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How To Start an Online Rummy Business in India?

Game Development
Dec 05, 2022
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rummy game busniess

Rummy is one of the oldest and most popular card games that has been played for decades by gamblers across the globe. Earlier, the rummy card game was played by game enthusiasts in family gatherings of game lounges. Now with the penetration of smartphones, low-cost data connectivity, and online card game platforms, the scenario has completely changed. Gaming entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity to reach millions of screens and generate a great amount of revenue.

If you are fascinated by online card game platforms and want to start a rummy game business, you must supervise various parameters, including concept design, budget, market research, types of rummy games, etc. To make any business idea successful, it is important to know the details of the niche, and target audience to increase your reach and overall profit margins. To make things clear for you, here we have created a list of things that you must take care of before launching your own rummy website.

Before getting into questions like what is rummy game, how many types of rummy games are there, which rummy game is best for money, is online rummy legal in India or what is the budget to build a rummy game, let’s first understand how the rummy business can be a profitable venture for you.

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Market Overview – Online Rummy Business

Rummy is a well-known and widely accepted card game, played by almost everyone, irrespective of age or gender. The penetration of smartphones, seamless internet connectivity, and online gaming platforms fueled the growth of the rummy game business in a manner like none other. 

As per market research, the online rummy game accounted for $335 million in India’s online gaming market in the year 2019. The industry is estimated to reach a value of $1.4 billion by the end of the year 2024 (Source). There are multiple reasons behind the growth of online rummy games. However, the pandemic was seen as the major contributor to the inclining growth. The online rummy game industry is growing rapidly day by day and is here to stay, suggesting that this business can be highly profitable for you. 

What Is Rummy Game?

Just like poker, rummy is one of the traditional and popular card games like Poker involving little or no gambling. The game was first invented in the United States of America, but it soon became famous in other parts of the world. Rummy Game is played with the help of two card decks with a total of two jokers.

To win the game, players must declare by picking and discarding cards from the placed piles of cards. As mentioned, the first pile is a close deck, where players are not allowed to see the card while picking. On the other hand, the second pile is an open deck created by the cards discarded by the players. In the end, players can win the rummy card game if they have placed the cards in an appropriate set or sequence.

Essential Steps To Consider Before You Start Your Own Online Rummy Business in India

People often ask about how to start an online rummy business in India. Starting a business requires a lot of planning and brainstorming and is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several factors affecting the success of the business, especially when it comes to the rummy gaming business. Here we have listed some of the crucial aspects that you must consider before launching your own online rummy business in India.

Start Your Own Online Rummy Business

1. Select a Reliable Rummy Game Provider 

The success of any application or website depends on the level of services given by the rummy game provider. So before you head out to build your own website for rummy business make sure to wisely choose a rummy game development company. The rummy game provider should have years of experience in game development and must have a good brand positioning in the market. Moreover, the company should be reliable and credible and must offer scalable, profitable, and cost-effective solutions for your rummy game platform.

It’s nearly impossible to start a business before fulfilling legal formalities. To launch your rummy business seamlessly, make sure to get a license to open your own gaming business. If you want to incorporate gambling features in your rummy platform, get help from the rummy game software provider who will guide you to meet all the regulatory needs to ensure the effortless running of the business.

3.  Conceptualization & Web Design

People prefer to use gaming platforms that are catchy and offer seamless and uninterrupted gameplay experiences. Your rummy business app or website must incorporate adequate content, support, seamless features, and graphics to provide players with a convenient and flexible platform. Also, avoid overloading your website with too many graphics and elements that can increase the t in page load time and overall decrease the website performance.

4. Efficient Promotion & Advertisements

Advertising and marketing play an equally important role like obtaining a license when it comes to launching a rummy platform. Set clear targets to reach your audience effectively. You can choose digital marketing campaigns, content marketing, social media sharing, and email marketing as your main marketing pillars. These strategies are extremely cost-effective and easy to use to reach a wide range of audience and increase the incoming traffic on your rummy website.

5. Set Your Budget 

Set a budget for each of the development stages, including designing, development, testing, launching, and marketing, and also make sure that it does not exceed the total cost of the rummy game development. Make sure to consider all the factors affecting the cost of the rummy game development. The more the features, the higher the budget. But if you want to develop a rummy game with fewer features and basic graphics, the budget will be relatively less.

6. Ready-made Rummy Online Business Solutions

The top rummy game software provider company offers ready-to-use white-label rummy solutions to online gaming business owners and operators to start their own rummy websites.

The comprehensive rummy game solutions cover all aspects of the rummy website development including gaming operations and payment security and processing. This solution is integrated with the complete suite of tools and features that help clients start, operate, and maintain their rummy website effortlessly and efficiently.

If you want to start your own online rummy business but don’t know where to start, contact BR Softech to take your business to the next level and ensure the highest rate of customer satisfaction.

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Types of Rummy Games 

Before starting a rummy game business, make sure to know the various types of rummy games. Here they are:

  • 13 card rummy
  • Indian rummy
  • Points rummy
  • Oklahoma rummy
  • 500 rummy
  • Dummy rummy
  • Gin rummy
  • Contract rummy
  • Deals rummy
  • 21 card rummy
  • Shanghai rummy 

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Online Rummy Business Models 

If you are worried about the ROI of your rummy card game business, then fret not. The game is widely popular and preferred by players worldwide. There are multiple online rummy business models that you can incorporate into your business to make a fortune. Check out the list to know more: 

Online Rummy Business Models

Participation Charges 

It is one of the most common online rummy business models used by a lot of gaming entrepreneurs to earn great revenues. You can charge money from each of the participants who want to play a wide range of online rummy games.

In-app Purchases 

You can also earn by collaborating with brands and promoting their products or services on your platform. Most fantasy sports apps like MPL charge a lot of money from global brands to promote their services on their platform. This helps brands increase their reach, in turn, helping gaming entrepreneurs to earn revenue. 

In-App Advertisements 

Advertisement is one of the most famous business models used by a lot of gaming owners to earn great ROI. You can also collaborate with brands and entities to promote their advertisements on your platform. You can do this by placing videos, ads, banners or headers on your rummy business app or website. 

Rummy games not only offer benefits to gaming entrepreneurs but also offer plentiful rewards to players. You can earn a great amount of money by playing rummy games. Intrigued to know how? 

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Cost to Start an Online Rummy Business in India

To start an online rummy game business, you don’t need to make much investment. On average, the cost to develop a rummy game website or application ranges around $10,000 to $25000. However, it is important to note that the cost range that we have mentioned is not fixed and may shoot up to $35,000 depending on the type and level of the rummy game platform you want to launch. Also, there are several factors affecting the development cost of a rummy business website/application. Here are key factors affecting the overall cost:

Budget to Start an Online Rummy Game Business
  • Experience of the rummy game developer 
  • Location of the rummy game development company
  • Application size and type 
  • The complexity level of features and functionality
  • Type of Technology Stack
  • Cross-compatibility over platforms
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Why Choose BR Softech as Your Online Rummy Game Company?

As a leading rummy card game development company in India, BR Softech is the top priority of the ‘N’ number of clients for cutting-edge and advanced rummy game software solutions. We have an efficient team of certified game developers who are experienced in developing highly customized and cost-effective gaming solutions for a variety of games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, rummy, etc. Our developers ensure to provide our clients with the utmost satisfaction by delivering them guidance at every stage of the game development process. We ensure to keep them in the loop to avoid room for any errors and glitches. We provide reliable, scalable, and credible development services while developing different types of rummy games and websites. Choose us to get:

  • 24/7 constant support 
  • Experienced team of rummy game developers 
  • Different types of rummy games 
  • Cost-effective solutions 
  • Quality assurance
  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Agile development process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What are the features of the rummy game application? 

Ans. The most important features of a rummy game application are social media integration, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multiplayer support, multiple and safe payment integrations, etc. Read More

Q. What is the best rummy game company?

Ans. With 10+ years of experience in developing a wide range of game applications, BR Softech is the best rummy game development company that can help you create a personalised gaming solution for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms. Read More 

Q. Do you develop a card game like rummy?

Ans. Yes, we develop feature-packed rummy card game applications that offer seamless and uninterrupted gaming experiences to players. Our main objective is to create a gaming platform that not only reaches millions of screens but also generates a great amount of revenue. Read More

Q. How to start an online rummy business?

Ans. To start an online rummy business, one needs to go through various technical documentation and legal formalities. Make sure to choose an experienced rummy game development company to get tailor-made rummy business applications offering high-performance and engaging user experience.

Q. Is online rummy legal in India?

Ans. Not all states of India allow online rummy gambling in a game format to win real money. Stakes like Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Nagaland have banned online rummy. However, the app adheres to the legal rules and regulations governing online rummy in India.

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