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Top Augmented Reality Trends for AR Apps in 2019

written by Nidhi Sharma | May 02, 2019
Augmented Reality App Development Trends in 2019

2018 is being an enormous year for Augmented Reality. Its positioning is getting stronger in the market with multinational organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google. This revolutionary technique and trends are soon going to rule the world and support advance solutions. New innovations and periodic technological changes have added 360-degree views of the more realistic environment which makes augmented reality famous across worldwide. Nemours tech events showcase this advanced technology and inspire the world around by bringing new augmented reality trends and dynamic changes in various industries.

Mobile augmented reality could hit 900 plus million installed base by 2019 and approach 3.5 billion by 2022. (Source)

The growth of Augmented Reality App Development in the past a few years can be attributed to solutions that allow users to visualize the product and imagine what it might feel like to own the product and experience the service before even purchasing the item. This technology has a great contribution towards increasing computing capabilities of our smartphone.

What Is Augmented Reality?

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality helps you experience the digital object in a real-time environment and gives you the clarity of potential this technology consist. It’s a technology which enhances the natural environment or situations while offering perceptually enriched experience with the help of advanced computer vision and object recognition.

Nearly 50% of customers would be more likely to shop at a retailer that utilizes augmented or virtual reality. (Source)

It helps you get an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world is augmented. With the explosion of technology its making-commerce, gaming and other industries extremely lucrative and competing with the advancement of technology.

Trends of Augmented Reality App Development 2019

Augmented Reality Trends

1. Augmented Reality with Blockchain Technology: – Blockchain is a technology that uses a distributed database to record the transaction. It consists of several huge accounting ledger data all synced with identical transition information. It is considered as the backbone of the new innovations and internet technologies. It brings security and creates more trust in people. It is a secure way of sending data and doesn’t require any mediator. The main reason for blockchain popularity is, Its impossible to hack the global financial system as the complete database is secure by blockchain technology. It helps in creating permanent records of anything that needs security.

2. Augmented Reality Combined With Artificial Intelligence: – Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality are a new source of business. It will dominate the multiple industries, market and will empower the machine to work as a human. By 2020, 85% of customer interaction will be managed by without human. It will help the business to generate better leads and will enhance the overall customer experience. It empowers the business to work on a customer-centric approach. Augmented and mixed reality helps to achieve new milestones and bring unique solutions to market needs.

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: – Virtual reality and augmented reality, both are trending technologies and are loved by people from some time. Virtual reality is an artificial environment created using different technologies and present to the user in such a way that the users suspend belief and accepts as a real environment. It can be experienced, using different senses like sight and sound. Wherein, augmented reality helps you experience the digital object in a real-time environment.

It covers numerous industries and makes it more productive while helping the organizations to increase the customer base and produce higher revenue. Augmented Reality is hitting the technology world for a long time. It is empowering existing marketing, training and sales enablement, and troubleshooting app development.

By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach $215 billion.(Source)

Augmented Reality Game Development uses virtual reality to create a huge impact and develop outstanding games. There are many popular examples of these trending technologies like Snapchat, Instagram who make great use of both technologies.

4. Bringing Revolution In Marketing: – Advancement of technology has taken the AR to the next level by providing a more appealing and compelling experience. It will drastically improve the marketing industry by making the overall process more interactive. It helps in building a brand reputation by developing a closer relationship between brand and customer. It brings significant changes in the industry and helps in generating greater revenue. Not just that with augmented reality, virtual assistance also helps in providing with a more personalized experience.

5. Helps in Developing Progressive Web Apps: – From application features to functionalities all the major influencing factors that impact the overall development helps in developing progressive web apps using AR. Augmented Reality app is available in all sizes. It may vary depending on the business model. There are different types of business models available like:

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Consumer to Consumer
  • Consumer to Business
  • Business to Administrative
  • Consumer to Administrative

Progressive apps are the first choice of developers as well as business owners. It gives the user the quality they look for instead of the huge amount of data problems. Its a perfect blend of interactive digital elements like sensory projections, visual overlays into our real world environment. The future is all about using the rich functional app with less data.

Augment reality makes a huge impact on business and helps in advertising the business productivity in the global market. For more details you can read our blog:

How Augmented Reality For Brands is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Many developers are creating an augmented reality app and providing the user with the ultimate solutions to their problems. Some of the finest examples of AR apps are ArossAir, Google Sky Map and Pokemon Go.

Augmented reality trends help you bring digital creation to life and provides with a great experience and greater innovations.

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