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Scope of Fantasy Sports Business in the Years 2022-2023

written by Nitin Garg | May 12, 2022
Scope of Fantasy Sports Business in the Year 2022-2023

A fantasy sport involves players assembling imaginary or virtual teams consisting of real players from their favorite sports. Every fantasy manager selects a roster for their team based on performance data. However, we will discuss the scope of the fantasy sports business in this blog. So, read it carefully.

The Fantasy Sports Market: A Brief Overview

It used to be that the industry of fantasy sports activities for professional leagues was quite conservative in its initial years. Nevertheless, the industry has gradually opened up and become more accepting in recent years. In the past, legal authorities disapproved of the rise of DFS leagues because they thought that they exploited players by giving them assets. Because of the acceptance of daily fantasy and professional leagues by a large population, professional leagues have been able to form different partnerships. During the period 2018-to 2024, fantasy sports are expected to grow by more than 11 percent, reaching a market size of more than $1.5 billion by the year 2024.

Fantasy Sports Market: Factors Contributing to Its Growth

Partnerships for success

Recent years have seen the fantasy sports industry develop many strategic partnerships and collaborations with multiple stakeholders.

The growth of marketing and advertising spending

Many Fantasy sports industries employ several marketing and advertising techniques, which ultimately contribute to the improvement of the industry. In addition, key announcements such as Google lifting its ban on fantasy sports advertising in certain states of the US will also stimulate fantasy sports marketing campaigns. As advertising and marketing campaigns grow, the industry becomes more popular and attracts more audience members.

Millennials’ growing interest in technology

Digitalization and the Internet were both parts of the birth of the millennials, and thus, they can’t imagine life without them. Fantasy sports are tricky and exciting to such high-tech generations because they are always looking for something skillful and innovative. There will be further advances in the fantasy sports industry in the upcoming year 2022, which will result in a dramatic rise in interest.

The increasing number of international sports events

In 2020, many sports events were held worldwide, with fantasy sports players participating in the most number of them.

Fantasy sports industry growth is primarily attributed to worldwide sports events.

The Need for Participation

It has been driven by the desire to participate rather than just watch the sports events that have pushed the fantasy sports market to new heights. These days, people are more likely to participate in a sport, show off their gaming skills and receive rewards. Fantasy sports is a one-stop solution for bringing their fantasy into reality because they can practically not enter the gaming arena of real sports. Therefore, fantasy sports enthusiasts have greater engagement when they participate in fantasy sports.

Streaming technology advances and available trusted streaming partners

The number of audiences for fantasy sports games has increased due to various technological advancements. Fantasy sports contests are becoming a lot easier for players due to the advent of ultra-modern platforms. 

Multi-faceted applications that include achievement badges, loyalty programs, etc., encourage people to engage more. Fantasy sports are also becoming increasingly popular due to the existence of several reliable streaming partners.

Adoption of smartphones & penetration of the Internet

The upcoming year 2022 will see increased penetration of the Internet. Fantasy sports will see exponential participation as users increasingly utilize the Internet and smartphones become more readily available and affordable.

The Competitive Environment

Due to multiple competitions in the fantasy sports industry, the market seems fragmented. It can become quite tricky for different brands in the fantasy sports industry to establish their unique presence due to numerous competitors. As a result, they strive hard to optimize their platform with the latest and most innovative features, thereby enhancing it and creating a competitive environment for those in the fantasy sports industry.

The Development of a Fantasy Sports Platform: Learn How?

Over the past few years, several new companies have developed fantasy sports platforms, and many more are expected in 2022. Consequently, fantasy sports businesses will have numerous options to develop their own fantasy sports platform efficiently and effectively.

Platforms for OTT growth

OTT platforms will increase in popularity, which will bode well for the fantasy sports market. With fantasy sports paired with OTT platforms, the entire entertainment business will be amply served, and the growth of fantasy sports will be stimulated.

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Fantasy Sports Market Segments

Here are the sports segments of the fantasy sports market:-

Football is the most popular fantasy sport globally due to its increased popularity worldwide. Almost half of the market was dominated by this segment in 2018.

 Furthermore, the market segment of fantasy football is driven by higher fan engagement. To raise standards and enhance fantasy Basketball across various countries, strategic partnerships and the launch of supporting products are essential.

  • By Gender

As per gender, the fantasy sports market can be segmented as follows:-

Men have always been more receptive to sports and games thus, the male segment accounts for a major share market of fantasy sports. However, the female segment is also overgrowing, and the primary reason for it is the increasing awareness of fantasy sports and the launch of women-centric sports.

  • By Geography

Segmentation of fantasy sports as per the geography is as follows:-

Due to the increasing interest in fantasy sports businesses among tech-savvy clients in North America. As a result of easy regulation, technological advances, and strategic partnerships, fantasy sports in the US will gain market value. In the upcoming year 2022, vendors will implement different marketing strategies to cater to the region’s untapped market, which will lead to noticeable growth in the market.

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Questions that fantasy sports businesses are likely to ask in 2022

When will the fantasy sports market reach its peak revenue?

According to estimates, the fantasy sports market will generate more than 32078 million dollars by 2025.

The fantasy sports industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years, but at what rate?

There was almost 15680 million USD in revenue from fantasy sports in the year 2019, and the total is expected to increase by 12.67% per year from 2021-to 2025 and reach nearly 32078 million USD in 2025. source by statista.

Over the past five years, has the fantasy sports industry witnessed growth or decline in the U.S.?

Fantasy sports in the US have grown by 2.4% per year between 2015 and 2020.

The fantasy sports industry and other industries have experienced growth. How does that compare with the fantasy sports industry?

Compared to other industries, the fantasy sports industry has grown exponentially, its market size has also grown very significantly, and there have been numerous technological developments and partnerships.

Where do fantasy sports have the most growth potential?

This number demonstrates the increasing use of online services by businesses and consumers for services that were traditionally paid for in person prior to the Internet prior to the Internet. Due to the rise of Internet penetration and migration of consumers to online sources, the fantasy sports industry is expected to increase revenue as more consumers partake in online gaming activities.

The industry of fantasy sports can be affected by a variety of factors.

The increasing number of mobile users, legalizations, and software development companies can all affect the growth of the fantasy sports industry.


We’re here to help

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What Are Some Ways to Accelerate your Fantasy Sports Business’s Growth?

Keeping up with the latest trends in the fantasy sports industry will allow fantasy sports businesses to make sure their platform has all the most cutting-edge features.

Decide on the best geographic location for your operation

A fantasy sports business should choose a location where there is a likelihood of many interested audiences before moving forward with further steps.

Understanding your target audience

Fantasy sports businesses must have a solid understanding of their target audience to accelerate their growth. Ensure that your software incorporates all the trending and on-demand features your users require.

Multi-sport platform integration

To reach all audiences with different sports interests, the fantasy sports platform must integrate all the major popular sports.

Make sure your Fantasy Sports Software app development company is Reliable.

If you want to engage more users with your software, choose a reliable and renowned fantasy sports software company to provide you with feature-rich and cutting-edge software.

Marketing and promotional strategies should be carefully considered

To establish your brand presence, you must also pay close attention to the marketing and promotional strategies that develop fantasy sports software.

Consider Fantasy Sports App Development

A fantasy sports mobile application could be an excellent way for businesses to grow by attracting more users.

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What is the Best Method for Choosing a Reliable Fantasy Sports Software Development Company?

It is no longer a consolidated market of fantasy sports but a fragmented one, and thus, there are a variety of opportunities for vendors to capitalize on. In addition, vendors focus on maintaining user interfaces, security, fantasy insights, technological leveraging, and transparency, basic fan requirements. 

Additionally, they are also seeking to expand into new countries and regions as demand grows and are also seeking to leverage fan-centric digital content creation to capitalize upon the rapidly growing fantasy sports market. 

You should consider the following factors when choosing a fantasy sports software development company:-

  • Find a trustworthy company.

Ensure that the fantasy sports software company you select can provide you with the very best solution within the specified time frame.

  • Choose a team of technical experts.

The best fantasy sports platform will be built by a team of highly skilled experts.

  • Our industry experts are here to help.

Consider an expert team of fantasy sports professionals familiar with the industry trends and can integrate the most up-to-date features into the platform.

  • Cooperation with Trustworthy Third-Party Providers

Companies offering data feeds, payment gateways, and other services for fantasy sports businesses need to collaborate with reliable and reputable third-party providers.

Want Fantasy Sports Software that Offers a Rich Feature Set?

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How do Fantasy Sports’ Non-Sports Categories Differ?

Fantasy sports categories that are popular outside of sports include:

Is an integrated Fantasy Sports software required to have the following significant features?

  • Boards of directors

By integrating state-of-the-art leaderboards into the fantasy sports software, players can better visualize their winning outcomes.

  • Different types of games

A fantasy sports software must cover all the significant types of exciting games to appeal to a large number of users.

  • Different types of drafts

Different types of drafts need to be supported by the fantasy sports software, such as auction drafts, offline drafts, etc.

  • Data feeds with the best quality

Data feeds from reliable providers must be integrated with the platform.

  • Fieldview in real-time

Users can view the arena of a fantasy sports game in real-time using the live field view feature.

  • Updates on the live score

Fantasy sports players need to have live score updates to have a profitable game.

  • Gateways for payments that are robust

One of the most essential features of fantasy sports software is integrating safe and multiple payment options.

  • Responsive to mobile devices

Mobile users must be able to access fantasy sports software on mobile devices.

  • Dashboard for Analytics

The fantasy sports platform must include a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

BR Softech: Fantasy Sports Software with Rich Features

BR Softech’s fantasy sports platform includes all the above features. Fantasy sports software from a company like ours is feature-rich and futuristic and incorporates all the requisite features that can be customized to meet clients’ specific requirements. Through the efforts of a team of skilled designers and developers, we will provide you with a fantasy sports platform that is feature-rich and up-to-date. Having a zero revenue share policy as a difference between us and other industry competitors enables us to serve our clients with the best possible solutions without burning a hole in their pockets.

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