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Celebrate the Festival of Vibrant Colors – Holi with BR Softech

written by Harshita Khangarot | Mar 26, 2021
Happy holi 2020

Holi 2021 Date and Time

Holi is around the corner as it is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun every year. It is a festival of colors and marks the arrival of spring. This year Holi will be celebrated on March 29, 2021( Monday), while Holika Dahan will be celebrated on March 28, 2021 (Sunday).

Holika Dahan Muhurat 

Holika Dahan Muhurat- 6.54 PM to 9.14 PM (02 Hours 20 Mins)

As per Hindu scriptures, Holika Dahan, also remembered as Holika Deepak or Chhoti Holi, should be performed while Pradosh Kaal (which starts after sunset).

The festival of colors indicates the victory of good over evil. It has a specific significance in some cities wherein, In other cities, it’s celebrated to give love and joy to each other.

This big Indian festival is celebrated in almost every part of India with the pure joy of welcoming the harvest season for farmers. These vibrant colors bring a lot of positivity and allow people to rejoice in the memory of this day for a long time.

The enthusiasm of people reaches its peak and matches with the festive spirit of Holi. Find your hidden crazy self, dance to the rhythm of music and make other lives colorful and your brightest.

Celebrate Holi Festival of Vibrant Colours

This fun-filled festival is being celebrated for two consecutive days. The zeal to celebrate this day is incredible. The first day is considered as the Holika Dahan and the second one is Dhulandi, Dhulivandan. This festival starts with the Holika Dahan and ends in the most dignified manner by visiting friends and family.

In spite of being such a colorful festival, people exchange sweets and convey warm wishes to each other by fulfilling various aspects of Holi. It not only brings Society together and also strengthens our core values.

Tradition of Holi

India is a country of diverse culture. Traditions and cultures define our cultural heritage. Holi is also one of the ancient religious festivals which is highly-favored among the people. Holi is being celebrated at the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date is perpetually decided as per the Hindu calendar.

It may differ from year to year as per the Gregorian calendar, mostly coming in the March month. In recent years this festival has also spread among the parts of Europe and also in North America as the spring celebration of love, colors, and frolic.

Festival of Colors holi 2016

The Holi festivities begin on the night before Holi through the Holika bonfire. It’s the moment when people perform some religious rituals and gather for the celebration.\

They pray that the evil which lies in them must get destroyed as the bonfire begins. The next day is being dedicated to rang wali Holi.

This is the most engaging, colorful festival where numerous people love to play, chase and then color friends and family using natural or other vibrant colors. This wondrous festival is being played in public places or parks by people and relish painting each other on this celebration day.

The different groups can be seen carrying drums with them and also the musical instruments too, and they opt for going places to places. People go to visit their family, friends, relatives. People enjoy the delicious delicacy of Holi by forgetting about their diet to a large extent. Even the customary drinks are being taken by people who like the bhang.

Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi

Celebrate the arrival of spring with natural colors. Harmful colors can make this joyful festival ruthless moreover, it can have various health effects. Wet colors are produced using gentian violet which can cause skin discoloration and dermatitis. Purchase natural colors this Holi and do not waste water as India is facing acute water scarcity.

Wasteful use of water may give you the joy of a few minutes but in urban areas, it can save the lives of many. Think about it, and motivate other people to play dry Holi and save water. Bring environment consciousness in people and choose to turn this joyful festival into a more natural and less wasteful way of playing Holi. Encourage people to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi and purchase natural Holi colors.

Holi Celebration Called Off In India

Another year has passed and we are on the same surface “corona is still there “and again it is rising at the same pace as last year. 

It seems the Holi celebration is called off for a second consecutive year in India. The excitement and hopes of the Holi celebration among youngsters have been dazed due to the surge of covid cases. But the celebration of Holi has never been more important than saving the lives of innocent people from the deadly virus.

We have to be more conscious and must follow all the rules by not forgetting to wear masks and carry sanitizers while stepping out or playing Holi in public places. This festive season, be more cautious and stay safe!! Celebrate Virtually.

Happy Colorful Holi

How to Celebrate Holi In India

  • Share sweets and chocolates with your loved ones and friends.
  • Go to local parks and residential neighbourhoods, or ask at your guest house.
  • Use old clothes as everything will be ruined with colors
  • Wear full-length clothes to reduce the minimal risk of skin reaction
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, but buy cheap ones that you don’t mind throwing away afterwards.
  • Take off all your valuable belongings before stepping out of the house
  • Use watermark camera gear
  • Avoid usage of chemical colors
  • Use natural and healthy colors while playing

BR Softech wishes you a very happy and wonderful Holi. May your life always be filled with the colors of joy and happiness. 

Harshita Khangarot

A skilled content writer and a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn more, I specialize in technical, banking, hospitality, and poetry content writing; while taking every opportunity as a responsibility and believe in creativity that is beneficial for society.

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