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Top 10 Best Android and iOS Mobile Games To Play in 2021!

written by Saloni Agrawal | Apr 21, 2021

Mobile game lovers are always in search of new and exciting games to play and spend their free time. So, here we are with this article including the top 10 best mobile game apps for Android & iOS users. All these games have come up with additional promos and features and we are sure that you will enjoy them all very much. The competition is high for these games, so it is better to get enrolled today and start playing your most favourite game.

10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Games That Are Available in 2021

Below are the leading smartphone game apps for iOS and Android mobile users that they can play and enjoy. Check out these multiplayer games to kill your boredom easily. 

1. Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Game Development
The most awaited game is here and now, users can enjoy its 3D effects by downloading it from the app store. Pokemon is the most likely character used for gaming purposes. BR Softech has developed a Pokemon game that uses a navigation system to help players in the game. Wherever Pokemon goes, it can be discovered easily. Hire a game developer from the firm to get huge revenue from your venture and this game also uses GPS features for gameplay.

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2. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Game Development

Now, Super Mario Game Development has been done for Android users also. So that every user can play this game online and get a beautiful experience to reach the castle and across all the stages. Our developers have added some more interesting music to the game so that you can enjoy the music with the game. Mario Game Development Services have also increased the speed of Mario games and now, users can get different kinds of stages to get crossed for reaching the destination and host the flag.

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3. Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex Go Game Development

The most interesting part of this game is that it is supporting the format of Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. The game has evolved some puzzle modes to make it more tricky. Now you can win your battle by avoiding the obstacles and playing the board game online. The game consists of the story which is enclosed with a puzzling mode and allows you to win only if all the puzzles are well-formed and in every puzzle, you will have difficulties.

4. Clash Royale

At the beginning of the game, players will be given four cards which are used to defend or attack the opponent. The victory can be achieved if you have destroyed all the towers of your opponent or you have destroyed the king tower of your opponent. You can collect more things from the jungle arena to increase your lifetime. Keep yourself alive till all the towers are destroyed by your opponent.

5. Traffic Rider

This game comprises all the racing options. You can have a motorbike for the racing purpose and other 26 options are also available for the motorbike. You can simply choose the best option for riding the bike. The player who reaches the destination first will be awarded and considered the winner. There will be lots of obstacles but you have to overcome them with your biking skills.

6. PUBG Mobile Game


Who Doesn’t have an idea about it? From a 10-years old child to old age people, everyone knows about this game. This extraordinary game won everyone’s heart in less time and people are so addicted to it that they can play it for hours without blinking their lashes. It is officially known as Player Unknown’s Battleground and 100 players can play it all together. 

Survival is the major key in this game and the person who stands last is the winner. This game has recorded 1 billion players all over the world and provides users with impressive 3D sound and HD graphics. It is free to access but some countries have banned it including India.

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7. Latest Ludo game

This game is built by a leading ludo game development company, BR Softech. This classic dice game can be played between family and friends to recall your childhood time. This multiplayer game also supports desktop, and Windows platforms with online and offline mode, through which players can also play with the computer mode. Ludo game development is famous as It is the only board game that is played by every person as well as they enjoy playing it.

8. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom

This war battle game is a unique, strategic and challenging multiplayer online game for iOS and Android users. In this game, players have different experiences like creating their kingdom, social plotting, strategies, and rich war fights. 

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It is an amazing game with realistic and HD graphics that was released on March 24, 2016, developed by a leading Japanese game development company. It has a similar strategy to Clash of Clans But it is better than that with stunning game design.

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9. Latest Teen Patti Game

It is the most entertaining and interesting Indian poker game that is known as India’s oldest and number one card game for users of both iOS and Android platforms. Hire a teen Patti game development company to develop this amazing game with the features like the original game.   

Teen Patti game development provides a facility to play this game as a guest user also and get 300,000 free chips. When you connect Teen Patti with your Facebook account, you will get 200,000 free chips. 

10. Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

It is the best example of the most anticipated mobile game development 2021 of Glen. This game is a remake of the World’s favourite Bandicoot of the ’90s. It was released as a mobile version of the series and challenges you to slide, spin & leap via known locations from the history of the series. 

When you are not playing the game, you might expand the base of Coco as you can’t own a mobile game without the base building’s side.

Closing thoughts:

Playing games online is fun as you can beat your opponents in various forms. If you want to take revenge on someone, then invite them to play online games. Then, Beat them and feel victorious & happy. This is a very good time pass and mood refreshing as well. If you wish to create such mobile game apps, then hire a mobile game developer to help you with this.

Hire iOS & Android game developers and raise your business. It will provide you immense satisfaction and for mobile game addicts, it is a very good option to get more game enrollment. If you are looking to hire a leading mobile game app development company, then go for BR Softech and have magnificent development services at a good price.

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