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The Impact of Web3 Gaming Industry: Future Trends & Aspects

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 09, 2023
web3 gaming industry

Web3 is revolutionizing and reshaping the current and future aspects of the gaming industry in a manner like none other. The major elements of web3 gaming Industry are blockchains, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. It democratizes gaming while making it much more streamlined, responsive, decentralized and transparent. Web3 gaming allows gamers to have more control over the features and functionalities of the game. 

Web3 game development excites and encourages a lot of investors today because of the rising popularity and smartphone penetration. As per the market stats, millions of gamers around the world are playing web3 games, which means the web3 gaming market size is thriving. In the first half of the year 2022, 8,00,000 people around the globe connected through web 3 games on a regular basis. Moreover, nearly 60% of on-chain activity came from web3 gaming apps. The concept of web3 gaming industry has increased the role of players within the platform by helping them access the virtual world, create their own 3D elements and own them. 

If you are fascinated by web3 game development, here is the guide for you! In this blog, we will talk about crucial aspects of web3 gaming, including features, benefits, cost and other aspects. 

What is Web3 Gaming? 

You must be familiar with the word web, which is also known as the infrastructure of the internet. It is a type of communication, interaction, and commerce platform that enables people to connect with each other. Web 3 on the other hand is the latest version of the web, which is powered by the latest technologies and trends like blockchain, metaverse and non-fungible tokens. 

It is a decentralized, open and transparent gaming platform which allows players to play without fear of any fraudulent activity. It is the safest platform as every piece of information and data stored in the ledger is securely encrypted or coded in the most confidential manner. 

Transparency is the main factor provided by web3 game development that makes it highly preferable among sports enterprises worldwide. 

What are Web3 Games? 

Web 3 games are digital games that are built on the concept of blockchain technology. These types of games allow players to create their own digital avatars, 3D components and elements that can freely interact with each other within the virtual world. These digital assets can be traded by the players across multiple chains and platforms as NFTs using digital currency

Types of World Wide Web 3 Games

Types of World Wide Web 3 Games

1. Decentralized Games 

The concept of decentralized games uses blockchain technology that allows developers and creators to have full ownership of digital gaming assets. When it comes to in-game purchases, digital trades and even tokenization of digital assets, decentralized games are on the top list of gamers. It bridges the gap between both developers and users by providing them with a single platform to interact and communicate. 

2. GameFI 

GameFI Stands for game finance, which is the most beneficial web3 gaming concept, allowing developers to create decentralized virtual spaces and marketplaces for virtual trading and exchanges. These types of games allow players to create their own digital assets and then sell, and trade them for virtual money within the virtual gaming ecosystem. These games are built on the concept of blockchain technology, making the platform open, decentralized, secure and scalable. 

3. Play-to-Earn Games 

Unlike conventional games, play-to-earn games are becoming quite famous among gamers worldwide, helping them make a fortune via their expertised gameplay skills and knowledge. Here, players don’t need to invest money in acquiring digital assets, rather they can create their own to win and earn money. Some of the most popular play-to-earn games are Alien Worlds, Silks, Splinterlands, and Axie Infinity. 

4. AR/VR Games 

With the advancement of technology and modern market trends, the concept of AR and VR became mainstream in the gaming industry. These types of games allow players to create their own virtual space and characters to interact with each other within the gaming ecosystem. In order to keep up with trends and ever-changing demands of the players, ensure to add advanced quality or AR and VR technology, helping you automate and transform your gaming business. 

5. Metaverse Games 

Metaverse games are the latest trend that came into being in the web3 gaming ecosystem. These types of games are built on blockchain technology and optimize NFTs and digital currencies as their main elements. Metaverse games are highly interactive and engaging for players worldwide allowing players to acquire digital assets and trade them within the ecosystem. 

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Features of Web3 Gaming Industry 

Features can make or break your entire gaming platform. One must always hire an experienced web3 gaming industry to get feature-packed and visually realistic game applications that offer seamless and interactive gameplay experiences. Here is the list of features that makes web3 game development extremely lucrative for global investors. 

Web3 Gaming Features Descriptions 
Transparency The concept of web3 gaming introduces a new layer of transparency to all users. The web 3 games are built on the concept of blockchain technology, allowing players to interact within open, transparent and secure gaming platforms. 
3D Graphics Web 3 game utilizes the most interactive and immersive three-dimension graphics that bridges the gap between both physical and virtual gaming worlds. This enhances and augments the gameplay experiences of the gamers. 
Permissionless Players don’t need to ask for any permission or follow any kind of terms and conditions to access the content of web 3 games. This means everyone on the internet has equal rights to access the gaming platform. 
Enhanced Connectivity Web3 gaming increases the scope of higher connectivity and interaction. It is generally based on IoT sensors that allow players to access the gaming platform anywhere and at any point in time, in short, at their convenience. 
Decentralization The concept of decentralization is famous among developers and gamers as it allows users to check and monitor data stored in the ledger. Despite the open and decentralized platform, the web 3 games are safe and secure to use. 
Native Payments Web3 frameworks don’t rely on financial institutions, banks or payment processors. With the use of blockchain technology, users can directly process safe and secure transactions without involving the role of a third party. 
Interoperable Web 3 games allow users to access the game content on different platforms. It allows users to open a game platform on the web or mobile regardless of browser. 

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Important Components of Web3 Gaming Industry   

Before you head out to hire a web3 development company, make sure you understand the unmissable and crucial components of web3 game development. To make things easier for you, here we have created a list of web3 game development elements that you must be aware of! 

Components of  Web3 Gaming Industry

1. Digital Wallets 

Digital wallets are the key to unlocking the most out of web 3 game development. It is a type of software that allows you to send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies. It can come in multiple forms to support your users to do transactions using mobile apps, desktop apps and hardware devices. They are made with strong safety protocols and standards, making the entire web3 gaming platform credible and reliable. 

2. Smart Contracts 

By creating immutable, safe and transparent code on blockchain technology, web 3 games allow users with a higher level of data safety and authenticity. This helps avoid phishing and fraudulent activities within the gaming ecosystem, allowing players to stay away from any cheating and fraud. 

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3. Blockchain Technology 

Before you hire any agency for web3 game development services, make sure to check whether or not they offer blockchain-based games. Web 3 games highly support and use blockchain technology to provide gamers with a safe, secure and enhanced gameplay experience. 

4. NFTs 

With NFTs, users can convert digital assets into non-fungible tokens that can be traded across multiple platforms and marketplaces. NFTs are basically digital assets stored in blockchains that can be owned, sold, and bought within the gaming ecosystem. NFTs are unique and distinguished from one another, and this is the reason why they tend to have more value. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence enables and automates the entire gaming ecosystem by providing faster and more valuable results. AI avoids the room for corruption and fraudulent activities and promotes interactive and seamless gameplay experiences. 

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What Is The Impact of Web3 Gaming On the Gaming Industry? 

The optimization of web 3 not only benefits the gaming industry, as there are different aspects to it. With web3 game development, users can generate in-game revenue, hold ownership of digital assets and trade NFT within the ecosystem. Here is the list of multiple benefits that you can get from web 3 game development. 

1. Full Ownership 

Web 3 is centred around 100% ownership, meaning users can control the information available online. These games allow gamers to have full control of their digital assets. Web 3 games are highly secure and encrypted, offering players a secure gaming experience to avoid hacks and fraud. 

2. Opportunity to Influence 

Hire a web3 development company that can help you offer feature-packed and realistic gaming applications. With web 3 games, users can create their own digital assets and 3D characters that can be further traded or exchanged via NFTs. Using web 3 Games, gamers can flaunt their gameplay skills and knowledge which certainly helps them become an influencer. 

3. Source to Make A Fortune 

The rising popularity of blockchain and web3 games among gamers across the globe has attracted a lot of investors and sports entrepreneurs towards web 3 game development. Web3 games are a great source to make a fortune for both investors and gamers. Using play to earn games, players can earn a huge amount of money by showcasing their unique and competitive gameplay skills and knowledge. 

4. Diversity in Games 

The gaming industry is becoming highly lucrative and beneficial. The platform offers a wide range of games that are preferable and accessible by gamers worldwide. The different types of games offered by web3 games are metaverse games, AR/VR Games, blockchain games, NFT-based games, and GameFI games. 

5. Allows Modification 

One of the best things offered by web3 games is that they offer an open-source ecosystem that can be modified and altered by anyone who knows the code. Web 3 games allow users to amend and modify their own gaming experience according to their needs and will. 

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Web3 Game Development Cost 

People often ask the same question- how much does it cost to develop web3 game applications? However, it is nearly impossible to define the exact cost of web 3 game development until and unless we don’t know about your project features and specifications. 

There are different factors affecting the overall cost of development. However, on average, the cost to develop a web 3 game ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. The cost we have mentioned is not definite, and thus it may shoot up to $50,000 depending on the type and the complexity of the game. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Web3 Game Development 

Web3 game development is not an overnight task and hence requires a collaborative effort of professional experts like designers, developers, testing and QA engineers, and marketing professionals. When it comes to the cost of web 3 game development, there are different factors affecting it: 

  • The complexity of the features 
  • Advanced tech stack 
  • The experience of web 3 gaming company 
  • App size and type 
  • The level of graphics 
  • The location of game developers 

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Final Words 

The rise of web3 is impacting the gaming industry as a whole. The major games in the web3 space include metaverse games, GameFI games, blockchain games, NFT games, etc. Hire blockchain game developers who can help you analyze the exact game specification and type you want to develop for your business. 

Web 3 space is a new era which is reshaping the future of the gaming industry by making it automated, transparent and lucrative. This means it will be highly lucrative to spend on web3 game development services to take your business to the next level. Choose BR Softech for the same to get the most promising, high-performance and reliable services at the most affordable prices. 

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Q.1 How Long Does It Take To Develop A Web3 Game? 

Though the duration of web3 game development depends on the type and complexity of the game you want to develop. However, on average, it takes around 2 to 3 months to develop a web 3 game from scratch.

Q.2 Do You Provide Customized Web3 Game Development Services? 

Yes, we develop customized web3 games using top-quality features, visually appealing graphics and the latest tech stack. Read More

Q.3 What Are the Benefits of Web3 Game Development? 

The future of web3 games is very bright as they are highly popular among the community of gamers worldwide. The introduction of web 3 games like metaverse games, NFT games and blockchain games has made the gaming industry more advanced, secure, transparent and automated. Read More

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