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AR Game Development Cost in 2024 – BR Softech

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Dec 02, 2023
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AR Game Development Cost

Is investing in Augmented Reality Game Development is Worth? This question arises when a company starts to invest or know about the AR game development industry. When a company starts in developing games, the first thing they look out for is the Augmented Reality game development cost. This happens because AR is a growing industry by which most of the companies are focusing on such technology. However, not only the gaming but entertainment, healthcare, and engineering sectors are also evolving with this industry.

Besides other sectors, the AR game engine is widely adopted by sports entrepreneurs to develop augmented reality games online, offering realistic and unmatched gameplay experiences to gamers across the globe. The concept of AR game development cost in 2024 does not only cater to the demands of the users but also helps business entrepreneurs reach millions of screens and generate next-level revenues. 

If you are fascinated by augmented reality game development and are concerned about AR game development cost, and the features that are integral, here is the guide for you!

Augmented Reality & Gaming: Market Overview

  • Over the past few years, we have seen augmented reality experience tremendous growth. We can expect to see this technology grow even more in the time to come.
  • According to a report from, AR users will surpass 800 million by the end of this year and reach 1.73 billion by the end of 2024. 
  • AR in game development is used to enhance the game’s visual experience and provides an interactive experience for players. Aside from games, AR technology is also present in other industries such as eCommerce, education, the military, etc. 
  • The ultimate goal of using AR in the game development field is to provide an interactive experience to the players and enhance the visual experience of the game. Besides game development, the presence of AR technology can also be noticed in other sectors such as eCommerce app development, education, the military, and so many others.

Top Factors Affecting AR Game Development Cost in 2024

There are different factors affecting the overall AR game development costs in 2024. Some of them are: 

Top Factors Affecting AR Game Development Cost

1. The Type of Project

The cost of an augmented reality app also depends on the type of project you want to build as a gaming business owner. 

MVP App – Simple

MVP apps are easier to create since they have fewer features and require less effort. Most of these apps are small in size, intuitive, and user-friendly, allowing users to visualize their vision in a whole new way. They have around 1 to 5 AR models onboard with essential functions such as rotating, piling 3D models, taking photos, etc.

A custom AR application

Experience augmented reality for yourself. It is possible to add various features to the AR app based on the business’s needs, including the ability to choose an item, visualize it, and take a picture. Costs will increase if more features are added.

An enterprise-grade AR app

Almost every industry has been affected by AR, including education, retail, architecture, and healthcare. One of the enterprise AR trends is that it will become more widespread in all businesses and benefit everyone. Augmented reality apps such as these are used for staff training, quick reference, and cooperative work. In addition, such apps allow you to track inventory seamlessly and support business workflows most seamlessly.

2. The Complexity of Features of the AR Game App

The complexity of features also impacts the overall Augmented reality app development cost. The more complex the features are, the more it will cost you. Therefore, if you add basic features and functionalities within the AR game framework, it will cost you less. 

3. The Location of the Developers 

This also greatly impacts the overall cost. As different countries charge differently from the clients. India, being one of the affordable development service providers, charges lesser for augmented reality game development as compared to US and UK.

4. Level of the Graphics 

The level of graphics also decides the overall cost of augmented reality apps. The more complex and latest graphics you incorporate, the more it will cost you. However, the more basic graphics you integrate, it will cost you less. 

5. Advancement of Technology 

Just like the above factors, tech advancements also impact the overall cost of AR app development. The more advanced and modern technologies you integrate, the more it will cost you as compared to that of a basic tech stack.

What is the Augmented Reality Game Development Cost?

As you have understood, the features required for creating an augmented reality game are Android and iOS. It is time to discover the cost of augmented reality game development, which will help you decide the budget for your project. 

In general, the cost of your AR game application will take into account the amount of time your development team spends on it multiplied by their hourly rates, plus any additional expenses. It is estimated that app development costs vary from country to country, averaging between $30 and $150 per hour. 

It is extremely difficult to define the exact cost of AR Development Cost until and unless we don’t know your project details and specifications. On average, the cost of augmented reality game development ranges from $15k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $25k and even more depending on the type and complexity of the project.

What is Augmented Reality Game App Development Cost?

The augmented reality game app development cost is directly influenced by a majority of factors. Especially, the type of application you want to develop. The cost ultimately depends on your requirements, features, and the complexity of the app. Furthermore, if you are developing a feature-packed AR app with APIs, the cost to develop an AR app will increase significantly. 

Here is a quick cost guide for AR App Development- 

App TypeAR App Development Cost
Basic AR Application$20,000 to $50,000
Medium-sized AR Application$50,000 to $150,000
Complex AR Apps with APIs$200,000 to $500,000

Impact of Augmented Reality Games Online

Whether you are planning to develop an augmented reality game on Android or iOS; you must first know the impact of augmented reality on the gaming industry. Here is the list of factors that you might have noticed with the advent of the latest technology AR: 

Impact of Augmented Reality Games Online

1. Production of More Appealing Games

Augmented reality makes it possible for game developers to develop a digital environment wherein players can interact and feel the gaming elements just like in the real world. This functionality of the AR is attracting gamers and appeals to them to deliver an unforgettable experience. What does AR technology do? It takes computer-planned objects and converts them into real-world objects to deliver a realistic gaming experience to the players. 

2. Removal of Outdated Traditional Gaming

In the gaming world, augmented reality creates endless possibilities. It provides several benefits to the AR game development company and users that are far different from the traditional gaming methods available in the market. It is considered the new-generation technology that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry and given birth to the scope of creativity and technology. 

3. Improvement in Gaming Consoles 

Today the gaming industry is flooded with a lot of new gaming consoles that are the succeeding version of the previous iteration. Hence, it becomes a tedious job to choose the most suitable one. The same thing is expected to happen with the entrance of augmented reality into the gaming world. The augmented reality game developers can incorporate the latest technologies into their games.

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Exclusive Features of Augmented Reality Mobile Game Applications

There are a lot of features of Augmented reality mobile game applications. Let’s scroll down to see a few of the most common features that play a vital role in augmented reality game development.

Exclusive Features of Augmented Reality Mobile Game Applications

1. Minimal Technology 

This is one of the most favorable Augmented reality features. AR-based game development can be accomplished by acquiring minimal technology. Furthermore, augmented reality games can work on any smartphone equipped with decent features. You no longer need to have access to dedicated hardware like AR lenses to play AR games. 

2. More Customization

The main principle of AR is to match the gaming experience with the real world. AR game engine lets the gamers customize their game character and other gaming elements to improve their character’s visual appearance and make it look like a real one. 

3. Social Features

In the real world, everyone has a friend circle. To help you compete with your competitors, AR games can let you invite them to play together. You can visualize their character appearance as per choice or match up with their real-world one. 

4. Real-Time Updates

When augmented reality combines with the power of the internet, its capabilities reach a new level. The user’s device connects to the cloud server by using the internet connection, fetching real-time data, and making it present on the user’s screen. 

5. Universal Adaptability

AR-based games cannot be designed to cater to specific ages or groups of people. It is developed for all users who use a smartphone. From kids to adults, anyone who has a smartphone can make use of AR-based games. This indicates the universal adaptability of AR game development unity.

Why Choose BR Softech for AR Game Development?

BR Softech works with some of the finest developers and tools to create some of the best AR games. Our Augmented reality game developers are enthusiastic and skilled. Analyzing the idea and calculating the investment outcome is our first step. Our second step is application development and selection tools.

We are unique because of the following qualities. 

  • Methods for developing apps
  • Marketing and branding strategies
  • Mobile app development and augmented reality 
  • Developers of professional games 
  • Cross-platform game development including Android and iOS. 

Final Words

The journey to spend money developing an AR app doesn’t end here. You need to start thinking about how you can monetize the AR solution once you build it for your business. 

Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that the process of promoting an AR application is a continuous one. The millions spent on AR mobile apps will pay off in the long run. So if you are interested in AR game development, contact our skilled Augmented reality game developers who are ready to take your business to the next level. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 What Are The Common Features Of Augmented Reality

Features of augmented reality are: 
1. 3D object tracking 
2. Smart glass support 
3. Geo-location 
4. Cloud storage

Q.2 What are The Benefits of AR Game Development? 

The key benefits of Augmented reality game development are: 
1. High Reach 
2. Maximized customer engagement 
3. High player retention
4. Next level ROI 

Q.3 Do You Provide Customized AR Game Development Services?

Yes, we provide customized AR game app development services with high-end features, graphics, and excellent sound effects.

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