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Build On Demand service marketplace for Mobile App

written by Admin | Dec 02, 2016

Service industry is highly broken worldwide. It is getting quite difficult for searching professionals from the list of on demand services, like housecleaning or like the photography, or on-demand TV services. On-demand service marketplace is the apt solution for making the tasks as simple as possible. On-demand service marketplace which you have must be astonishing blend of manual and technological process which is going to make it easy for people to hire the right candidate for a particular job. Search portal works wonders for best on-demand service apps from various kinds of industries.

As the mobile-based app, it must provide various kinds of services for the customers and also for the service providers. Perceiving the current technological trends of its mobile platform is quite critical for beginning a promising service-provider app that runs smoothly on the leading platforms, ios and Android.

Business structure and the competitors:

Providing the mobile based booking solution is the attractive feature which will join people with multifarious service providers like the carpenters, plumbers, yoga teachers, photographers, etc. With just few taps on your smartphones, various service providers can be booked and paid through the on-demand service providing script itself. For ensuring the safety, every professional must go through the stringent third-party and also police verification for ensuring whole safety.

How you can earn good money?

As per the Google research, much of the reports are not being generated by local service rendering platforms related to the profit generation as such.

Well, charging the professionals for business created from the search portal can be taken into the consideration. The amount charged can be just shared with service professional at the time of evaluation process as such. So, the major source of earning for on-demand service marketplace might come through the professionals.

This application must slowly add to more revenue streams. Here is the list of some of the best ones for urban lifestyle services providing clones:

#1 The funded profiles:

Various service professionals don’t think twice before spending extra to get more business mileage as such.

#2 Various kinds of ads:

Executing the ad based monetization might be an uphill battle in the mobile app but the business persons who are planning the web-based service providing clone will understand this point more easily.

Best Features for service-provider app:

The providers is meant for providing various details like starting profile creation to the lead management. Well, there are various web based business ideas for service providing.

#1 The screens must focus the USP:

The search platform of similar to urbanclap must include the screens that can launch service provider for the benefits of making use of the app. These screens must focus on the following factors:

  • Benefit
  • Control
  • Growth
  • Management

Apart from the listing advantages of using the mobile application, the screen must also involve the Sign Up and Login buttons for making the conversion as and when service provider is ready.

#2 The Process of SignUp:

The registration process starts with just a single tap on the Sign Up button. It can be breakup into different stages, in starting helping the service provider opt from various area of expertise as such. This sign up process must also ask for business critical information and leave other details.

It is quite essential to make the sign up process as easy as 1-2-3 because every provider desire the sail by long registration forums.

#3 The profile screen:

The Sign up process includes only important information as such. Other details must be added while editing the profile. You must opt for different tabs in case where the additions and alterations can be made for making the profile impressive for the future customers with different features like:

  • My services
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Photos

Apart from the above listed features, service provider must also have the option to update cover photo and the image. This will give it appealing look in fraction of seconds.

#4 The Menu button:

Professionals are required to manage much as compared to service searchers. So they get various features in menu button like leads dashboard, edit profile, how does it work, contact us,, account, get reviews.

#5 Leads Dashboard:

Leads dashboard is the main part of the provider’s app as such. By this feature itself, service provider can have a look at some basic features like new leads, ongoing projects, clients, etc.

Closing Thoughts:

So, it is quite easy to develop on-demand service apps which will help people in finding various services. Hire dedicated developer who have prowess in developing various industry-specific apps for native Android and ios and web platforms.
As the leading mobile app development company, we have a commendable team of developers who have prowess in providing various mobile apps which runs smoothly on leading platforms, android and ios.

Our developers keeps themselves updated with recent technological trends for developing various apps which have good working like best UX/UI designing, very less loading and response time and various other incredible features.


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