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Spread Betting Exchange Platform- An Exclusive Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Jul 07, 2023
Spread Betting Software Development

Are you planning for spread betting exchange platform development? If yes, then you are on the right page! BR Softech has made its name in the betting industry with trustworthy and credible solutions that are safe and user-friendly. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to well-established companies, can benefit from our feature-rich solutions. From design to development and launch; our developers are here to guide you through every stage with great professionalism.

Want to know more about how spread wagering software can contribute to your overall business excellence and productivity? Read till the end! It is the most convenient type of betting which allows users to bet on assets they don’t actually own like stocks. With rising interest and demand, it can be lucrative for you to invest in betting exchange software development.

What is a Spread Betting Exchange Platform?

Spread betting exchange platform is a relatively straightforward platform which allows users to access a number of stock markets around the world via a single broker. It can be done in the following markets:

  • The forex market
  • Investing in equity
  • (Gold, silver, aluminium)
  • A bond
  • The ETF
  • The future
  • The cryptocurrency exchange(Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, litecoin)

It doesn’t actually give you ownership of an asset. It just allows you to trade shadows of underlying assets. With the help of the broker, investors are speculating as to whether the price of a security will increase or decrease. The spread wagering trading platform is designed in such a way that it offers bettors an all-inclusive platform wherein they can bet on a particular share keeping stock market data, stats and details in mind. 

How Does Spread Betting Exchange Software Work?

Today entrepreneurs invest huge amounts of money in spread betting software development. Wondering how a trading platform works? Let us tell you that, it is more like trading instead of placing bets. Once you have placed the wager, you will hold it until the appropriate time arrives. A spread wagering firm provides a prediction of where they think an index or share will close at a certain time (spread).

You then trade (bet) on how accurate the prediction is. The software is designed with great tools and features which provide bettors with the flexibility to instantly buy and sell if the shares are decreasing and increasing respectively. 

Benefits of Spread Betting Exchange Software Development 

Here is the list of benefits you will get after harnessing our spread betting software development services: 

On-Demand Customizations

Based on our client’s requirements, we develop industry-specific solutions that don’t leave any stone unturned. Our solutions provide both front and back-end customizations to meet your business needs.

Real-Time Reports & Analytics 

Our spread betting software creates real-time reports and analytics based on large data and market insights that are useful for bettors as well as bookmakers. 

Integrations with third parties

As the cherry on top, we make sure that your spread betting exchange software is fully integrated with the necessary integrations like safe payment gateways or end-to-end social media platforms, etc.

Risk Management System

In order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, we provide you with risk management tools that can help you manage your bankroll as it provides notifications or alerts when you exceed your bet limits.

Hedging and handling exposure Tool Kit 

Spread betting exchange software must offer tools for handling exposure and hedging. Thus, it reduces the amount of risk that punters are usually exposed to while betting, resulting in streamlined operations.

Features of Spread Betting Exchange Platform

Here is the list of features you will get in our spread betting exchange platform:

Features Description
Engine for matchingIn addition to matching odds, bet types, and much more, the matching engine is integrated into our exchange platform.
Support for back/lay odd typesOur software offers both backs and lays odds, allowing users to place bets according to their preferences.
Customized commission rates Using the advanced settings in the software, you can customize the commission rates according to your own preferences.
Betting Limits and Liquidity ManagementWe offer a sports betting platform that is ideal for managing liquidity and controlling bet limits.
Instant PayoutDuring a match/ event, users can take their money at any time without having to wait.
Bet History in Real-TimeA bettor can enhance their betting experience by viewing their real-time bet history and making educated decisions based on that information.
Integration of Betfair APIIntegrating the Betfair API within your platform will provide the best and most accurate data to your users.
Multiple payment gatewaysThe use of multiple payment gateways is always a wise choice for a betting platform, as it gives users the security of being able to pay with their preferred method.
Multilingual Support Multiple languages are supported on our spread betting exchange platform, so users from different parts of the world can place bets together.

Process of Spread Betting Exchange Platform Development 

Spread betting exchange platform development is not an overnight task and hence requires a lot of planning, brainstorming, and research. Here is the list of the steps you must follow to develop a well-integrated platform: 

Market Research

The first and foremost thing you must do is market research which includes outlining the requirements of the business, market trends, opportunities and threats in general. We also do competitor and SWOT analysis to find out potential weaknesses and solutions to create suitable solutions. 

UI/UX Design 

As the best spread betting exchange platform development company, we ensure to create a unique and distinguished betting platform that is of high value and hard to find. We aim to design an interface which is innovative, and user-friendly. 

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Once we are done with the design part, we ensure to incorporate high-end technologies, tech stack and tools to bring forth ideal software that caters to the needs of your business. Our developers work day in and day out to bring forth creative and end-to-end spread betting exchange software solutions. 

Testing & QA 

After development, we aim to perform top-notch testing and QA strategies to fix all the bugs, loopholes and errors of the platform. As part of our testing process, we follow strategies like integration testing, functional testing and operational testing to make it ideal for launch. 

Launch & Maintenance 

Once we are done with the quality analysis of all the sports betting solutions, we aim to launch the platform using state-of-the-art marketing strategies like digital marketing campaigns, youtube marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. After launching the platform, we aim to maintain the performance of the platform by doing optimum upgrades. 

The Cost of Spread Betting Exchange Platform Development 

On the internet, you can find several links that claim to tell how much it costs to develop a sports betting app. The truth is, it is very difficult to estimate the cost of a project without knowing the features and technology stack. There are different factors affecting the same. On average, the cost of spread betting exchange platform development ranges from $15,000 to $20,000 with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $25k and even more depending on the complexity of the features as well as the project. 

The following factors influence the cost of developing an app:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Implementation of advanced features
  • Development of backend systems
  • Integration of APIs
  • Testing & QA 
  • The location of the developers 

Why Choose BR Softech For Spread Betting Software Development? 

As the best spread betting software provider, BR Softech holds years of experience, knowledge and expertise in designing and developing tailored solutions as per client’s specifications. With the integration of the latest technologies, tools and features, our developers aim to make contemporary and safe betting solutions that offer punters with amazing betting experience. Choose us to get

  • An Expert team of developers 
  • Advanced tech stack 
  • Customized development approach 
  • Budget-friendly solutions 
  • High-Class Testing 

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What Are The Advantages of Spread Betting? 

People are increasingly interested in spread wagering for several reasons. Here is the list of advantages you can get with wagering on trading stocks: 

They are tax-free for all-day traders.
A number of countries, including France, Germany, and the UK, regulate betting. 
It is usually commission-free. 
The flexibility of trading betting allows you to fit it into your lifestyle. You can trade 24 hours a day.
The combination of spread bets can lead to arbitrage opportunities or to hedging other derivative holdings.

How Long Do Spread Bets Last? 

You can hold spread bets for a few minutes to even a couple of months. Generally, it depends on the profit percentage you are receiving from that holding. 

What Sports Are Covered in Spread Betting Exchange Software? 

Our spread betting exchange software covers a wide range of sports like tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, cricket etc. 

What Are The Best Spread Betting Platforms 2023? 

The best Spread Betting Platforms in 2023 are: 
CMC Markets

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