action games, sports game, and much more. Over the year’s gaming industry has seen tremendous growth. There are several genres and famous games developed for each one of us.

Hire Sports Betting Game Developer: – Our team of sports betting game developers is highly skilled and professional. They help you develop the customize sports game covering various aspects.

Hire Fantasy Sports Developer: – Experience the expertise of our fantasy sports developers. They help you provide with outstanding fantasy sports app grabbing the attention of millions.

Hire Virtual Sports App developer:- The changing landscape of technology advancement transforming the gaming industry introducing virtual sports app. Hire our team of skilled professionals and become the next big name in the fantasy sports industry.

Work Scope and Cost Determining

The gaming industry is one of the largest entertaining industry in the world. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Now you can choose your career in the gaming industry depending on your talent. Game developers are in high demand nowadays. As the industry is growing employment opportunities are increasing too.

hire game developerThere are multiple opportunities in the gaming industry. Here we have listed all the work you can do as per your skillset and be a part of the gaming industry.

1. Game Animation
2. Game Design
3. Game Testing
4. Game Programming
5. Game Art Creation in 2D & 3D

Apart from this, you can also go for project management posts, general positions and use your artistic skill in-game art creation.

Game developer role is to kick-start the game project with the incredible skill set. Depending on the requirement, the game developer role is to develop the game vision into reality. It may include multitasking like to derive the programming team from delivering the result as expected. This role is not limited to programming. It covers reviewing the code quality, Works closely with designers and helps artists.

Typical Rates of Game Developers :

In the gaming industry, the cost is determined as per the industry standards. However, it also depends on individual skillset. For example, if you are a fresher in the industry, you will get the standard salary as per company policy. Once you get some experience, you can get a tremendous leap in your career. If you are still wondering how much does it cost to hire game developer? Usually, IOS Game Developer’s standard cost is higher than Android game developers. Well, typically hourly cost to hire a game app developer is $20 to $30.00 depending on the project specifications. It may vary as per employment policies.

Gaming industry offers the most challenging career opportunities. People who are looking for the most dynamic and challenging role, this job is suitable for them with immeasurable growing opportunities. Not to forget the gaming industry work on different projects, and if you meet their expectations, you might be able to earn a bit more in the form of incentive. Incentive policy not only motivates the employees to work hard, but also to perform better.

How Mobile Games are Created?

What is the cost of developing a game app? Starting with the basics will help you determine exactly how your money will be spent.

To create a mobile game, the following steps must be followed:

Research on the marketIdentifying the optimal solutions based on the target audience, competition, and stylistic innovationsWithin one week
Document for game designGame images are included in the document.1-week
SpecificationsThe mechanics of games, code objects, a control loop, game physics, and the data of game objects will be discussed. 2 weeks
The prototyping processPrototypes are general sketches without details and visualsWithin one-week
Designing gamesAchieving the visual perception of the future game by creating the 2D/3D assets, characters, environment, and interfacesA three-week period
Programming for gamesDeveloping software, setting up servers, databases, and APIs More than two months
Designing soundsFor maximum fun, create music and play with sound effects and interfacesWithin one week
The testing processMinor system malfunctions and incorrect operation can be detected and corrected1 week
The publicationPosting the game on the appropriate Internet resources, such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. User access to the product is granted1 day

It takes an average of 2-4 months to create a simple game, while it can take 4+ months to develop a complex product.

You will also have to consider who you choose to work with regarding mobile app game development costs. Different countries and regions charge different amounts for creating game applications. 

Introducing a map service and geolocation tools in games with augmented reality, such as Pokemon Go, results in higher costs. Currently, we can consider the following costs for the various stages of creating this game:

A total of $ 600,000 was spent on the app by the company. The game generated $ 1 billion in revenue for 2020, a total of $ 4 billion for the previous period.

Type of developmentEstimated cost
Development of client applications and game design$100,000
The cost of UI/UX i$6,500
server costs$150,000
dollars for animation90,000 dollars 
sound design$20,000 

Estimating The Cost of a Mobile Game

The process of calculating the cost of mobile game development is complicated because it requires estimating how much work will be done at each stage. To estimate the development costs for each function, you need to know the end result. Thus, in most cases, this process is carried out by experts with the most experience.

Store for appsPlay Store
An annual fee of $99One-time fee of $25

It gives you access to the developer’s libraries, as well as the store. You can find documentation in the developer console to ensure that your application meets certain requirements. All iOS applications must execute in a similar style and have a similar arsenal, so the requirements are more stringent.

Factors Affecting Pricing

As for how much it costs to create a mobile game, the following features should also be considered, along with the complexity of the project:

  • Platform;
  • Functionality and type;
  • The performer’s professionalism;
  • The testing process;
  • Policy for marketing.

The following factors will be discussed in more detail when we do an in-depth breakdown of mobile game development costs.

The platform

Choosing a technical foundation is the first step in determining the mobile game development cost. Whether it is Android, iOS, or cross-development – you should consider this right away since it directly affects the price.

On average, iOS games cost 10-20% more than Android games. For example, if a game costs $ 25,000 for Android, it will cost $ 30,000 for iOS.

The game can also be developed cross-platform.

 The implementation and deployment process is greatly simplified with this type since you do not need to create separate applications for different platforms. For most platforms, the same engine can be used for gaming applications.

Functionality and type

With so many games available, it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. However, you can guide yourself based on your budget. Creating 2D games takes less time and requires fewer specialists and technologies than 3D games.


You can spend up to $ 5,000 on an elementary 2D game, such as moving blocks or catching flying elements. Depending on your needs, the cost can go up to $10,000 if you want more than just a Pacman.

The activities in these games are repeated over and over, and no plot instructions are provided to support this. In-game purchases can also be made to monetize these products. 


In general, casual 2D games cost between $25,001 and $50,000, depending on the level of challenge, the number of levels, the number of boss battles, and the quality of the soundtrack. 


The games are for people who are unsatisfied with elementary graphics but do not have the time or technical abilities to handle AAA quality products. Game development costs range from $50,000 to $120,000 for these games.


Be prepared to spend at least $150,000 if you want to attract many players to your hardcore game network. 


In video game development, testers are important, since testing plays a critical role. 

A tester’s job is to ensure the product meets all requirements and is error-free for users.

The cost of developing a game usually includes quality assessment services. There is no point in swaggering and avoiding this expense. All previous efforts can be wiped out when you play with bugs, and ample evidence supports this.

4. Marketing Strategy 

The marketing budget is so crucial that some big publishers spend more money on advertising than on mobile game development, even if your mobile game is entertaining and appealing. For most marketing campaigns to be successful and generate profits, a minimum of 30% of the budget must be spent on marketing.

Comparison of 2D and 3D Video Game Design 

Video game design differs primarily by dimension between 2D and 3D. In video games, the images are two-dimensional (flat graphics, flat characters, medium flat, etc.), unlike real-world three-dimensional images with depth. As a result of this difference, 2D and 3D games have different controls, objectives, characters, and environments.

2D Video Game Design3D Video Game Design
The goal will be easy to attain with simple characters since a 2D game’s objective is closely tied to its mechanisms and commandsThe three-dimensional plan of the game allows the character to move freely and walk openly. 
2D games are suitable for beginners due to their ease of use, thus attracting a greater audience.Controlling the character in 3D games is more difficult because it can move in any direction. 
The development of 2D games is also easier than 3D games. Because 2D games are less complex, developers invest less time and money in creating them, making updates easier.With more details, as well as depth and height, the environment and visuals of the game are more defined.
Comparatively fewer possibilitiesDepending on the genre of the game, there are many possibilities from the player’s perspective in a 3D game.

Gaming experiences in multiplayer vs. single-player

Single-player and multiplayer games differ mainly in their gameplay. Single-player games are played alone, while multiplayer games are played online with others. You can play many games in single-player or multiplayer modes, so there is plenty of choice for fans of either. Choosing between single-player and multiplayer games requires players to consider what kind of gaming experience they want. 

A multiplayer game is a great way for players to interact with one another. Nothing beats playing games with friends from around the world at any time, from your console, at any time of day or night – some you know in real life and others you’ve met online. Most multiplayer games allow you to chat with other gamers through a headset while playing. 

Playing with others can also increase a game’s excitement and competition levels. Although you may have to face challenges in the game, including quests and battles with avatars, there’s nothing like beating a real player; or completing a difficult task with the help of a friend. Rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Overwatch are some of the best multiplayer games of all time. 

Playing single-player games has many advantages as well. Currently, many single-player games are designed to be enjoyed as immersive films – almost like a whole story. As this type of game lacks social features, developers must focus on storylines, characters, and overall gaming experiences. Having the option to immerse themselves in a well-crafted story and complete missions at their leisure while interacting with other characters is appealing to many people. 


Gaming industry is the most dynamic industry in the world. It’s increasing, In the entertainment industry, it has surpassed the movie and music segment. As the world is going digital, there is a notable rise in the gaming industry too. The gaming industry has become popular and gives thousands of opportunities to youth. The estimated cause for the growth in the gaming industry is the growing number of smartphone users.


What are the pre-development costs for the game?

Yes, there are pre-development costs associated with the game. Pre-development costs are incurred due to the process of creating the GDD document. The cost per hour of work is one factor used to calculate these expenses. The pre-development cost will be $ 3000 if the development team charges $100 per hour for 30 hours of work.

Choosing an expert mobile game development company?


1. The company’s reputation and experience

2. Services for developing mobile games

3. A Comprehensive Process to Be Admired

4. Turnaround time is quick

5. Development costs for mobile games

What Makes Us the Right Partner for Mobile Games?

Creating mobile games with us is wise because we have a highly experienced team committed to providing the best services to achieve client satisfaction and trust. Furthermore, we keep our clients informed about the products they purchase.

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