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You might have a wonderful idea for your startup but it is quite tough task to find the laudable team for the purpose of designing your website and mobile applications by using the recent technological trends, engineering and for perceiving the end-user of your startup.


You will require the adroit team of design thinkers who have prowess in working with the startups who have the affluent experience to make them turn as hit and successful companies by thorough understanding of the problem and then moving ahead by providing the best solution of the product design and the engineering.

BR Softech Pvt Ltd is the IT software, web and mobile app development company which the startups across the world can reach out to when they will require the partner who is promising for the role of the designer and the programmer. We will help you to think big for your organisation and we will also help you understand your end-users by helping you reach them.

We have decent experience in working with startup entrepreneurs and also with Funded Startups

For the Startup entrepreneurs

For the Startup entrepreneurs:

We have the dedicated team which will help you understand the requirements of your end-users in different way which will help you to create the best products and services.

For the Funded Startups

For the Funded Startups:

Having 5+ years of experience, we have worked with multifarious startups. We will help you to flourish your startup with good process of product development by using recent technological trends.


Proper execution of plan

Proper execution of plan:

We are leading IT company, having commendable team of developers who include boldness in their work and also have boldness in planning to our customers also. We believe in aiming high for every project of the clients.

Proper execution of plan

Just the 3 weeks release cycle:

Startups are required to move very fast and at BR Softech we help the startups by providing them with the swift development lifecycle and product will be launched e very 3 weeks. This is our assurance to your startup.


We give the most impressive design for the solutions to the clients. In today's date, brand loyalty is decreasing and consumer just change their decisions. We include the best designing in all the IT related solutions we provide.



BR Softech have the team of laudable designers who excel in giving the top-notch designs by which the users will keep their eyes glued to the design as such. Before we share the designing to you, many eyes give their approval to it.


We have commendable team of full stack developers who have prowess in developing the complete stack through the Cloud, Business Logic, API Layer and the front-end. Our dedicated team of full stack developers have proven to be beneficial to any industry-specific startup team because they help the Startup in avoiding the silos during the development process and minimizing the complete development costs.



Your competitor who is sitting quite far away from you can also take your business plan idea. At BR Softech, our developers, programmers and the engineers make sure that they develop the IT solution by keeping in the mind the competition and they design the top-notch solution.


We keep in mind that as a startup entrepreneur, you are our customer but your customers are our end-users. We develop and design the quality-oriented IT solution keeping the end-users in mind. We develop the solutions by using the recent technological trends which will provide exceptional end-user training.



satisfied clients

100% satisfied clients of funded startups:

We have the happy successful clients of successful startup launches. Different startups developed by us have experienced decent traffic for their website on different search engine platforms and gain huge customer base plus good traction.

customer assistance

24x7 customer assistance & support

In case any bugs or the issue arises in the web and mobile application developed by us, then we will provide you 24x7 assistance and you can reach out to us for any kind of query arising once we have developed the web and mobile apps for your business.

Dedicated team of developers

Dedicated team of developers:

We have the skilled and dedicated team of developers who have 5+ years of affluent experience in the field of IT related service providing. They provide results on time to the cleints around the globe after understanding their requirements.

Advanced technological trends

Advanced technological trends:

All our designers, developers and programmers keep themselves upated with the ongoing market trends in the field of technology which help them to develop the featue-rich web and mobile application on the leading operating systems.