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Real Money Casino Online VS Social Casinos: Know How Crosslinking Can Be Beneficial

Game Development
Apr 17, 2023
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Gone are the days when people had to visit traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to try their luck and place bets. With the advent of technology, rising online casino platforms and changing behaviours of the users as well as market trends, new casino concepts emerged and revamped the entire gambling industry as a whole. Today, concepts like real money casino online VS social casinos are reimagining the operational as well as functional features of the casino industry in a manner like none other. 

There are different types of games found in both real money online casinos and social casinos such as slots, roulette, rummy, blackjack, poker casino, etc. With social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, social games have become popular in the current era of gaming. Just like social games, the social casino market is reimagining the entire gambling industry. 

Wondering about the difference between real money casino online VS social casinos, don’t fret here is the guide for you! 

Online Gambling: Market Stats 

  • The Casino Games segment was valued at US$32.31m in 2022.
  • The total revenue generation in the online casino industry is expected to show an annual CAGR of 7.57% from 2022 to 2027. 
  • The casino market volume is expected to reach US$49.01m by 2027.
  • The average revenue per download is valued at US$0.48.
  • According to the market stats, the total revenue generated in the United States is US$5,712.00m in 2022. 
  • The concept of the Real Money online casino app in the USA is famous in its different cities, including California, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Virginia, las vegas, Indiana, and West Virginia. 

What Are Real Money Casino Games? 

real money online casino

Real money casino games are the most immersive, interactive and engaging online casino real money games which involve money. This means you place bets using your money on the casino games from live dealer casinos, slots, blackjack, and poker to rummy, roulette and 888 casino real money.  They are quite famous among the global community of gamblers and punters as the platform offers a wide range of casino games for real money online, which are available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. 

Here you need to consider the risk factors also as you will be wagering on your own and that too with real money. There are two potential outcomes of it, either you can win the amount you bet or you lose everything, even your bet money. Real money casino slots online don’t allow users to interact with each other, and thus they need to put their focus entirely on their gameplay.

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What Are The Social Casino Games? 

Online social casino game real money apps offer a wide range of games from slots, poker, and roulette to blackjack, rummy, and baccarat. The main objective of social gambling and gaming apps is to enhance the interaction, connection, and engagement between users.

As the social casino industry doesn’t involve real money, it involves virtual currencies or coins, which can’t be redeemed for real money. Therefore, you can use those coins to enhance your gameplay. You can play social casino table games on any screen like a mobile phone, computer, or iPad. Social casinos include games that are most interactive, engaging and fun, allowing users to boost their connections in a manner like none other. 

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Difference Between Real Money Casino Online and Social Casinos

There are plentiful differences between both real money casino online VS social casinos, and it is very important to know the characteristics of both types of casino platforms before you begin playing. Here is the list of differences between real money casino and social gambling apps:

Real Money Casinos Social Casinos 
Best Real money online casino games involve the role of real money which users bet and win. Social casinos don’t involve real money, instead, they involve virtual coins that can be exchanged within the game and has no real value. 
Here, users don’t interact with each other or create social connections. The main objective of social media casino games is to allow users to create connections with each other. 
The main goal of the bettors here is to win real rewards and gain monetary benefits. Social gaming apps offer users to enhance their gameplay while improving their social interactions and connections. 
Real money casino apps are available on different screens and platforms such as mobile phones, computers and iPads. The best social casino real money website is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
Players are required to deposit money in their real money casino app to proceed further with the game. Here players don’t need to put money to enjoy the gameplay and immersive features of social media casino platforms. 
Real money casino online games are strictly regulated by government rules and regulations to safeguard the data of users and provide them with an anti-fraud betting ecosystem. Live social casino online platforms are a little flexible when it comes to rigid gambling policies. They offer a fun, competitive and interactive gaming ecosystem to users. 

Pros & Cons of Social Casino Games 

Now you must be wondering about the pros and cons of social casino real money games that are emerging in the casino industry at a rapid rate. Fret not, here are the exclusive advantages and disadvantages of playing social casinos. 

Pros & Cons of Social Casino Games

Pros of Social Casino Apps 

  • They are free to play. 
  • You don’t have to spend a single penny to enjoy such games 
  • You get to enjoy video slots and casino table games for free of cost 
  • They are the most fun, competitive and engaging gaming platforms
  • It allows you to make new friends and social connections 
  • It allows you to enhance your betting skills without losing any money 
  • You can access online social casino apps with slow internet connectivity

Cons of Social Games 

  • Players can’t win real money 
  • Unlike real money casino slots online, they don’t give the same level of excitement or adrenaline rush
  • Players may need to give up their virtual coins to access some advanced features 

Pros & Cons of Real Money Casino Online 

Here is the list of pros and cons of real money online casino games app that you must check out before you begin playing 

Pros & Cons of Real Money Casino Online

Pros of Real Money Casinos 

  • Here players get a chance to win exciting real rewards in the end
  • They offer different complexities and in-game levels to provide next-level excitement to all the users 
  • You can use the winning amount outside the app or website as it has the real value 
  • Real money casino apps offer a wide range of games from slots and table games to lotteries and casino card games. 
  • No distractions as you get to focus on your gameplay without considering others’ gameplay skills.

Cons of Real Money Casino Games 

  • Users are not allowed to make social connections or interactions
  • Real money casino online games offer users fear of losing their betting money 

Crosslinking Of Real Money Casino Games And Social Casino Games 

Crosslinking is one of the recent trends in the gaming industry which has the potential to blend different elements together. With the introduction of cross-linking, the features of real money casino games can be mixed well with the sphere of social media gaming. In simple words, players can play online casino games for fun and real money. There are different real money and social casino games which you can play via crosslinking, including video slots, poker, casino table games, lottery games, live dealer casino games, etc. 

Crosslinking Of Real Money Casino Games And Social Casino Games

Exclusive Benefits of Crosslinking 

  • Crosslinking allows users to enjoy the potential benefits of real money and social casinos via the same platform. 
  • Besides creating social connections, users get a chance to win existing real rewards at the end. 
  • With the best social casino real money app or interconnection of the features of real money casinos and social casinos, people get a chance to enhance their betting skills and knowledge while earning money. 
  • If you are an entrepreneur, this will help you tap the target audience of both casinos and hence generate a high level of conversions and revenues. 
  • This creates a scope for cost-effective promotion and advertisements on social media platforms. 
  • With live chat features and real rewards, users feel motivated towards playing casino games and hence attract new users while retaining the existing community of gamblers. 
  • No strict legal rules for social gamblers, which makes this option highly lucrative for both entrepreneurs and bettors to engage in social casino real money platforms. 

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Real Money Casino Game & Social Casino Platform Development 

As we have mentioned everything about both types of casinos separately, it is time to decide on what to select for your business. If you want to target social gamblers, social casino app development would be highly promising for you. However, if you want to target the gamblers’ community in general who deal with real money, real money casino online app development is your option! If you want separate platforms or crosslinking of both, contact BR Softech, a renowned casino game development company in the world that offers top-notch casino solutions for all.

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Final Words 

By now you might have understood the concept of real money casino online VS social casinos Facebook, and crosslinking in detail. Real money casino USA allows people to bet with real money and earn exciting rewards on the basis of their accurate bets placed. While social casinos are the best place to interact and engage with each other as you place bets for fun and interactive betting experiences. If you want to launch your own platform hire BR Softech to get feature-rich and advanced real money casino online apps for Android, iPhone and web platforms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What Are The Social Benefits Of Casino Games?

One of the major trends that are emerging in the current gaming industry is; Social gaming trend. The social benefits of casino games are increased engagement, retention, the scope for increased connections and competition.

Q. 2 Do You Develop Real Money Casino Apps For Android And Ios Platforms?

Yes, we develop cross-platform real money casino online apps for different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Q. 3 How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Casino Game App?

There are plentiful factors affecting the cost of online casino game apps, ranging from the complexity of the features, graphics, and type of casino games and tech stack used. On average, the cost of an online casino game app ranges from $20k to $30k.

Q. 4 Do You Provide Customized Solutions for Social Casino Games for Real Money?

Yes, we offer you tailor-made solutions for your social gambling platforms and you can also opt for our white-label solutions for quick market entry.

Q. 5 Can You Help Me To Transform My Social Gambling Game Ideas Into Reality?

Yes, With our custom social casino real money game development services, you can bring your casino game into the real world.

Q. 6 What Types of Social Casino Real Money Game Do You Provide?

We have rich experience in delivering various kinds of social casino games like slots, table games, multiplayer card games, roulette, blackjack, and many more.

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