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Virtual Sports Betting Software- A Complete Guide

Sports Betting
Jun 12, 2024
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virtual sports betting software

The advent of virtual sports betting software opened new horizons for sports bettors worldwide. During the pandemic, when all sporting events came to a halt, virtual sports took the reins of the betting industry. Virtual sports betting is a type of sports betting where users can bet on sporting events through a digital platform. While the core concept of betting remains the same, it is different from sports betting in some aspects. 

It is in high demand as online gamblers are now gravitating towards virtual sports betting applications. In the current scenario, it is a lucrative industry and very profitable for startups.

Let us look at some facts about virtual sports betting sites-

  • The virtual sports industry was worth $15 billion in 2020. The global sports betting market was valued at $131 billion. 
  • Virtual sports account for 5% of betting revenue in the United Kingdom. 
  • 80% of virtual sports are in FIFA or NBA games

What are Virtual Sports Betting Software?

Virtual sports are simulations of real-life sports with virtual athletes and teams. It uses computer-generated graphics and motion animation to provide a realistic experience. Virtual sports betting applications are available 24×7 and gamblers don’t require a real sporting event to bet on virtual sports. 

It uses complex algorithms and an RNG system to determine the outcome of the matches. The round-the-clock availability and unpredictability of virtual sports make it a very sought-after sector of the sports betting industry. 

Virtual sports are not new, they have been going on for decades. The first virtual sport was a simulation of a baseball game created by John Burgeson in 1961. 

You must be wondering whether virtual sports are legal or not. Well, it depends on the sportsbook or the sports betting platform. If the sportsbook has acquired a legal license from any governing authority, then it is perfectly legal. 

What Virtual Sports Are There?

Virtual sports exist for many of the sports that are popular among online gamblers. Some of the most common virtual sports include:

  • Baseball
  • Soccer/ Football
  • American Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Dog Racing
  • Motor Sports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites in 2024-25

Many top online sportsbooks offer virtual sports in jurisdictions like the United Kingdom and the USA. These are some of the best virtual sports betting sites

  • William Hill
  • Bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • Sisal
  • BetVictor
  • SkyBet
  • Lottomatica

Legality ultimately depends on the license of the Virtual sports betting platform. If the platform is licensed, it is perfectly legal to bet on virtual sports. The sportsbooks or the service providers get approval from the central regulatory authority of a particular jurisdiction in which the service is offered. 

However, be aware of unlicensed offshore virtual betting providers who don’t go through the licensing process. Always check the licensing and certification of the platform you are betting on to reduce the risks of fraud and theft. 

Can I Bet on Virtual Sports in the United States?

The United States has state-wise gambling laws and regulations. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act restrict betting on real-world sports events in the United States(except for Nevada). 

However, virtual sports are not dependent on real-world sports and have no impact on sporting events, so any US state that regulates gambling will allow Virtual Sports Betting in their jurisdiction. 

You can bet on virtual sports in the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And it will probably be available in other states as well in the coming future. The Golden Nuggets Casino and William Hill US have entered into a partnership with Inspired Gaming to provide virtual sports books for the state of Nevada. 

Features of Virtual Sports Betting Software

Take a look at the features of Virtual Sports betting software:

Top-notch graphicsThe virtual sports betting application features computer-generated graphics with realistic 3D motion animation that is indistinguishable from the real thing. 
Safe and Secure Payment Gateway It is important to integrate the platform with secure payment gateways to protect your client’s financial information. Make sure to also provide various payment options so the users can make transactions without any hassle. 
AvailabilityVirtual sports betting is available round the clock as it doesn’t need an actual match to bet on. Players can bet on simulations of real-time matches which is quite convenient. 
Customer Support24×7 customer support is provided by the platform to address and solve users’ queries. 
Fair GameplaySince the outcome of the matches is determined using algorithms and the RNG system, the gameplay is not biased or influenced in any way. 
Suitable for BeginnersVirtual sports betting doesn’t require any skill as the outcome is decided by algorithms and an RNG system. It is the perfect choice for beginner bettors. 
Loyalty ProgramsLike many sports betting platforms, virtual sports platforms also offer a loyalty program. Players are rewarded loyalty points to play the game. 

Development Process of a Virtual Sports Betting Platform

The virtual sports betting platform development process is a complex and expensive process with a lot of technical aspects. You can either opt for white-label software or go for a custom solution that is tailored to your needs. No matter what you choose, the virtual sports betting solution provider will help you create a profitable sports betting business

1. Wireframing

The first step to sports betting app development is building a wireframe. A wireframe is like a blueprint of the application, it gives us a general idea of how the app is going to look after completion. The wireframe serves as a blueprint throughout the development process. 

2. Design

It is one of the most important aspects of virtual sports betting software. The design of the platform and visuals are the first things a user will notice while visiting your website. Make sure the design is user-friendly and grips the user’s attention. Stunning visuals and minimal cluttering go a long way in making a lasting first impression. 

3. API Integration

An Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols that aids in the interaction of the website with the user. Coding is responsible for making the website or platform responsive towards devices and multiple operating systems. The typical user interface is meant to be used by the users while APIs are used by the application or machine and they help automate the process. 

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4. Testing/ QA

Testing ensures that the virtual sports betting development is free of any bugs and glitches. It is the penultimate step of development and it is essential to ensure that the application you will launch doesn’t have any game-breaking bugs. 

5. Launch and Support

After the testing phase is completed, it is time to launch your virtual sports betting app in the market. However, it is also essential to provide regular maintenance and support to the users who will be using your app. An application needs regular updates to incorporate new features and fix bugs and glitches, make sure you have a reliable customer support team to address users’ queries. 

Why Choose BR Softech for Virtual Sports Betting Solutions?

If you want to develop an online virtual sports betting platform, BR Softech has got you covered. Our skilled in-house developers are well-versed in the latest technologies and are committed towards client satisfaction. With 12+ years of experience, we offer white-label as well as customized virtual sports betting software development solutions.

Our developers are capable of building cross-platform apps that run flawlessly on various platforms like Android, iOS and web browsers. Choose BR Softech and we will deliver a powerful virtual sports game app with interactive design and stunning visuals that will catch the user’s attention. We offer- 

  • Experienced Developers
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • On-time Delivery
  • Customised Solutions
  • Cost-effective Services

Final Thoughts

The virtual sports betting industry has accumulated a massive audience and has become a lucrative industry. sports betting software development is in high demand right now as more online gamblers are moving towards these betting platforms. It is very profitable right now to launch your own virtual sports betting app. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

Virtual Sports betting works by wagering on a virtual match which is simulated in real-time. The winners are decided according to the performance of the players in the virtual match. 

Q.2 Can Virtual Betting Be Manipulated?

Technically it can be manipulated but it is highly unethical and illegal. You won’t face any unfair gameplay and biasedness if you wager on certified and licensed virtual sports betting platforms. 

Q.3 Is Virtual Betting Profitable?

Yes, virtual betting allows players to wager and win real money. Moreover, it also provides various revenue generation streams to operators to generate maximum revenue. It is highly beneficial and profitable for both users and businesses. 

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