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Gambling License Cost & Process: Everything You Need To Know

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Jan 31, 2023
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Gambling is currently a popular activity across the globe and is extensively on the rise for online casino games. As we all know, gambling has become a profitable venture, as a result, investors and entrepreneurs are looking for possibilities in the gambling business. But for new entrants into the gambling world, it might be a daunting task to a gambling license. So, for your help, we are going to cover the gambling license cost and its process so you can know how to start a gambling business. 

An Overview of Gambling License

A gambling license beautifies the online casino, and with the help of a license, you can show the credibility of the casino. There are numerous kinds of licenses in the world and according to your business, you can opt for the most suitable one. Basically, a license is a kind of certificate issued by an authority or government agency that makes certain rules and regulations that must be followed to avoid any kind of disputes with players or bettors. A license indicates that certain casinos follow the standard set by the particular organization. 

A gaming license aims to verify that a particular gambling services provider complies such as the requirements of legal, security, financial, and economic nature, reliability, security of transactions, and a responsible gambling policy to stop fraud and money laundering and the spirit of gaming that is established by applicable regulations. 

When it comes to gaming license applications, then each license has its own legal power in order to operate in different world territories. For example, iGaming businesses that hold Macau gaming licenses are offering their services in some territories while some are restricted. And if you hold New York gaming licenses, Illinois gaming licenses, and Pennsylvania gaming licenses, then they will cover different territories. So, when you are going to start a gambling business, then first decide the territories and jurisdiction where you want to offer your services. 

After getting a legal license for your casino business, you can take the help of a game development company that will assist you in casino game development.

Legal Countries of Gambling License

Here we are going to offer you an overview of some of the most credible, and authentic licenses that are used by the world’s top casinos and sports gambling brands for your consideration. 

UK Gambling Commission License

To manage and control bingo, casinos, gambling, lotteries, and sports betting in the UK a commission was founded in 2007. It offers its gaming license application for all sorts of remote and non-remote iGaming co, B2B and B2C companies. 

If you are looking to count several types of gambling services then you have to get a license for each type of game and service, and the license is issued for 5 years, and after that, you have to renew it. And the application process for getting a license for an online gambling business may last up to 16 weeks, and its fees are calculated according to the gross revenue of the business. Application fees may vary from 9000 euros to 25,000 euros. 

Malta Gaming Authority License

Malta gaming license is counted as the most credible and oldest license that has been regulating the online gambling business industry since 2001. It offers its online services in more than 180 international territories and counts both B2B and B2C iGaming companies. 

Getting a license from the Malta gaming authority usually takes 6 to 12 months, and the fee is approximately 5000 euros. Thai license works for 10 years and if the license condition is changed in that course, then you have to fulfill all guidelines according to that time and have to pay 5000 euros again. 

Curacao Gaming License

Offering the cheapest online gambling license and its reputation makes it the best licensing authority in the world. The Govt. of Curacao has been issuing gaming licenses since 1996. 

The most vital aspect of choosing a Curacao gaming license is that it issues a single license that works for all kinds of iGaming services. Within 2 to 6 weeks you can get a curacao license from the application. 

Isle of Man License

The Isle of Man is known as the self-governing British crown dependency and it started issuing licenses for online gambling in 2009. With the application fee of 5000 Euros B2C license counting all kinds of iGaming services. 

There are three types of iGaming licenses:

  • license for online casino and sports betting
  • Network license for online casino betting
  • Sub-license for online casino gambling

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Requirements of Gambling License

A special commission that is known as the gambling commission keeps an eye on the regulation of online gambling business to make sure the company is eligible and fulfills the guideline of gaming license requirements and complies with the codes of its practice.

Here are the basic terms and conditions that are required for an online gambling license:

A Detailed Account of the Gambling Business

To get a personal gambling license, the owner of a gaming business should provide complete and current information about the gambling he is planning to offer to their target audience. All details regarding the business aspect are demanded here. 

Accounting Data and Auditing Reports

Here, complete information regarding online games is demanded like what kinds of games you are going to offer to visitors and how your platform is accounting for all tasks and its auditing reports. 

Advantages of Gambling Licenses for Business

If you are going to start a gambling business you need to get yourself an offshore gambling license and offer any kind of gambling services you need to be both registered and compliant with at least one jurisdiction with the respected country. 

There are numerous advantages of gaming licenses for the gambling business and here are the reasons why you must have an online gambling license. 

  • You will be able to operate your online gambling business in international jurisdictions legally. 
  • You will be able to target players across the world in a legal manner. 
  • Some offshore gambling licenses charge zero tax or low tax which will help you to generate more revenue. 
  • Gaming license helps you to negotiate in terms of payment method providers and merchants that are big canon in their respective businesses. 
  • You can open a settlement account in a range of your license jurisdictions.
  • Get benefits from enticing advertising deals, as well as advertise yourself with the sponsor. 
  • Working with the best hardware providers becomes so much easier if you have a game license.
  • Accessing the best games and other software for game platforms has become so much easier. 
  • Can list your casino gaming app on the play store and iStore. 
  • With a license, your casino platform gets credibility and authenticity and your clients and target audience will show more interest to pick you. 
  • There will be no risk of being convicted, prosecuted, and fined for illegally running an online gambling business. 

To get a gambling license you can also take the help of a live dealer casino software provider that will assist you to acquire a license without facing any kind of hassle. 

The online gambling business world is highly conscious to protect both players and operators from fraud and money laundering. That’s why there are various online gaming license services providers and their jurisdictions maintain a healthy balance between protecting stakeholders and allowing them to grow which helps in the evolution of the gaming industry. 

Always keep in mind that all online gaming service providers must be registered and follow at least one jurisdiction. If you don’t have a license for offering gaming services, it is a huge risk for you, your reputation, your business, and also the reputation of the whole gaming business industry. 

Here is the list of risks you may face if you don’t have a license for an online gambling business. 

  • If you are operating an online gaming business without a gaming license, then it is both illegal and unethical. 
  • You will face various issues in opening a settlement account and taking the services of payment providers.
  • It becomes too complicated to negotiate with advertisers without a game license. 
  • You may be debarred from getting an online gambling license in the future.
  • You may face hefty fines, a bad reputation, and criminal proceedings. 

How to Choose The Best Gambling License? 

If you are planning to start a gambling business, then the first thing you have to deal with is a gaming license but getting an offshore gambling license is both a time and money-consuming process, and choosing the right one is also a task in itself. There are various online gaming service providers and they can make your task easy and affordable but deciding which one is right to pick is a really daunting task. 

How to Choose The Best Gambling License?

To help you evaluate which is the right one for you here are the key factors to consider. 

Estimated Gambling License Cost

Cost is one of the key aspects you need to keep in mind when you are going to choose the best gaming license for your casino business because each jurisdiction has its own cost and you need to figure out your budget and how much you can spend on getting a gambling license. After deciding the cost you can compare all jurisdictions and pick one that suits best according to your budget. 

The cheapest online gambling license that offers you full flexibility in terms of gaming and gambling is the right one for your business. 

Always Go for Political and Economic Stability

Choosing a low-cost gaming jurisdiction for your gaming license is not always right so, always check that the country is not on the brink of war and economic crisis. Because instability hampers your business. Always go for a place that is politically, economically, or socially stable. Stability leads you to gain more profit, and you have no need to worry about third-party services like contractors, exchange rates, and other terms. 

Double Taxation Treaties

Always go for a gambling license check like how many double taxation treaties a gambling jurisdiction has with other countries because it helps you to not go for paying taxes in two separate jurisdictions. Always go for a gaming license that jurisdiction has such treaties to save your tax. You can also consult with fast offshore gambling license providers for the tax optimization process. 


Each license jurisdiction has different requirements for information sharing, personal details of beneficial owners, and confidentiality. It all depends on your choice like what kind of confidentiality you want and then pick the right jurisdiction that can meet all your needs. 

Always go for an advanced level of security and confidentiality because, in the gaming business, it matters a lot. 


Before getting a personal gambling license always assess information like auditing, tax auditing, filing obligations, capital requirements, disclosure requirements, policies, compliance, and more. It can be a complex state but always go for who offers you more sustainability. 

Cost to Acquire a Gambling license 

In order to launch a casino business the important factor that you must take care of is a gambling license. There are different factors affecting the cost to acquire a gambling license such as taxation policies, legal acts,  the location of the development company, types of the casino business, etc. on average gambling license costs around $50K to $100K. However, the cost may shoot up depending upon the above-mentioned factors. 

How to Get Gambling License? 

Getting a license to start your online gambling business is the first step. But obtaining a gambling license is not easy because you have to fulfill various formalities for that you can hire a live dealer casino software provider that will help you and guide you on each step, and will make your process easy in a smooth way.

If you are new in the gambling world and have no idea how to get a gambling license, then first choose your gambling area code in the particular country and make a list of casino games that will be offered by you. And then, you can hire any agency or gambling services provider, or gambling license provider company in that particular area. So, your whole task will be quite easy and within a short span of time, you will be able to get your gambling license. 

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A gambling license is one of the most integral requirements if you want to run a gambling business. Different jurisdictions have different laws and regulations. While some countries have imposed state-wise laws, some outrightly ban gambling activities. If you want to run a gambling business, you can opt for any of the jurisdictions listed in this blog and acquire a gambling license for your business. However, if you don’t want to indulge in a lengthy process, you can employ a live dealer casino software provider that offers pre-license software. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What is the cheapest gambling license? 

Curacao is counted as the cheapest gambling license and within 2 to 6 weeks you can get your gambling licenses in an easy process.

Q.2 Can I operate a casino business without a gambling license?

No, operating an online gambling business without a license is unethical and illegal and for that, you can face a hefty fine that can lead you to legal proceedings.

Q.3 Is it profitable to invest in the casino business?

Yes, day by day demand for online casinos is increasing at a rapid pace to play games and place bets. You can also introduce your own casino platform and if you make the right strategy for this, then you can make a handsome revenue.

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