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Games Like Tic Tac Toe That You Must Explore| It’s Time for Xs or Os

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Nov 05, 2023
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Games Like Tic Tac Toe

Are you searching for games like Tic Tac Toe? If yes, you are in the right spot! You might have played this game in your childhood days with your school friends using pencil and paper. Being one of the quick and simple board games, tic tac toe is usually played by people standing in queues for shopping or bank visits. It is the most interesting board game, which offers quick contests and challenges to players who can easily make a fortune with one or two rounds of gameplay. 

Whether you are an Android or iphone user, you can play tic-tac-toe games online on whichever platform you want, offering a quick mood booster. It is a two-player game which requires no hard skills or knowledge to play and win the game. If you like simple and quick board games, you must try playing paper games like tic tac toe and that too online from the comfort of your couch. 

In this blog, we will highlight such games that you can play with your friends or family at any point in time and anywhere. 

Games like Tic Tac Toe to Play in 2023

Games like Tic Tac Toe to Play in 2023

If you are someone who is much inclined towards simple games like Tic Tac Toe, here is the list you must explore to get an immersive and engaging gameplay experience. 

Get ready to draw some Xs and Os on your phone screen! 


Bovo is a Gomoku-like game for two players, wherein they play against each other while placing pictographs on the board game. The game begins with the player drawing either X or O on the screen. Also known as Connect Five, wherein the main objective of the player is to draw 5 Xs or Os in a row; naughts and crosses. It is a popular alternative to Tic Tac Toe as it the game concept is equally the same and easy, offering players greater flexibility and engagement opportunity. 

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Tic Tac Toe Glow 

You don’t need pen and paper to get yourself engaging and interesting tic tac toe gameplay online. This is one of the best simple board games like tic tac toe which is available for free of cost on your Android phone. It comes with cool designs and user-friendly features like a modern and navigable interface, different gameplay modes, and entertaining gameplay. All you need is a smartphone with seamless internet connectivity to download this on your Android.

Pik Pak Poe 

As the name suggests, Pic Pac Poe is yet another engaging and addictive board game like tic tac toe that you must try atleast once if you are more inclined towards simple gameplay. It is a free board game that you can play on your Android smartphone. It comes with a lot of user-friendly features like multi-lingual support, a navigable interface, and a creative theme, including vivid colours and an eye-pleasing background. 

Tic Tac Toe Movable 

Are you searching for alternatives to Tic Tac Toe? If yes, Tic Tac Toe Moveable is what you must try today to get an engaging and unique gameplay experience. The game is available on Android for free which you can play with your friends online anywhere and at any point in time. From basic to complex levels, the app features different gameplay including bot, hard and simple so that you can choose as per your specialization or preference. There are different modes to choose from; 1-player mode, two-player mode, and multiplayer. 

4 in a Row 

As the name suggests, you need to strategically place chips in a row to become a winner. Herein, you need to select a colour of your choice instead of X or O. Being a two-player board game, players place alike chips on the screen to make 4 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The game is not as simple as it seems as you need to put in some strategic moves to bluff your opponent to become a winner in the end. Make sure to be focused and calm when placing your chips on the screen. You can play this game on Android for free of cost. 

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Tic & Toe 

Are you searching for a multiplayer version of the ultimate paper games like tic tac toe? If yes, you must look no further than Tic & Toe. This game is available online for free, you can download it easily and invite your friends to immerse into the most competitive gameplay rounds and contests altogether. It comes with a navigable interface and different gameplay modes, including multiplayer, online, 2-player, and AI, which contribute to enhanced engagement and interaction. 


The game is often called Gomoku or Five in a Row. You need to make five symbols in a line and do that as soon as possible than your opponent. The best part about this app is that you can set the time limit to do so, and even change the skin of your selected discs to make it more interesting and immersive. The game requires a fair amount of focus and alertness to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors. 


Gomoku is one of the most interesting alternatives to tic tac toe game. The rule of this game is very simple you need to align five pieces of chips on the screen either diagonally, vertically or horizontally to avoid the breakage of the line. Like any other strategy-based game, it offers users with good offence-defence balance to become a pro player in one go. It is just like Bovo which offers players quick and simple gameplay to immerse. So if you want to take a break from a hectic schedule of work, Gomoku is your escape. 

Develop Games Like Tic Toe Toe At BR Softech 

Develop Games Like Tic Toe Toe

BR Softech is a renowned board game development company, offering high-quality and best-in-class board tic tac toe alternatives that are highly proficient for you. Tic tac toe is a game of strategy and skills which is highly simple and flexible to play online with your friends. The demand for this game is relatively high as compared to other board games, which offers entrepreneurs a chance to maximize profits via tic tac toe game development. 

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  • Expert Team of Developers 
  • High-quality Testing & QA 
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  • End-to-end Development 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What Are Games Like Tic Tac Toe Called?

There is a wide range of tic tac toe variations which are also known as the pen and paper games that you can play on both modes; online or offline. If you love playing simple yet strategic board games, you will love to explore tic tac toe games.

Q.  What Are The Most Popular Games Like Tic Tac Toe On Paper?

Blind Drawing 
Word Flip 
Pik Pak Poe
Tic Tac Toe Glow

Q. What Are The Best Pen And Paper Games To Play Online?

Here are the best pen and paper games to play with your friends or family: 
Dots and Boxes 
Tic Tac Toe 
Paper Telephone 

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Develop Games Like Tic Tac Toe?

Tic Tac Toe Game Development costs around $15k to $20k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $25k and even more depending on the advancement of features and functionalities. 

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