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Develop Your Football Game More Thrilling With Augmented Reality

Oct 18, 2023
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Develop your football game with AR

The use of Augmented reality in football games is slowly becoming the new norm. The last FIFA World Cup provided spectators with innovative post-match analysis with the use of augmented reality. BBC offered its viewers interactive AR graphics in the post-match analysis coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Augmented reality makes the football game more thrilling and exciting. AR isn’t new in football games, it is already being used in various football stadiums to help spectators with navigation. 

FIFA has been using innovative technologies to broadcast their matches and in stadiums to alleviate the user experience and provide the best possible experience to their spectators. AR has enabled spectators to watch football matches from the comfort of their homes and get a stadium-like experience. 

Augmented reality changes the sports scenario in innovative ways. Augmented reality football games are more interactive and provide the viewers with an immersive and engaging experience. The FIFA Qatar Football World Cup 2022 is already a very sought-after event. 

According to FIFA, the 2018 World cup final registered an average live audience of 517 million viewers, with more than 1.1 billion people tuning in over its 90 minutes. (Source)

Benefits of AR In Sports

AR is widely used in sports events and the FIFA World Cup is no exception. The use of AR in football games will alleviate the experience for fans. The use of AR is highly beneficial for sporting events. Let us look at the various benefits of using AR in sports. 

Engagement & Entertainment

Augmented Reality is beneficial for the engagement and entertainment of the audience. Everybody loves to watch football matches from the stadium because of their popularity. Viewers can enjoy the benefits of the stadium at their home or surroundings with the help of Augmented Reality. There are more options available to get business opportunities from it like one of the fan engagement activities where you can take selfies with your favorite players.

Sports Training

With the help of Augmented Reality, sports training is done in an advanced manner. Augmented Reality can help you create a real environment or a simulation of a match. Players can observe previous matches and come up with new strategies according to their previous performance. Players can easily find the mistakes that they have made in previous games and they can work on new skills according to the simulation.

Sports Broadcasting 

Augmented reality has already reached the level where 3D Broadcasting of the games is already going on. Augmented reality is used in broadcasting to show players’ information and match highlights in 3D. The statistics and post-match analysis are also shown to the spectators using augmented reality. 

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Augmented Reality Soccer 

Soccer is a very popular fantasy sport game with a huge user base. Augmented reality has enabled soccer fans to experience the game in a whole other dimension. Augmented reality soccer games have the potential to deliver a more immersive and engaging experience to football fans worldwide.

Already, there are a few techniques implemented in  AR soccer games like 3D virtual modelling, game app development, and realistic experience for the users. 

3D Sports Marketing

Real-Life Examples of AR in Sports 

Many companies are using this innovative technology for marketing and advertising purposes. Augmented reality football advertising is a whole new concept and top broadcasting companies are using this technology to stay ahead in the game. These are some real-life examples of AR in sports. 

AR in English Soccer Team Jersey

AR-based experiments are common in this industry, and soccer games and Augmented Reality have a good relationship with each other. To continue this relationship the English Premier team Southampton F.C.  uses AR technology on their jersey. 

This team wants to provide more to their fans with the help of augmented reality. Spectators can scan the jersey to get full information about the players with their statistics. Many teams are planning to implement this AR-based technology for branding and marketing purposes. 

FOX/ ESPN Sports 

Companies like ESPN/FOX are well aware of the needs of the industry. As a result, these companies are using AR technology in their broadcasting. Augmented football matches are broadcasted widely over these platforms. Mainly in broadcasting, they explain players’ profiles and match highlights and explain them in 3D modules.  

Photograph Mirrors 

At various football stadiums, smart camera mirrors are installed. These mirrors are AR based. Spectators can take a selfie or a group photo with their favourite players or teams. You can choose players and the screen will give you visuals of the players with your photo.

This is the ultimate use of Augmented Reality for customer experience. With the help of these mirrors, spectators can get a real-life celebrity experience and have a fan moment with their favourite players. 

Future of Augmented Reality in Football Games

Augmented Reality is an innovative new technology that allows players to interact with game objects in a real environment. The future of augmented reality is very promising as many football sports app developers are experimenting with this technology to create interactive games. 

The football sector is especially focused on developing a football game with integrated AR technology. Many games have already implemented AR in their games. The most popular AR game was Pokemon GO which was launched in 2016. Since then, no AR games have come into the limelight in the gaming industry. Game developers are working on creating an AR Football game. 

AR Games are the Future

It is no doubt that AR provides a more interactive and engaging experience to gamers. If we compare AR to previous options like 2D games, it is evident that AR games are more indulging and provide an escape from reality to gamers. With the introduction of advanced technologies like 5G, the gaming experience will be enhanced as games will be able to run at their full potential. AR game development is all set to dominate the market in the future. 

AR Gaming with AI

AR games are already very lucrative. However, if we combine them with artificial intelligence, the gaming experience is taken to the next level. Integration of artificial intelligence in gaming enhances the user experience and also makes the game development process easier for the developer. AI improves the overall gaming experience and if we combine that with AR games, the results will definitely revolutionalise the industry. Artificial intelligence is the key to making AI  game development mainstream as the combination of both technologies can be groundbreaking. 

Features of the Augmented Reality Football Game

Stadium-like experience at home

Augmented reality will provide a stadium-like experience of live football matches from the comfort of their homes. The innovative technology can help broadcasting companies provide a more immersive experience to viewers overseas. Many football clubs are already implementing AR technology in their jerseys. The viewers can scan the jerseys and get all the info about a specific player. The use of AR provides a more interactive and never seen TV experience. 

Real Experience of Football Matches

Augmented reality provides a real experience of live matches. Viewers can experience lifelike models of professional players with the help of augmented reality. The AR technology enables us to view the details of the players during pre-match and post-match coverage. The feel of the match in AR is much different from traditional TV. It is the next step in technological advancements. Very soon we will be able to watch an entire live match in augmented reality. 

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Ultimate User-Experience

Augmented Reality is the next step in enhancing the user experience. Spectators in the stadiums are treated to giant holographic banners of key players with their information and statistics. It is a boon for football fanatics around the world and is only possible because of augmented reality football.  Augmented reality provides the ultimate user experience where users can interact with virtual objects in a real-world setting.

AR in Training

Augmented reality is being used to conduct sports training activities. With the help of AR technology, a simulation of a playing field is created. Players can observe their positioning, formations, and even previous matches in a holographic interface. This proves beneficial in figuring out the errors made by players on the playing field. The players can also observe their mistakes on work on skills by using the AR holograms as a reference. 

Top-notch Entertainment

AR is the next step in providing entertainment to stadium spectators and TV viewers, watching a live football match in an augmented reality football stadium seems like a thing of the future and almost surreal. AR broadcasting will prove to be the ultimate form of entertainment for football fans all around the world. Not everyone can visit a stadium to watch a live match but with AR technology the thrill and excitement of a stadium can come to you.

Advantages of Augmented Reality for Football Business Owners

Minimal Competition

There are not a lot of AR football games in the market as of now. The gaming industry hasn’t yet provided gamers with a top-notch AR football game. There are not a lot of options when it comes to this segment. The user base of football games is very high and launching an AR football game in the present market can be very profitable for business owners. 

Innovative Technology

Not many people are aware of AR games. There has been a scarcity of AR games in the market. AR is a unique technology that is sure to fascinate gamers. You can capitalise on the uniqueness of AR technology and enjoy huge profits.

High ROI

Football Augmented reality games will fetch you a huge return on investment. The market is booming right now, coupled with almost no competition and the cost to develop an augmented reality football game. The result is a high-profit margin. AR games are still new to the gaming world. Not many people have implemented this technology with modern games. A football AR game can revolutionalise the market when it comes and may even rival EA Sports FIFA. 

Scarcity of Options

There has been a scarcity of options in the AR games segment. The segment is wildly unexplored and has great revenue potential. Just look at Pokemon GO. If implemented correctly, the new and innovative technology can skyrocket your game to the top. It works in your favor that there are not a lot of AR game options available in the market.

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How BR Softech Helps to Develop Football Game Apps in AR Technology?

BR Softech is a top-notch AR game development company that can help you create your own AR football game. The developers at BR Softech are well-versed in the latest technologies and can implement them in your game. Our game development solutions will enhance your user base while also maximizing your profits. AR helps businesses meet their targets by implementing a new way of sharing information and interacting with others. We provide-

  • Best App Development in Gaming Industry 
  • Seamless Communication
  • Experienced Game Developers
  • Smart Solutions
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Summing Up

There are various technologies available in the market, but right now Augmented Reality-based sports games are very popular. This technology is the future of the gaming industry. It has already started replacing normal games which we have been playing in the past. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What Games Use Augmented Reality?

There are not a lot of games in the market that use AR technology Some other notable AR games include:
Zombies, Run!
Pokemon GO
Ingress Prime
Egg, Inc
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
Knightfall AR
The Walking Dead: Our World

Q. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Football Application?

The cost to create a basic fantasy football application with basic functionalities can range from $30,000 to $35,000. If you want to develop an app with advanced functionalities, the price can shoot up to $100,000. Read more.

Q. Can I Customize Football Game Software?

Yes, the football game software can be customized according to your needs. BR Softech provides customized software solutions that are tailored according to your requirements.

Q. Can you provide an API for Real-Time Football Games?

Yes, we provide API for real-time football games. We provide various APIs according to the client’s requirements. Read more

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