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5 Free Android Games to Play this Weekend: PUBG, Legends, Hopeless Land, and more

written by BR Softech | Oct 08, 2018

Are you looking for the peaceful weekend? As weekends are to refresh the minds from the hustle bustle lives. On every weekend, it is not possible that you can visit to hotels and cafes to refresh your minds from the hectic schedule. It has been noticed that now people use to prefer to spend time at their homes only, with their families.

Those days are gone when you use to visit to the casino or game zone to play games. In this modern era, technologies have brought everything in your mobile phones and with a few clicks, you can enjoy the service without hanging out and among those services, there are various android games to play with amazing features and appealing designs, which will make you feel like you are playing in the game zone.

Hence, according to the NPD Group’s Online gaming report 2013, 72% of US players among world, play primarily online game. This graph has increased 5% from the previous year and it is expected that in the future this graph is going to increase continuously. The online game has an impact on the overall growth of the game. These changes have been increased by around 50 percent in the past 12 – 18 months.

Android is a popular and most preferable platform along with this, it is considered as a most flexible Android Game Development for the developers. With demand, there are many Game Development Companies, which has marked their presence to serve their services to all over the world. Developers have developed the best games for android as well as the android users can easily play and enjoy the android games.

In this blog, we have shortlisted the best android games, which you can play on this weekend and make your weekend stress free.

Best Android Games to Play for this Weekend


Hopeless Land

It is the most trending game, nowadays youth spend their most of the time, while playing the PUBG game. The term PUBG is known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a Multi player game that works on the Internet connection.

The individual server can include 99 players, not more then it. This game has been published by Tencent Games and enable for the Android users in the UK and other territories.

In a very short period of time, this game has started ruling the hearts of the youth. The user only requires the Internet connection for playing this game.

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The game has three modes – Solo, Duo and Squad, it is free to download and free to play and there is a reward system in the game which will give you the coins for participating and for completing the several challenges. These coins will result as a beneficiary in winning the game. This game is also known as a  Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival.

Stickman game

Stickman Legends

The characters in the game are similar to the Stickman, it is counted among one of the most fun games for the Android users. In this game, Stickman plays the important role and they have special powers to kill hordes of Stickman enemies. The Stickman legends were released on May 2017 and recently it has updated. The size of this game is 94 MB, and published by from ZITGA PTE. LTD.

Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon

This game is a  survival based high-score chaser, which aim to eat as much as possible. Live the life of the dragon, in this game the user has all the powers of the dragon and is able to do whatever the dragon  can do. In this game, the dragon has to get safe from the witches, goblins, local villages etc.

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The user has all the powers to control the dragon. In the beginning the size of the dragon is considered as XS, which symbolize as extra small. The extra small size means that the user is going to face many problems. The foremost thing is to learn the map of the game.

From the beginning of the game focus to collect the points. In future also, don’t waste your points on the costume. The main aim of the game is to have progressed from XS to small and to cross the various stages of the game. Don’t scare from taking part of the tournament.

With the stages, the power of the Dragon will added on and the dragon will become powerful and will able to do more as it use to do earlier. It is not essential that you have to buy the skin of every dragon. The eight stages of the game are very easy as your dragon will get all the powers and will able to leash the inner dragon by burning anything and everything on screen.

Dragon Ball Legends


This game was released in May 2018 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment In. This game has been played for a long time as well as it is best android game to play. Users can download it free from the google play and it is 49 MB in size. This game is not at all the fighting game, The main motive of this game is that the players can play this game smoothly. It is more of as more of a strategic card battling video game.

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This game offers the most impressive online PVP experiences, which has still not shown in the games which has launched till now. The look is really appealing about this game and the main idea is to play the game smoothly and with one finger only.

The visuals are really impressive of this game. It is the fast and the furious mobile fighter. The best 3D environment can be experienced by the swiping the screen. To achieve the maximum rewards you have to cross the seven challenges.This game is all around the speeding process.

Legends feel it significant. Bandai Namco has put all their efforts to bring the best look and attractive design of the platform.

Shadow Gun Legends:


This game is a multi player shooting game, it was released in March 2018. The game has attractive visuals, and played with various guns. This game is developed by the MAD-FINGER Games and its size is 53 MB.

It is a free mobile first-person shooter video game. It is a sequel of shadow gun game and first free  oldest shooter video game.

call to action for pubg

The game includes 200 single players. THis game has marked its presence on Google play on March 21, 2018 and it is the third primary installment of the shadow gun series and users has considered the best game for the Android users.

With demand, game development company have also increased to all over the world, there are top most android game development companies, which are serving to all over the world with their services.

Now companies are developing the games with the most amazing features and functionality. Among them BR Softech is also in the list and develop the unique games for their client’s according to their requirements, if you are looking to Hire Game Development Company so contact us.

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