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Top 40 Mobile Games Which Gives You a Huge Audience on Your App

written by Admin | May 18, 2021
Gives You a Huge Audience on Your App

Coronavirus outbreak is spreading worldwide at the speed of light. The government has imposed strict lockdowns to control the spread of this deadly virus so that the lives of people are safe. People are enjoying music, gaming, etc., a lot during quarantine. It is the best way to have entertainment. Different types of games have now been developed on the online platform with the use of advanced technologies and that’s why they are easy to play anytime, anywhere. This is the reason, game app development sector is flourishing at a fast pace around the globe. 

All you need is a trendy smartphone to play these games online and enjoy. Different types of games like rummy, casino, ludo, etc., are played among different age groups according to their preferences and interest. With a good network, security also plays an important role for playing online games which require investing money to play.

Online platforms make such games highly secured to play. Game lovers also prefer online games because physical versions of these games require space to keep at a place. But, the online platform provides good space so that you can carry different types of games anywhere with you. Say, for instance, you have your smartphone with you and you are going in a cab. If you are stuck up in traffic, you can just login to the online game and start playing to keep yourself entertained during traffic. 

40 Thrilling games which gives massive audience on your app: 

Thrilling games

1. Angry birds star wars game: 

This amazing game attracts kids to a lot of extent by its amazing concept of playing. Moreover, it is a very impressive game because there are beautiful birds that irritate pigs in the game out of anger and kids find it entertaining. The characters in birds are named by the movie Star Wars. Say, for instance, you will find the birds being decorated like Luke Skywalker, with the props like lightsabers. Hire game app developer having affluent experience for developing thrilling mobile games that will take your business to the next level.

2. Game of wild blood: 

This is also the incredible game that thrills game lovers to bits. The fantasy theme makes it beautiful to play. In this game, more than one player is required to play the game. Here, you will find smashing equipment and weapons and you need to use the same for fighting with different characters in the game. This game entices youth and kids a lot. 

3. Online tennis game: 

This game is awesome for game enthusiasts who are quite sporty. They can enjoy playing their favorite sport, tennis, by sitting anywhere, and just in a few clicks. It is designed to provide a realistic view to sports players. You can just enjoy playing the game with numerous players. There are also different matches that you can play at. 

As a business minded person, you can also plan to develop an attractive online game and earn good revenues. You must select the top-rated game app development company who will assist you throughout the app development process. 

4. Soccer game online: 

Another best game to play online is soccer. New star soccer attracts most of the sports lovers because they are able to play soccer at the comfort of their home. They just need a wonderful smartphone or desktop to enjoy playing this game. With just a few clicks on the phone screen, you are able to control the moves of the ball. It has a lot of thrill while playing online. 

5. BR Games: 

As the leading game development company in India, we create mesmerizing online games that are easy to play on smartphones. You can enjoy playing the games when you are at the office, or at home, etc. Moreover, the online games we create also excite different customers to a lot of extent while they are sitting in a cab and stuck in traffic. 

6. Chaos Rings game is also interesting: 

This thrilling game lures the online game lover because of its colorful theme and players love to feast their eyes on it. In this game, one has to select the favorite character for fighting with some other characters in a jaw-dropping place such as Ark Arena. In this game, you continue for long when you are able to fight easily with different characters that come through the game. People who love something fantasy are more drawn to such online games. 

7. Stunning space marshal game: 

There are different mobile game development services providing companies that develop gripping online games with a view of space. This is a must to download for people who are a fan of science fiction or fantasy to the extreme. In this, you need to make a solid game plan for fighting with the enemies and reach till the end of the game and continue playing for hours. You play the game as a marshal and move forward in the game with good strategies for dealing with different enemies. 

8. Plants vs Zombies: 

This thrilling mobile game is the most entertaining for youth and kids. It is the most loved game due to its concept. In this, a player is required to have a good number of plants so that the zombies are able to feed on them to go till long in the game. Online mobile gaming enthusiasts find it the most entertaining mobile game to play during quarantine or when they get bored. 

9. Rummy: 

Developed with newfangled technologies, this rummy game also entices its players etc. In this particular game, it is quite safe and secure to play. The player can also join with others for playing this game. It just requires making the account and logging in to the mobile game and start using it. You can also opt for different rummy types to choose for playing and then start earning money as you win.

10. Jumpgrid game: 

This is also an impressive mobile game to play on a smartphone. It involves a character which hops and it attracts the mobile game lovers. Grids in the mobile game will keep you hooked till the end. In this game, you are required to have the spinning cubes that come in your way in order to reach further in the mobile game. Another exciting part of the mobile game is pinwheel that is found around different types of weapons. 

11. Forget-me-not game: 

In this thrilling mobile game, you go through different mazes, eat flowers, take the key and proceed further towards the end of this game. While playing this mobile game, you will find numerous enemies that come to chase you with a gun.

The exciting part is that you can gain a skateboard while playing this mobile game. For this, you have to eat a good amount of flowers that you find while playing the mobile game. It surely excites the mobile game lovers to the extreme with its beautiful arcade. 

If you are looking forward to getting a wonderful mobile gaming application, it is essential to single out the best game development company that will help you create a mesmerizing game app as per your requirement.

12. Traffic tour game is also alluring: 

If you love racing or attractive cars, this one’s for you. In this game, you will love the thrilling 5 different themes in the game that will eventually take you to different levels in game. As the name of the game says, it involves huge traffic and the game requires you to handle it while you enjoy the car racing in traffic tour. Moreover, you can also invite your friends to play the game which in turn offers good prizes in game. 

13. Blackbar is a wonderful word game: 

If you love something wordy, this game will make you grin from ear to ear. This game commences with the part where you get various letters from any friend who is posted at the particular communication department. Further, to continue the game, you need to pick the controversial words you receive from that friend. This is the reason why it is termed as blackbar.

After the practice of communicating in game increases, a story develops that is eventually terrifying. By playing this particular game, you will be able to understand the method of storytelling as you move ahead to play. 

The dedicated game app developer enables you to create this application by using cutting-edge technologies. In this way, a business owner can start the mobile gaming business in simple ways. 

14. Reigns: Game of Thrones game is also wonderful game for people who like fantasy: 

In this striking game, the theme is beautifully inspired by the famous TV show which has gained immense popularity. The major role is of Iron Throne which is inspired by the TV series itself. When the game goes on, you come across various people, army, etc. User interface of this game excites game lovers a lot. In the game, as and when you are about to fill any reigns, the game will end up soon. So you need to play with good strategies. 

15. Mini Metro game is also wonderful: 

In this exciting game, you go through the metropolis and keep making lines whenever any station arrives. Moreover, little trains are designed in game to carry different passengers and take them to the destination. The real thrill in this game reaches a peak when underground is growing and it also increases the excitement of players because the game gets complicated from here. You are required to make a good strategy while selecting the upgrade and make right adjustments in between the lines. When the station involves too many people then the network seems to shut in this game. You will come across gripping cities as and when you clear the next challenges and hurdles in the game. 

16. Hundreds game: 

This is a brain-storming puzzle game that lures the game aficionados. In this game, there is a ball which includes any number on it which eventually increases the ball in size. A player is required to tap that ball and then the number mentioned on the ball starts growing. The most important factor to keep in mind while playing this game is that you should avoid clashing of 2 balls with the other ones in the game. Moreover, you win this game when you bring the number to the digit 100. 

17. Jetpack joyride game: 

This game also entices the game lovers to bits. It includes various levels which is to be cleared by the gamer. Moreover, you also get to earn coins to make it to the new level in game. The moment you get power-ups then you start proceeding in the game faster. It is the most impressive game you can play on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. 

If you plan to start a Mobile game business, the mobile game development company you single out, must have the laudable developers having good experience in developing function-rich apps.

18. EPOCH game: 

Another gripping game to play on smartphone as per your convenience, is EPOCH. This amazing game is developed and designed in such a way that the player has to search and protect a princess who is named as Amelia in the game. Your part in the game is like that of a robot. As you proceed while playing, you need to kill so many enemies which will lead to winning this game. 

19. Maze Machina game: 

This game also has exciting thrills which a player gets to explore as he proceeds. In the battlefield, robots are being tested by Automatrons. Survival gets difficult when you play this game. When you come across different levels, you are required to get a key and you move towards the next stages. You will get different challenges such as a weapon, a bomb and all of this will entice you to keep playing. This game is made for the brainiacs.

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20. Desert golfing game: 

It is the most loved game for the golfers. The game begins with a landscape that involves a hole and golfing ball. A player needs to hit the ball in golf. When you hit many shots in this particular game, holes in this golf game will lead you to other complicated levels. Once you are done with 50 holes then the game also gets exciting. 

It is also simple to start a business with creating a mobile gaming application, there are dedicated game developers for hire who will help you create stunning game apps as per your requirements.

21. Football manager game is also amazing: 

If you love to play football, it will excite you a lot. Here, you will find striking football team hooting so that you perform good in the game. This eventually attracts you to keep going in the game. In this, you create your promising football team and then play. With just a few clicks on a smartphone, you can enjoy playing with the team. As you proceed in the game, you get new challenges ahead. 

22. Backfire game:

It is one of the best games for the people who love shooting. In this game, there is a ship that fires from the back. It gives excitement to the game aficionados. To reach new levels in the game, you are required to shoot bullets. In the beginning, you enjoy playing the game and your muscle memory goes down. Then you enjoy shooting all the enemies that come in your way as you move to other levels. In this way, you become a  pro at this game. 

23.  Super crossfighter game: 

This is yet another awe-inspiring game that thrills people to bits. The game involves space invaders that people enjoy playing to the extreme. You need to make a strategy to win the game by saving yourself from bullets and reach the next levels in the game. The neon infused space invader is the biggest entertainment in this game. With just a few clicks on a smartphone, you can get various gems that are used to make the ship upgrade. 

24. Hidden folks game: 

This is a sort of mysterious game which attracts the players a lot. In this, you are required to search for a particular object that is being hidden in the game. The jaw-dropping graphics and user interface is what temps the game lovers to this. As you begin to find numerous hidden objects, the game gets exciting. You love finding amazing objects with different souls. The best part is that you can play this game at any time of the day, just by simple clicks on your phone.

25. Chuchel game: 

Chuchel  is also a mesmerizing game that is more of a gripping puzzle to solve. In this, the game character has to find a cherry but it goes away from the character at the moment it comes close to the character. In the entire game, you are required to go through the best path that makes Chuchel reach to the cherry. Super cool animations attract people to this game. 

In today’s date, people also begin the game business by getting a marvelous game app designed by the leading game app development company.

26. Path of giants game: 

As the name suggests, this appealing game involves finding the path. It is a much loved game by the explorers. 

In this particular game, there are different explorers who search the  route via icy paths. For reaching new stages, this game requires the explorers to go on top of other one. They eventually reach the path by flying and in this way, a new level awaits the adventure lover. This amazing game is meant for the people who love adventure and thrills. Playing this game does require strategies to be made for reaching to different levels.

27. Suzy cube game: 

It is yet another mesmerizing game in which you find new thrilling islands and then move through the mountains that are fully covered by the snow. When you move ahead in this game, you come across labyrinthine pyramids and then you can opt for changing the way of going from above. You just need to have good command over functioning while you click on the smartphone for proceeding further. 

 28. Mushroom 11 game: 

This is also the game that thrills puzzle lovers to bits. Here, a player has to search the decay of a destroyed world. You are said to reach new levels in game by removing the parts of a creature by a circle shaped brush. You will also explore the routes by which blob has to go forward in the game. The sound system and user interface of the game offers satisfaction to the users fast. You can also communicate with Mushroom 11 by beautiful surroundings. 

29. Impossible road: 

This is also a wonderful and thrilling puzzle game to play on smartphone, anytime, anywhere. The player has to search for a ball but it is a real thrill because it keeps twisting and turning. Your score solely depends on the number of gates you clear in this amazing game. But, as you move ahead with the game, you will know the tricks and techniques for the right bump at the roadside.

You can also start the mobile gaming business by getting this kind of app created. You just have to choose the top-rated game development company in India to develop such kind of thrilling apps and eventually it will fetch you higher revenues. 

30. Dig Dog game: 

This is a wonderful arcade game to play on your smartphone. In this, a hound dog is in search of a treasure. The dog opts for making the route through islands in the game. But, another problem is that islands are fully covered by deadly monsters. The main purpose for a game player is to pick the prize mentioned in the game. You must make certain that your way is at the back. You also get a thrilling chance of fighting and eventually you reach towards different stages in games. The attractive design is something that grabs attention of game lovers to this Dig Dog. 

31. N.O.V.A 3 game: 

This is also a classy game to play on your smartphone. This is most loved by people who love war or fighting in a game. In this, you will find humans moving towards the Earth to help the whole of humanity. The best part of the game is that it can also be played with your friends so that you enjoy playing in a team. You also get to choose from a variety of weapons available in this game. You can also easily interact with your friends while playing this game.

32. Mortal Kombat X game: 

This striking game also thrills the game aficionados to bits. This magnificent game enables you to manage numerous characters so that you can enjoy it to a lot of extent. You can play this game during the quarantine, or when you are sitting in a cab and during the traffic. For the people who love lots of entertainment, this game offers features such as x-ray and deaths in a war while playing the game. 

33. Temple Run 2 game: 

This is one of the most popular games that excites the online game lovers. All you need is a smartphone and you can enjoy it with just a few clicks. In this, the screen swiping is carried out so that the game character is able to run and carry out other activities such as slide, jump, etc. All these actions in the game are important in order to save the character from monkeys. As the leading mobile game development services provider, we create such thrilling games by which you can earn good revenues by sitting at home. 

34. Fish out of water game: 

It is one of the cutest games that attracts the game lovers. A player just has to slide and change the stones with the beautiful fishes. It is very easy to learn in no time. While choosing the fish, make sure that they have a kind of bounce style. The higher the fishes jump, the  higher your points will be, in the game. This has a whole new level of excitement.

35. Candy crush saga game:

It is one of the most loved games people love to play on their smartphones. Easiest to play, in this game, a player has to zero down the colored sweets that have good matching and continue the process until 100 levels in the game. The game also provides power-ups so that you can choose it whenever you are unable to move ahead due to any difficulty. The best mobile  game development company has commendable developers to help you develop these types of jaw-dropping games which can lead you to new heights in the mobile game business. 

36. Monument valley game: 

It is also one of the smashing games that is meant for someone who loves attractiveness in an online game. The best part about it is the eye-catching interface and graphics. In this, the player’s task is to show the correct route to Princess Ida. For this, it is essential for players to communicate with the monuments. The smartphone users can easily play this game a lot until the lockdown ends. 

37. Minit game: 

It is the game which makes an adventure lover grin from ear to ear. In this game, the major task is to collect different products as you move ahead with the game play. Furthermore, the products you gather are utilized till the incarnation. You also happen to move through various routes for getting good prizes in the game. You are required to take the fastest route for building up the excitement throughout the game. 

38. Minecraft game: 

This exciting game is developed between the virtual blocks. If you are a creative soul, this game also allows you to unleash your cooking talent by designing a virtual world of your own. In the survival live, there are numerous other problems that arise by gatherings, or controlling the resources properly while playing the game. It is a wonderful game to play on the smartphone, as per your convenience. 

39. Ludo game: 

It is one of the easiest games to play online. For this, there is a requirement of 4 players. Later on, you can start off with playing this game. You must keep in mind that the game begins only the dice rolls out the number 6 or 1. This exciting multiplayer game can be played by various friends around the globe. 

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You can also hire game app developer in India who create mesmerizing ludo games that thrills the game lovers to bits. The game apps which we create, makes your business famous. 

40. Rummy: 

Samorost game online: 

This is an exciting online game that thrills the game lovers to bits. In this, a player has to keep jumping from one planet to another, with a weapon to discover exciting details about the planets. The classy theme grabs the eyes of online game lovers. The entire set and characters in the game are mesmerizing to look at, while playing. Solving the mystery in game makes it quite gripping. 

Hire game developer in India for creating such beautiful games that people will love playing in lockdown. It will eventually increase the revenues and in this way you can run a mobile game business just by sitting at home.

Closing Thoughts: 

So, now you know the importance of having a stunning mobile game app. Different types of online games also provide payout once you win at a certain level of mobile game. There are numerous games to choose from, for keeping the excitement and thrill alive.

Different types of games include different money to earn, If you are a business-minded person and looking forward to developing a thrilling game app, then you can contact the best mobile game app developer who will assist you in getting a splendid game app created with a wonderful user interface. This will eventually fetch you higher revenues with each passing day.


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