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Relaunching PUBG In India Amidst Ban On Other Chinese Apps

written by Harshita Khangarot | Nov 24, 2020
PUBG Mobile

The ban imposed on PUBG along with other Chinese apps came out to be a big shock for the gaming enthusiasts. The game kept the gaming enthusiasts hooked like no other, and the absence of any alternative concerned the gamers even more. 

pubg feature

The recent news claims that the PUBG Mobile India Coming Back with some exiciting features, and the ban imposed by the Indian government due to security concerns is going to be uplifted. 

It is not just the upliftment of the ban that concerns the players, but the fact that PUBG has decided to make it big this time in the Indian market. As a result, the news is surfacing that states that the game will offer huge prize-winning to the topmost teams in the winning categories. 

Scheme of prize distribution

As the ban imposed on PUBG kept the gaming enthusiasts away from the open-world battle royale for a long, PUBG has decided to compensate the players by offering huge winnings that will be segmented into different tiers based on the performance of several teams.

A total of Rs.6 crore will be dispersed as prize money to the players participating in the tournaments or achieving different milestones.

PUBG Live Stream App development Moreover, prize money worth Rs.40000 to Rs.200000 will be awarded for the teams that fall in the Tier-1 category on the gaming platform. 

Introductory trailer on TapTap

The trailer was made available on the TapTap page and claimed it to be India’s version of PUBG. However, it was soon discovered to be an unofficial edited trailer just to gain some momentum. 

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TapTap is a mobile gamers community that hosts a variety of game-related content such as trailers, download links, tips, and tricks, etc.

Though the trailer was not official, an edited version of PUBG Survivor Pass Season 9: HIGHLANDS, it does not deny the fact that the game will soon be airing on the India app markets; however, no official announcement has been made till yet. 

Major and minor tweaks by PUBG corporation

As everyone is well aware of the fact that the earlier PUBG version was a product of Tencent games, the one that is being relaunched solely belongs to the PUBG corporation.

It is predicted that the PUBG Corporation has to tune it as per the Indian standards as one more controversy can risk its stand in the Indian market, making it almost next to impossible to retrieve. 

What Changes can you see in Upcoming Updates?

As per the latest announcements made by PUBG Corporation, the PUBG Mobile India Coming Back will be in compliance with Indian market needs and addressing the security issues that led to its ban.

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Moreover, the India version will be launched in keeping the requirements of Indian players that includes fully clothed default players, green hit marks over the earlier used red hit marks, and limiting the gameplay time as a healthy gaming habit. 

Considering This,

These are just a glimpse of the updated PUBG, and there are certainly many things that are still kept as a secret with many ongoing improvisations. All that is required is for the users to wait for a little until the dust settles. 

As the game has not been relaunched yet, you can grab the opportunity and create your own free-for-all open-world battle royale game by approaching an experienced Game Development Company.

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