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Top 10 Apps like Uber Freight for Logistics in 2024

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Jun 21, 2024
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Top 10 shipping apps like uber Freight for transporting goods

Uber Freight is a popular choice among freight apps that allows truck drivers to transporters or carriers for logistical purposes. The app allows them to communicate with each other and lets the shippers track their shipments in real time. One of the best features of this app is that it provides great goods carrying capacity and charges lower rates than the local competitors. Every data is shown on the app which eliminates mediators and shippers are assured their goods are in safe hands.

However, Uber Freight is one of many options in the transportation industry. When you hunt the internet, you will find many apps that have their unique advantages and are distinctive from each other. Choosing the best one can be quite a difficult task. So this blog will help you in deciding the best app for your needs. Let’s dive into the core of this blog and know the best alternatives to this app.

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What is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight, a shipping app launched in 2016, provides a dedicated platform connecting shippers with logistics carriers and transporters to move around. This app has revolutionized the transportation sector by enabling effortless transportation of goods from one place to another. To build a similar application, you need to hire skilled developers.

List of Top 10 Apps Like Uber Freight to Consider in 2024

Launched in 2016, the Uber Freight app gained widespread attention in the transportation industry. With time, several freight apps came to the market with unique features that let connect truck drivers with forwarders and carriers by giving them the freedom to communicate in real time. Here are the best Uber Freight alternatives that you must consider for transporting goods.



It is a transportation app that works with top-rated shopping partners including Bluedart, FedEx, Aramex, Ecom, and FirstFlight Express to deliver reduced freight prices. Additionally, it works with large eCommerce platforms like eBay, Opencart, Magento, Amazon, and Kartrocket. Shiprocket allows you to process orders irrespective of your location and time with a few taps on your phone. Shipping a high number of orders can be a headache, but with Shiprocket, it’s easier.

Motive Driver

Previously known as KeepTruckin, Motive Driver is a top alternative to Uber Freight with features like GPS tracking, which helps the users track their goods in real-time and also helps in making necessary arrangements accordingly. The truck consists of intelligent sensors, dashboard cameras, SCM software, etc. When goods are dispatched, the live GPS location data is shared with the Motive Fleet Dashboard to provide real-time updates to the dispatchers and controllers on arrivals and stops.


This company is highly specialized in supply chain and logistic automation. Magaya aims to help people by supplying their goods and services from one place to another. It is an app like Uber Freight that uses intelligent features that help with time-consuming, repetitive manual supply chain operations, leading to delayed deliveries. The Magaya Ecosystem integrates the complexity of warehousing, transportation, monitoring, and transparency.


Rivigo by Mahindra Logistics provides the safest, fastest, and most reliable goods deliveries to more than 19,000 pin codes. This trucking app like Uber Freight has collaborated with more than 350 business partners across the region. It provides technology with the power to develop an area where shippers and truckers can collaborate flawlessly in the transportation process. Shippers can take help from different solutions given by Rivigo to deliver their cargo within the first three days anywhere in India. 


GoShare is an on-demand trucking app that connects directly with truck and logistic truckers. The app with simple booking processes and deliveries that are made up within a few hours. Customers can communicate with the truckers in real-time with the driver and truck operators.  One of the best features of this alternative app is that you can get a free estimate of cost before opting for a service.


Convoy is a chain of technology that focuses on identifying better methods to join forwarders and carriers while addressing some of the industry’s most complex issues that result in the wastage of time. It enables the transport of a linked network of carriers’ truckloads via efficient technology, saving forwarders money, lowering carbon waste for the environment, and decreasing the driver’s frustration. The Convoy app is much like Uber Freight making it easier for truckers to find, make bids, and haul loads from trusted brokers while keeping the truck fully loaded.


    As a logistics startup in India, BlackBuck is a known name among startup enthusiasts. Now they are one of the largest trucking platforms in India, with over 2,00,000 trucks (in-partner) serving across over 1,000 cities in India. Blackbuck provides transport services to various organisations at the best price possible in the competitive market. If you are searching for an Uber Freight-like similar application then Blackbuck is one of the best choices.


    Shipwell is a trucking and goods transporting startup that provides businesses with automated ways of transporting services and goods. It is the most advanced alternative to Uber Freight having the most advanced features. The company has a motto and believes in providing the best shipping services to all the companies.

    Shipwell builds intelligent and connected tools and software that allow shippers, carriers, and brokers to communicate in real time with truck operators and shipment companies. It also integrates a marketplace for shippers to join with freight companies and online tools to manage those shipments. 


    It is much more than just being an assistant for the trucks app. It enables Freight transferring companies to gain visibility in the logistics processes and generate instant and professional service in a few clicks. It is an excellent app like Uber Freight which helps you easily transport your goods from one surface to another. It is much more than just being an Uber for trucks apps and provides excellent services to people and businesses around the country.

    One of the best points is that it uses proprietary algorithms to suggest multiple quotes in seconds accurately. 


    TransFix is a tremendously funded trucking startup with a good connection between shippers and carriers. This company has a network of 80,000 active drivers providing their services across the United States.

    It is the most innovative app among the top 10 shipping apps for transporting goods. This Uber Freight-like app is making its way to the Forbes list; venture capitalists have nominated the company based on certain factors like funding, current valuation, revenue, etc. 

    Final Words

    The logistics industry is being shaped into a more reliable industry by the revolutionary idea of renting trucks and drivers to transport goods. It has never been easy to connect trucks, trailers, and drivers before. To develop a shipping app like Uber Freight, you need to have a unique idea. 

    More shippers and businesses are using applications & software to fulfil their transportation needs, and the trend is here for the next few decades. Moving stuff has always been a complex and intricate process but not with the introduction of Uber services in transportation is making this process easy.

    Why Choose BR Softech to Develop an App like Uber Freight?

    As a leading taxi app developer, BR Softech excels in developing top-notch transporting apps for global clients. Our team of app developers and designers is highly skilled in the latest tools and technologies to create the best-in-class logistics solutions similar to Uber Freight. If you are fascinated by the concept of Uber Freight transportation app then look no further than BR Softech. Share your idea with us and develop a similar app that is enriched with trending features. Choose us to get:

    • 24-Hr client support
    • Advanced feature integration
    • Cost-effective app development solutions
    • Logistic app for Android, iOS, and Windows
    • On-time project delivery

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1 What is Uber Freight?

    Ans. Uber Freight, a division of the taxi giant, Uber, is a transportation app that connects truckers and shippers. It enables easy movement of logistics by allowing the shippers to choose the best carrier. Based on user inputs, the application provides them with several quotations from different trucking companies. The quotations are based on several factors like cargo size, driver’s availability, demands, and other various factors.

    Q.2 How much does it cost to create an Uber Freight?

    Ans. The cost of building an Uber Freight app ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 with essential functionalities and features. Contact BR Softech to know the exact cost of your project.

    Q.3 Which is similar to Uber Freight?

    Ans. Here are the top alternatives which you can consider for Uber Freight:

    • Shiprocket
    • Motive Driver
    • Shipwell
    • Magaya
    • Rivigo
    • Goshare
    • Convoy

    Q.4 How to build a trucking app like Uber Freight?

    Ans. Here are the steps to create a logistic app like Uber Freight:

    • Market Analysis & Documentation
    • App Prototype
    • UI/UX Design & App Development
    • Testing and Quality Assurance
    • App Deployment and Marketing

    To make an Uber Freight-like app, the best way is to hire BR Softech and share your project idea with them.

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