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Real Estate Mobile App Development

written by admin | Jun 07, 2016

As compared to the past, there is an upward trend in real estate investment. In emerging economies, there is heavy migration to the big cities and the middle class population thinks that there is a fear of requirement of of more urban real estate. In the developed countries, the cities are rising at a rapid pace.

However, if technological advancement is concerned, the real estate sector demands a lot of improvement compared to other sectors. There is an immense opportunity for the tech people to step in the market and change everything, right from the way a transaction is being executed to the way an information is accessed.Real estate sector that will adjust to recent technological advancement will be outlasting. The current scenario and evolving customer requirements demands new approach towards the real estate sector. Companies must react to the changing conditions and grab new opportunities.

Property managers wish to cooperate with the tenants, vendors, banks, buyers and the real estate managers are considering to make the buying and selling process plain sailing. And also, managing sales leads is also the top priority for the property managers. In today’s date, company desires for one solution which accredits the stakeholders.

Apart from this, real estate companies are also aware of the fact that there is a growing need for the technological development, which is sure shot way of enhancing the level of interaction with the customers, and at the same time rising the productivity and minimization in operational costs.

Mobile app development for the real estate sector:

There is great advantage in developing real estate mobile apps which will help the property managers and the agents for connecting with the customers, plus effective management. Be it any technological advancement, cloud computing to social networks, clients desire that real estate agents must make use of recent technological trends. There are various advantages of real estate mobile apps, as they have advanced features like social sharing and managing of the documentation which in turn results in enhanced efficiency.

Various real estate sector professionals are always progressing. Brokers, landlords, agents, and the developers are going to the site with clients. The mobile apps play an important role in enabling the managers to showcase the properties on their smart phone devices, and also offers easy access to the data like reports, space details, appointments and different kinds of inputs needed for tracking of business leads status.

Using the recent technology trends is the need of the hour. Organizations in today’s date are required to make use of advanced technological trends which offers flair for decision making process.

On the other hand, the promising companies must understand the value of adopting to these technologies:

Assessing the value preposition of recent technological trends.
Technology needs must be in relation to the tenants.

Various real estate application helps the people related to the real estate sector:

Location based apps:

This app will help the user to check out for houses as per their requirements. This will display the real estate listings in the nearby locality.

Voice recognition software feature:

Voice recognition software is the best feature for walking a client through home with the help of phone. The GPS of the phone will display the correct location of the client and provides access to the testimonials right from the homeowner.

Property management sector:

This is the sector which has great opportunity for development. There are numerous companies which are in competition in this particular sector. For providing best in class IT solution which help property owners and management companies to inspect and track the commercial real estate properties.

This app will help the user to check out for houses as per their requirements. This will display the real estate listings in the nearby locality. For example, if you have content related to a specific place, let’s say a rent report like this one from ABODO, viewers will easily be able to navigate to find what they need.

Cloud services provide the feature of storing data in the cloud based apps which helps the agents in keeping track of clients, files, notes, like the disclosures and the contracts.


Real estate sector demands a lot of technological advancement in the near future.

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