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Top Board Game Development Company India

written by Admin | Jun 26, 2021

Want your board game to reach unforeseen heights like Ludo king, Pokemon Go, Angry Birds? You should find a highly skilled and experienced team of game designers and developers who will be ready to turn your dream idea into reality. You can try any game development company available in your country, but doing so is not enough to make a successful board game.

Due to access to high competition, you need to do a lot of things to expand the capabilities of your board game in the market. Hiring the right board game development company is essential to eliminate the lack of skills and reduce the game development cost. 

When you go out to search for a suitable game development company, you will probably have many options to choose from. So it becomes obvious to get confused about which game development company is worth your attention. 

This informative blog post is devoted to answering the questions such as how to hire a reliable board game development company and what are the top board game development companies in India. So scroll down to find out answers to your questions. 

Factors Affecting The Choice of a Board Game Development Company

The following checklist will help you choose the right board game development for your project. 

1. Development and Problem Solving Ability

The first thing you need to evaluate is what are the development capabilities of the company. To know this you need to ask a few questions to your team of developers such as what technologies they will use to develop your application, what features they will incorporate with your application, and how much time the game development process will take? Asking these questions will make you wise with your decision. 

Board game developers also need to have strong problem-solving abilities, so they can easily find the bugs in your application and solve those bugs to ensure the smooth working of the application. It will take a certain amount of time and effort to see the bugs in the application and if bugs cannot be removed immediately you might end up losing your potential players. 

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2. How Long Has the Company Been in Board Game Development?

It is not always true to believe that more experience will deliver a more reliable product. A game development company might have 20 years of experience in game development, but no relevant experience in developing board games.

This experience will only affect the final board game development cost but not the reliability and beauty of the board game. Therefore, we advise you to choose a board game development company that has previously developed board games. This way you will not only be able to reduce the development cost but also be able to get a reliable and scalable board game developed for you. 

3. How the Company Will Ensure Product Safety?

With the increased usages of the internet, security has drawn the increasing attention of gaming lovers. The security and stability of the board game development will go a long way to affect the user retention rate of the users.

Board games involve a lot of information including the user’s personal information, therefore having strong security protocols are essential to ensure the best level of security in your board game, it is basic to perform timely maintenance to your application to solve security vulnerabilities of your application. 

4. Does the Company Agree to Complete the Test Task?

 A test task is one of the basic steps you can opt for while selecting a game app development company. You can ask your development partner to build a specific module of your game application. You can evaluate this test to learn how proficient the company is in app development

The company can ask you to pay a certain amount to complete the task or the company might agree to complete the test free, it all depends on the convenience. Usually, a reliable game development company won’t refuse to complete the test task. 

5. What Their Previous Customers Are Saying About the Company?

The opinions of the previous clients do matter while hiring a game development company. You can check several third-party websites like Google Maps, Good firms to see the real reviews to clients about their services. Some companies might even design a separate section on their company’s website, where they display their customer’s reviews. You can read these reviews to determine how good a game development company is, and what efforts the company is putting in to ensure customer satisfaction. 

6. Does the Company Stick to the Promises?

When you hire a board game development team, the first thing you expect is professionalism. The first sign of professionalism is that the company sticks to the promises and takes every possible step to fulfil the promises. For this reason, you need to set your own standards related to game development.

For example, game deployment time, game features, and game technologies can be decided before starting your incorporation with the board game development company. After that board game development companies need to put their efforts to achieve these desirable development goals. 

Top Board Game Development Companies in India

There is no lack of reputable board game development companies in India. India is emerging as the homeland of game app developers, therefore you might struggle to find the right game development company for you. To ease you in your search, we have suggested the six top board game development companies below.

1. BR Softech

BR Softech always remained the top player in the field of board game development. The company is driven by a team of excellent game designers, developers and testers. The company promises to deliver the best level of board game solutions that will attract users and keep them engaged for hours without losing interest. 

The company holds experience in developing both 2D and 3D board games. The latest design and multiple platform support are what makes BR Softech prominent from other game development companies. 

2. RV Technologies

RV Technologies is another name that gained acceptance across the world for offering new-age 2D/3D board game design solutions. The company has specialities in providing full-scale game design and development solutions catering to the needs of customers. The company has a track record of timely delivering game development solutions. Efficient UI/UX designing is the key benefit of choosing the RV technologies for your next board game project.

3. Infocom Software

Infocom Software has been providing game app development solutions for years in India and across the border. The company follows the unique approach of developing the board game to make them stand out in the market. The company holds expertise in developing games for both Android and iOS devices. 

Infocom Software strives to offer the best multiplayer control along with the latest design. The company also has a team of experienced game testers, who made it possible for the company to deploy bug-free board games. 

4. Hashbyte Studio

Hashbyte is an Indian board game development company driven by a team of enthusiastic developers who enjoy the job of creating interesting and mind-blowing board games. By using their technical knowledge the company has developed exuberant games that are doing well on multiple platforms. This is one of the reasons why we have to include Hashbyte Studio in our list. 

Besides board game development, Hashbyte also has expertise in developing some other types of video games as well such as puzzles, racing, strategy, role-playing and so on. 

5. Gamastack

Gamastack is another name in the field of board game development that is backed with an exceptionally strong record of board game development. The company has been recognized for developing a variety of board games including diplomacy games, strategy games, luck-based games and so on. 

An experienced team of developers and fully customizable solutions are what makes Gamastack a prominent name in board game development. Transparent pricing and scheduled deployment of game projects are other benefits of working with Gamastack.  

6. Mobiwatch

Mobiwatch is a well-celebrated board game development company that works with modern technologies to create fully robust and customizable board games. 

The company provides extensive end-to-end board game development solutions. The expert’s team of developers holds comprehensive knowledge of developing board games from all genres. With the help of ready-to-go software and well-defined strategies, Mobiwatch will go a long way to turn your dream idea into reality. 

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The Key Takeaway!

Now a lot of questions might be whispering in your mind like which board game development company out of the aforementioned companies you need to choose to develop your successful board game in the market. By considering all the above factors, BR Softech is one of the pioneer companies that has developed several board games that are doing well in the market.  If you still have any doubts regarding board game development, then feel free to contact us. 


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