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Rummy Game Development Cost

written by Nitin Garg | May 23, 2023
Rummy Game Development Cost

Have you ever played Rummy? It is an engaging, match-making card game popular in online casinos worldwide. It is a traditional card game that is deeply rooted in Indian culture. The popularity of offline Rummy fuelled the growth of the card game in the online sector. 

Being such most famous card game in online casinos, the market for the Rummy card games has grown substantially. The popularity of online Rummy has opened a lot of opportunities for Rummy Game Development. 

One important factor in any game development process is the cost of the project. The overall cost of developing a rummy game is dependent on various factors. Fret not, we will guide you through the process and highlight the various factors that affect the rummy game development cost. 

Online Rummy Market Statistics

The rummy game app is gaining popularity worldwide. More and more smartphone users now prefer and demand the online version of the app either for entertainment or a source of extra income (via rummy game apps featuring real money). 

There are many factors that contribute to the rise of the demand for these online rummy platforms. A few of them are the increase in disposable income, affordable smartphones, economic data plans, and, most importantly, the expanding mobile phone gaming market worldwide. 

Online Rummy accounted for $335 million in India’s online gaming market in the year 2019, It is expected to reach $1.4 billion by the end of 2024. (Source)

Factors that Estimate Rummy Game Development Cost

You must be wondering “How much does it cost to make a rummy app?” If you want to know the cost of developing the Online Rummy Game App, then you should be aware of the factors that influence the cost of app development. There are many factors that influence the Rummy game development cost, however, in this section, we will be emphasizing the ones that are the most basic but highly influence the total cost. 

Moreover, it will help you to estimate the cost. However, a precise figure can only be revealed by approaching a Rummy Game Development Company.

1. Cross-platform Compatibility

The number of platforms that you target is highly influential in determining the total Rummy app development cost. The more platforms you target, the higher the price. But a higher number of platforms also ensures that you will make the Online Rummy Game App accessible to a large number of people. 

At least you should consider investing in Android and iOS versions of the app and target the web version if the budget allows.

2. Features of the Application

To make your rummy game app distinctive, it is important to integrate as many essential features as possible. There is no limit to the number of features that you can integrate, but you should adopt a selective approach as adding too many features will not only increase the app size but also make it look too complex. 

However, you should not omit the essential ones, or else they might lead to a poor user experience hence impacting your brand image. The number of features that you include will also add up to the total cost of app development.

3. Team Size

The size of the team deployed to create the Online Rummy Game App also manipulates the total Rummy game development cost. In short, the more experts are involved in the game development process, the higher the cost. However, the more experts you deploy for the app development to take on the different aspects associated with it will make the process speedy. 

The minimalist team that a Card Game Development Company will deploy in your project will consist of-

  • Project manager 
  • Android and iOS developers 
  • Back-end developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers 
  • Business Analyst 

4. Location of the Development Team

One more important factor that greatly affects the development cost of rummy app development like Rummy Circle is the location of the development team. Rummy app developers of different regions have varied rates. It is important to select the developer that is best suited to your requirements while keeping the estimated budget in mind. 

  • Indian-based Developers: $30-$70 per hour
  • UK-based Developers: $100-$150  per hour
  • USA-based Developers: $150-$250 per hour

5. Technology Stack

The technology stack utilized in the game development process also significantly affects Rummy game development costs. Different developers work on various technologies. Moreover, working on other platforms will need you to buy other technologies which will shoot up the cost of the development process. 

  • Kotlin for Android
  • Swift for iOS
  • MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  • Facebook SDK for Social Media Integration
  • Node.js for Back-end Development
  • Google Firebase for Hosting
  • AWS or Azure for Cloud
  • Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time Analytics
  • for Communication
  • RapidAPI for API
  • Google Cloud Messaging or Apple Push Notification for Notifications
  • One Signal for Push Notifications

6. Game Modes

The online Rummy game can be played in different modes. Typically, there are 4 Rummy game modes. While some entrepreneurs prefer their online application to have all the modes, you can choose only two or three.

Moreover, incorporating all game modes in your online Rummy app will significantly stretch the game development cost and process. If you are bound by time and budget, it is a good idea to choose the modes most suitable to your application and integrate the others in future updates. Ranking from highest to lowest, the most played modes are- 

  • Points
  • Pool
  • Deal
  • Raise

7. Tournaments and Events

When developing online Rummy game apps, adding tournaments and other events can be a great feature that enhances user engagement. Usually, tournaments are time-limited events that offer hefty earning opportunities and have limited capacity. 

These tournaments offer better rewards and opportunities that can’t be found in normal game modes. However, make sure to stay within your estimated budget as incorporating these features can greatly hike up the cost of Rummy game development like Rummy Circle. 

Rummy Game Development Cost

Considering all the factors that have been mentioned above and the ones that are not, rummy game development cost would range between $25000 to $40000. However, if you want to develop a cross-platform application with advanced features, the price can shoot up to $60,000.

Please note that the figures mentioned here are just an estimate, and the actual cost may vary with the project requirements. 

Also, it will take around 3 to 4 months to complete the full-cycle development process of the Rummy game app. However, if you want to incorporate additional features and platform compatibility, it can go up to 6 months. 

To get an accurate price estimation, approaching a reliable Rummy Game Development Company is recommended.

Key Features of Online Rummy Game App

Selecting the features for your Online Rummy Game App could be a complex process. However, to make things easier for you, we have shortlisted some of the essential features that you should consider integrating into the real money rummy game app. Keep in mind that incorporating advanced features will greatly affect the rummy game development cost.

Features of Online Rummy Game App

1. User Onboarding

This feature is applicable to new users. To start playing Rummy, the user has to get registered with the gaming platform. An easy registration process will allow the user to properly get affiliated with your platform without any hassle. Make sure to provide multiple sign-up options like E-mail, social media integration, registering with a mobile number, etc. 

2. User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is the first thing a user notices on your Rummy application. It is important to create a user-friendly UI coupled with stunning visuals. The user interface should be easily navigable and visually appealing. 

3. Game History

The game history feature will allow users to track their progress in the game. They can view all the previous matches that they have played and keep track of their earnings and rewards. 

4. Push Notifications

This option holds great importance for committed rummy players. It will provide them with real-time updates of all the tournaments, offers, or any other related event running on the app. 

5. Tutorial

For users who are not familiar with the gaming concept and are accessing the app for the first time, a well-laid-out tutorial will be very beneficial. Hence, you should consider integrating an interactive bot tutor to make them well-versed in the rules of the game. However, make sure to provide a skip tutorial option as it can be quite irritating for experienced players to complete a tutorial before starting the gameplay. 

6. Secure Payment Options

Since the online Rummy game features monetary transactions, it is important to integrate safe and secure payment gateways that protect the users’ financial information. It is also essential to provide multiple payment options like PayPal, Google Pay, and credit or debit cards so that users can perform transactions without any hassle. 

7. Live Chat

The in-app chat option holds great importance for the players. It lets the player interact with each other while they are in a gaming session. Moreover, the player can create chat rooms and send invites or join any tournament. It provides an overall interactive gaming experience and lets users connect with like-minded people from all across the globe.

8. Daily Bonus

Interactive features like a daily login bonus will provide an engaging and rewarding experience to the users. The daily bonus provides players with in-game rewards like rummy coins and reward multipliers. 

9. Refer and Earn

The refer and earn feature is a must-have in any Rummy game app. The feature allows existing players to invite their friends and family with an invite link. Moreover, the existing user gets additional rewards whenever a new player joins the platform through their invite link. It is a great feature to please the existing users and increase the user base simultaneously. 

10. Real Players

Adding bots to the rummy game platform is a good option; however, limiting the functionality of the app to bots is not a good option. The rummy game app should allow the app users to connect with other active players accessing your app worldwide.

11. Cross-Platform Functionality

Cross-platform functionality is one such feature that will help you to target more and more customers. Consider at least creating an app for Android and iOS, the two most popular smartphone operating systems. Moreover, you can also create web-based rummy game apps to expand the domain. Keep in mind that developing a cross-platform application can greatly increase the cost to develop a rummy game.

These are just a glimpse of the features that are trending on a rummy game app. These features will help provide an overall interactive and immersive experience to the players and help you get a massive user base.

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Advantages of Playing Rummy Game Online

There has been a gradual shift amongst the Rummy game enthusiasts on the online versions ditching the old trends of playing offline. This section covers some of the main reasons that are responsible for the Rummy players to opt for the Online Rummy Game App.

Advantages of Playing Rummy Game Online

1. Easy to Play

One of the main reasons behind the rising popularity of the Online Rummy Game App is its player-centric approach. All it requires is for the user to register and sign in to the app, and they are ready to explore the many variations of the Rummy game in a single app. 

2. Offers and Rewards

Another great feature that boosts user engagement is the attractive offer and rewards that the player receives for being loyal users of the apps. Daily login rewards, and weekly, and monthly bonuses are a few such examples that can help elevate the player’s experience.

3. Ads-Free Gaming Experience

There are many gaming apps that are full of pop banners and advertisements hindering a smooth gaming session. No doubt, the motive behind the involvement of such ads is to generate some extra revenue; however, to make your app distinctive, you could emphasize earning profits when the users purchase coins and themes instead of bombarding the screen with frequent ads. 

4. Endless Gaming Sessions

To be distinctive from the rest of the Rummy game apps, you should focus on providing a wide range of gaming experiences to add a touch of versatility to your app. It can be made versatile by providing endless gaming sessions while organizing frequently paid games and tournaments to leave them with multiple choices.

5. Secure Payment Options

Unlike the old online Rummy game versions, the modern apps infuse secure payment options that add reliability to the gaming platforms. Hence, you should also seek to integrate multiple reliable payment gateways in your Rummy game app to facilitate convenient in-app purchases.

6. Constant updates

All the apps that we see around in-app markets host frequent updates that help to keep the users engaged, and so do the Rummy Game apps. The Rummy Game apps available in the app market are constantly upgrading their app versions to enrich the gaming experience with every update. All this eventually helps in retaining the customers for a longer period and, in some cases, during the entire app life

Top 10 Rummy Game Apps like Rummy Circle

We have compiled a list of Rummy game apps that are an alternative to the popular Rummy Circle game app. 

  • Junglee Rummy
  • Play Rummy
  • Rummy Culture
  • Classic Rummy
  • Khelplay Rummy
  • A23 Rummy
  • Paytm First Games
  • Rummy Villa
  • Adda52 Rummy
  • Rummy Passion

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Final Thoughts

After reading this blog, you might have a better understanding of the rummy app development cost. The next challenge that might arise is choosing a suitable Rummy game development company. There are various factors you should consider like the portfolio, client testimonials, experience of the company, cost, etc. 

Lastly, an ISO-certified company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is capable enough to provide complete front-end and back-end assistance in your project, hiking up the chances of success of your Card Game App Like Rummy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How to develop a game like Rummy?

The development process of a card game like Rummy is very complex and technical. The very first step is to conduct market research and hire a game development company. If you want to know the in-depth rummy game development process, you can check out this blog.

Q.2 How to make a card game app for Android?

If you’re looking to develop a rummy game for Android, the very first step is to hire Android Developers. The developers will take care of the entire development process and provide you with a reliable rummy app platform.

Q.3 Is it profitable to develop a Rummy card game?

Yes, given the current market scenario, it is very profitable to develop a rummy card game. The market is booming and people are flocking to online card games like Poker and Rummy.

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