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How to Develop a VR Pool Game?

Game Development
Jan 09, 2024
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how to develop VR Pool Game

Are you looking to develop a VR pool game? Do you want to take your online pool game business to the next level? If yes, you’re at the right place! In this blog, you will get to know about every aspect of this pool game development along with benefits, features and the development cost.

Virtual Reality is doubtlessly a revolutionary technology that allows players to experience real-world gaming in a 3D environment without boundaries. In VR-based pool games, the capabilities of this technology have transformed the gameplay and interaction of players in the pool game. Apart from pool games, virtual reality is being implemented in various genre games where players participate in the game through VR headsets and other high-tech devices. 

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Before getting into the core of this blog, let’s start with knowing about this game, its benefits and features.

What is a VR Pool Game?

What is a VR Pool Game?

A VR pool game is played using a VR device that displays a pool table where players make the best use of pool balls and cues to aim and win. The main objective of the player is to sink the opponent’s pool balls in order only to have his/her pool balls on the table. The last player with a ball on the table wins the game.

Benefits of VR Pool Game 

Benefits of VR Pool Game

Virtual reality pool game is a 3D simulation where players interact with virtual pool game elements in real time. Here are the benefits of this game:

Ultra-real Physics in the Game

The online version already delivers the essence of the offline pool game. With virtual reality technology, the best VR pool game offers ultra-real physics and high-quality visuals, that make the pool game more immersive and engaging to the players. The ultra-realistic visuals make the game more authentic and the player feels as if they are playing the game in real life.

Butter Smooth Functioning

The fore VR pool functions very smoothly which enhances the gaming experience. Also, game controls are easy to use, for example: dragging the stick to hit the cue ball, using the strike option on the cue ball to spin the ball when required, and controlling the speed to release the stick and hit a shot. 

Simple Gameplay

The gameplay of the virtual reality pool game is quite simple and easy to understand which makes it a great choice for new players to grab the mechanics without much effort. In addition to this, the rules are straightforward and do not require a high level of skills to win the game. Just follow the basic rules and you can be the master of the pool!

One On One Battle

The VR pool provides one-to-one battles to deliver the players a real and fun experience to enjoy with friends and family or win against other worldwide opponents. This feature allows a player to match their skill level with the other players to level up their skills. 

Exciting Rewards and Prizes

Apart from this, the best VR pool game offers exciting rewards and prizes. This is required to keep the players engaged in the game. With virtual reality pool gaming and winning money rewards, you get the real-world experience of pool gaming, thus eliminating the need to go to offline pool tables.

High-Speed Game

As compared to other pool games online, the fore VR-driven pool game offers high-speed gaming without any kind of lag, to deliver an unmatched pool experience through virtual reality technology. This makes the game distinctive from others.

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Features of Virtual Reality Pool Game

Features of Virtual Reality Pool Game

There are several features that you should consider implementing in your virtual reality pool game. Here is the list of top features:

Personalized Profile

Your virtual reality pool game should have this feature so that players can customize their preferences. They can select avatars as per their choice. This will provide a personalized experience to the players.

Live Chat Option

A live chat option allows the players to interact with each other during the gameplay to discuss the game which is useful to enhance the gaming experience.

Guest Mode

This feature is useful for those players who don’t want to link or create an account in the game. With this option, they can play the game but with limited access to the features and functionality.

Social Media Integration

Players can link their social media accounts to the game application so that they can play the virtual reality pool game with their friends. Imagine a VR pool gaming experience with your friends who are far away from you.

Quick Withdrawal

Quick withdrawal helps a player to quickly credit their winning amount to their bank account which increases a player’s trust in the platform.

Game History

With game history, a player can view the number of rounds s/he has played, a detailed list of transactions done by the player, including other information in the best pool VR game.

Practice Mode

This feature is a boon for new players. The free practice session allows them to train themselves so that they can improve their enhance their skills and increase winning chances in the real game mode.


Allowing players in the live pool tournaments will enable them to play with multiple players from worldwide and compete with each other to win the best VR pool game.

Development Process of VR Pool Game

To make the best VR-based pool game, you must follow an advanced development approach and methodologies. Here are the three major steps that are involved in the development process:



The very first step in the development process of any game is to have a unique idea. To have a unique idea you have to think about what you want to develop and what features you want to deliver to the players. So, first have a unique idea on which the whole development process is dependent.

Target Audience:

The second step is to analyse your target audience which would help you find what is the preferences and likes of the audience. Apart from this, it is necessary to thoroughly research the market and identify the competitors and their offerings in the market.

Platform selection:

The third step is to define the platform that you want to have your app compatible with. Figure out which VR device is more suitable for your game so that you can increase the potential of your game well in advance. Careful analysis of platform selection will help in making wise decisions.


The final pre-development process requires the creation of a blueprint or whitepaper that consists of all necessary information regarding your project such as target audience, platform for which the game is to be developed, features to be offered, and many more.


Game Design:

Before developing the best pool VR game, it is necessary to develop the game design and choose the right video game art styles to make the game more interesting and visually appealing in order to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Game Development:

This is the major step in the development process of the virtual reality pool game. Here, the game is developed using multiple technologies and tools to create a striking game for your business. In addition to this, utmost care is taken so that the game application is developed as per the game documentation.

Testing and QA:

After your final game is developed, it should be tested using advanced testing tools and strategies like functional testing, load testing, regression testing, cleanroom testing, and multiplayer testing to determine the smallest bug and glitch and check the performance of the game rigorously. When the bugs are removed( if found) your final game is ready to go!

Post Production

Game Deployment & Promotion:

After your best pool VR game is ready, it is time to launch it in the marketplace. When the game is successfully launched, it is essential to boost its reach to the global audience using various marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and many more.

Maintenance & Updates:

Although it is not a part of the development process, some good game development companies offer 24/7 maintenance services even after game development and deployment. They also take care of the technical issues and are aware of the latest ongoings in the market and implement the same by delivering updates to the game.

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Cost To Develop A VR Pool Game

Cost To Develop A VR Pool Game

When you are looking to develop the best VR pool game application, you must have a rough idea of the development cost. If you don’t know the same, there is no need to worry about it. The average cost to develop a virtual reality pool game ranges between $30000 and $50000. However, it is important to note that the cost totally depends on your project requirements and can be lower or higher than the above range. To get an exact cost estimation you need to contact a leading developer.

Factors affecting the cost of development: 

  • Type and functionality of Game
  • Complexity level involved in the Project
  • Number of features to be integrated
  • Location of the developer team
  • Experience of developers

Develop a VR Pool Game At BR Softech

Develop a VR Pool Game At BR Softech

BR Softech is a leading Virtual Reality App Development Company having long-standing experience in developing class-leading pool VR games for the global clientele. We have over 250 VR game designers and developers who are well-versed in the latest technologies and aim for 100% client satisfaction and maximum client retention through VR pool game development solutions. 

If you are interested in developing the best pool VR game for your business, share your project details with us and we will guide you through the journey to create the pool game that has the potential to generate higher ROI. Choose us to get:

  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Support
  • Skilled VR Game Developers
  • Highly Customised VR Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Latest Technology Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is There A VR Pool Game?

Ans. Black Hole Pool is one of the most played games with the finest graphics and real-world physics delivering ultimate VR experience to the players.

Q 2. Are VR Games Free?

Ans. Yes, some of the VR games offer free gameplay to players, while others are based on a freemium model that charges a small amount for premium access to additional features.

Q 3. How Do Games Work for VR?

Ans. Games work on VR by leveraging multiple sensors, and a VR headset that tracks a player’s location and eye movements overall creating an effective three-dimensional virtual environment through a display.

Q 4. How Do you Develop VR Games?

Ans. Here are the steps we used to develop VR games for multiple businesses:

  • Discuss the project and its requirements with the client
  • Game design
  • Game development & testing
  • Game App deployment and marketing
  • Post-development maintenance and updates

Q 5. How long Does it Take to Develop a VR Pool Game?

Ans. It takes two to three months to develop a new virtual reality pool game from scratch. 


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