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Web3 Game Development Company – A Complete Guide

Game Development
Aug 26, 2022
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Web3 Game Development

Do you remember the early days of video games when everyone was glued to their screens for hours? Despite being immensely popular today, retro games remain pretty popular. Play-to-earn (P2E) models allow players to earn fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with Web3, they bring new concepts to the mobile gaming industry.

In this way, we can create a 2D Web3 game that appeals to a large number of gamers by combining popular 2D environments with Web3, offering earning potential, the ability to use NFTs in-game, etc. We have exemplified how a Web3 game development company develops a 2D Web3 game using the proper Web3 game development tech stack and how to do so in a few minutes.

What is Web3?

Ownership is everything. Since the launch of the web, the web has undergone gradual changes. During Web1, people uploaded static pages and information to their websites. Web1 is all you need to know. User-generated content was the next step in Web2.

Using Web3, users can own and control their digital content. Digital content can be owned by users in any way they choose. Experts agree that NFTs are the first sign of the blockchain’s arrival (specifically, NFTs).

The Web3 game development process entails decentralizing multiple aspects of gaming, including how assets are owned, decision-making for all aspects of gaming, and the ownership of gaming assets.

What Makes Web3.0 So Unique?

  • Artificial Intelligence

Computers now Can Understand information like a human being with the ability of natural language processing

  • Semantic Web

Better understands contents web rather than focusing on keywords and numeric values

  • Ubiquity

Every device will be connected to the network. Contents can be accessible by various applications

  • 3D Graphics

Utilizing Virtual Reality, more realistic and natural looking graphics are extensively used

  • Enhanced Connectivity 

Web 3.0 uses semantic metadata to provide users better connectivity

  • Peer-to-Peer Network

A decentralized network that dissolves the need for a centralized authority

A Paradigm Shift in the Gaming Sector by Web3 Game Development Company

New gaming models such as play to earn are becoming increasingly popular, leading to the growth of a multibillion-dollar industry. As technology has penetrated more and more into the gaming space, the industry has dramatically changed. The web 3.0 era is already bringing a paradigm shift to the gaming industry. 

By 2021, the APAC gaming industry is expected to generate more than $174 billion in revenue. In 2019, APAC gaming revenues were estimated to be $72.2 billion.  Play-to-earn gaming is already changing the dynamics of the gaming industry as it transitions from free-to-play to pay-to-win. There is no surprise that web 3.0 offers a plethora of opportunities in the gaming industry, which has prompted many experts to remain fully committed to its advancement. As discussed in this blog, Web3 game development company can transform the gaming industry by introducing blockchain-based web3 gaming development.

Web 3.0 and Gamers: Reasons for Turning to it

A standard feature of Web 3.0 will be the ability for gamers to purchase premium assets and sell them to other gamers.


Money can be Earned While Playing.

Gamers can earn money while playing games in the Web 3 world.

Achieving Interoperability

NFTs – non-fungible tokens – will become accessible to gamers with Web 3.0, enabling them to exchange digital assets between different games and external applications easily.

Modification Freedom

Members were restricted from making changes to games on Web 2.0 because of their creators’ reluctance to allow modification, which could undermine the terms of service. 

A World of Democratic gaming

Independent developers will be able to overcome the dominance of major studios with Web 3.0’s decentralized features. As a result, independent developers will no longer have difficulty establishing their games online, leading to future gaming industry innovations.

Gaming Diversity

Game designers from underserved and underdeveloped countries may be able to generate income through Web 3.0, allowing them to magnify small victories. 

Become an Early Influencer

Early adopters of web 3.0 enjoy several advantages over their late counterparts. When deciding on new technology, gamers will leave a lasting legacy and a profound impact on future gamers in the new space.

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Elements Responsible for the Transition in the Gaming Industry

Gamers can fully embrace the Web 3.0 environment with the help of certain technologies. Among them are:


With 100 million blockchain gamers today, the gaming industry will likely reach two billion users soon. With a blockchain system, gamers can create a single gaming ecosystem for multiple games.


The data structure of a non-fungible token is a blockchain that stores digital information. Some players can avoid using the game’s resources if the game is played out.

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The Field of Artificial Intelligence

The combination of natural language processing and artificial intelligence improves the speed and accuracy of test results by making computers capable of understanding information in the same way humans do.

The Tokens

In the gaming industry, tokens are used to reward players. To purchase the currency, players will have to sell tokens on the market.

Developing Web3.0 Applications for Gaming

Due to web 3.0 in the gaming industry, game tech companies are redefining the gaming industry, leading to more applications using web 3.0. With the introduction of web 3.0, game developers have now been given the ability to create highly scalable projects. A gamer’s direct responsibility for the success of a game will eventually determine the value of the game.

What is the Relationship between Web 3.0, Crypto, and Blockchain?

Openness and transparency are at the heart of Web 3.0 and blockchain. However, parallel possibilities do not end here. By entrusting cryptographic hashes to secure and unalterable these insights, blockchain aims to organize them as blocks. Cryptographic keys will be needed to allow everyone access to resources, applications, agreements, and content if Web 3.0 becomes a reality. As Web 3.0 progresses, more attention will be paid to crypto players with up-to-date technology.

Significance of Blockchain in Web 3.0

  • In web 3.0, voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa illustrate how machine learning can make the internet more user-friendly. 
  • In addition to machine learning and the Internet of Things, decentralized protocols are expected to drive the third generation of the internet. 
  • For the next generation of the internet, blockchain would be a key driving force. 
  • Data storage and management are being transformed by blockchain.
  •  Developing a value settlement layer on the internet is possible due to the unique state layer. 
  • To enable effective P2P transactions without intermediaries, the state layer enables the sending of files in a copy-protected manner.

Web 3.0: How Can Your Brand Prepare?

The Spatial Web is already usable in its early stages, no matter how futuristic it may seem. It is essential to understand how the next computer era will affect enterprises, how it will create new value, and how it will impact business. 

Several Approaches are listed Below.

The issuance of native assets

To operate the network, these native assets are required. Their value derives from the network’s security. Incentives should be provided so that honest miners will provide hashing power. Malicious actors are more likely to launch attacks when native assets are more expensive.

Holding Native Assets to Build a Network

Among the first crypto networks, profitability and lucrativeness were the primary goals. The Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, which ConsenSys owns, is bolstered by the infrastructure ConsenSys builds for it.

Tokens for Payment

Blockchain initiatives using payment tokens within networks have grown rapidly since the rise of token sales. These initiatives often form two-sided marketplaces and require native tokens for payments.

You Should Burn your Tokens

In some cases, token holders may not be able to directly benefit from communities, corporations, and initiatives created with tokens. 

Taxation on Speculation 

The next generation of business models concentrated on establishing the financial infrastructure for these native assets, including exchanges, custodians and derivatives suppliers. 

What are the Key Features of Web3 Gaming?

With Web Gaming, you have self-sovereignty, decentralization, and open source licenses in gaming. Web3 gaming platforms have the following fundamental features:

Ownership and Interoperability

Players can fully own in-game assets and collectibles via digital NFTs in Web3 gaming. Players who switch gaming platforms lose their entire collection of in-game assets and collectibles. With Web3 gaming, you can easily own your game and access it across multiple platforms. The in-game assets owned on one platform can be transferred to another. 

Old Game Integration

Furthermore, Web3 gaming keeps older game models updated and integrated into metaverse platforms and blockchains, making them decentralized. Every player has a favorite game, and the gaming process is personal. Through Web3, old and popular games can be upgraded by extending them to a metaverse, where avatars and collectibles can be exchanged. 

Gaming is Driven by Players

Players’ preferences are taken into account when designing the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Gamers benefit from Web3 gaming in a variety of ways. One was play-to-earn, through which players earned profit through the items they obtained in-game; another was old-game integration, which allowed players to play their favorite games on the metaverse. In addition to player-driven gaming, Web3 games support self-sovereignty, another benefit for the players. 

A Negligible Amount of Downtime

Game ecosystems built with Web3 run autonomously and without any intervention from authorities. Due to block mining and the high amount of game data stored, Web3 gaming has very minimal downtime and is very scalable. 

A Transparent Gaming Environment

Web3 gaming creates an unhackable gaming experience by hosting games on a blockchain. In a Blockchain-Based Web3 Gaming Development, there is no single point of failure. The gaming process is modified by voting consensus and is equally accessible to all players. As a result, Web3 gaming is transparent. 

Let’s examine Web3 gaming’s technology stack next after understanding its features. 

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What is the Technology Stack of Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming technology stack consists of the following components:

Libraries and dApps for Web3

Blockchain platforms can be accessed and interacted with through Web3 libraries. These libraries and dApps support smart contract interaction and in-game transactions. 

Contracts with Smart Technology

Various game processes are monitored and governed by smart contracts. Voting and decision-making are also managed through smart contracts for game evolution. 

Providers of Node/Web3

Web3 providers or nodes are crucial for extracting gaming information from the blockchain. 

Wallets for Digital Transactions

Blockchain-based digital wallets are available on all Web3 gaming platforms. A unique wallet address identifies each player. The game collectibles and in-game assets are kept in it. 

Hardware for XR

XR An immersive and engaging Web3 gaming experience can be achieved with smart glasses, haptic gloves, scanning sensors, and other hardware that ties the gaming ecosystem and the metaverse together.

Standards for open and interoperable media

To power decentralized 3D applications, these standards include texts, audio, 3D scenes, and vectors. 

Our next focus will be on gaming DAOs and metaverse gaming, which are both aspects of Web3 gaming. 

Web3 Game Development Process 

With the help of our developers, you can create a web3 game website that works on Android, iOS, and web platforms. You will also receive the best solutions from our team of professionals

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How Should a Web3 Game be Developed?

When creating a web3 game, consider the following factors.


It The development of creative game apps requires effective and efficient planning. Planned game apps are more likely to succeed. The materials to include, the method of execution, and your objective should all be determined before you begin creating your app. Modern games are also important as the game evolves.

  • Process of implementation

The process of creating a mobile game includes both code development and game development.

 This is an important step in the process, so take it seriously. An approach that introduces a bug should not hinder the final stages of the game. We developed this game app with the help of developers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders.

  • A phase of testing

Ensure the system is bug-free after the game development process is complete. The user experience can be negatively affected by errors in online gaming applications.

There is a great deal of complexity involved in this process. A smooth user experience is ensured at every stage of the process through testing. 


It would be wonderful if you could have a creative application at your fingertips with all its advanced features. Effective marketing is required for it to succeed on the market. The launch of a big band requires a smart marketing approach. Answering customers’ questions is important. To improve store visibility and ranking, a marketing budget must be allocated for the application.

Now that you know how games are developed, it’s time to explore the costs associated with the development of web3 games.

Costs Associated with Development

Development ProcessesiOS Platforms ($)Android Platforms ($)
Development in native languages15-22k12-20k
Design of UX/UI3-6k2-4k
Development of the backend5-7k4-6k
Admin panel 4.5k4.6k
Quality Assurance and Testing6-8k5-7k
Ten to fifteen percent of the total budget is devoted to project management4k3.8k
The final cost40-60k30-55k

What is a Gaming DAO?

In gaming DAOs, open-source code is used as the basis for game platforms. Gaming administrators or operators are not affiliated with them.

  • At their core, gaming DAOs are communitarian and strive to create a gaming ecosystem driven by players. 
  • Several gaming ecosystems can be connected through gaming DAOs to redistribute ownership of games.
  •  Traders, investors, and game developers participate in this redistribution. 
  • In Web3 gaming, gaming DAOs are powerful play-to-earn tools. 
  • Gamers are rewarded for their participation in and success in games through these revolutionary gaming concepts.
  • Game developers and players benefit from play-to-earn features in gaming DAOs. The gaming economy is powered by play-to-earn, in which players are rewarded for their skill.

The following section will examine some of the most fundamental gaming DAOs. 

What are the Different Types of Gaming DAOs?

The rise of NFTs and the emergence of “play-to-earn” business models has overshadowed the impact of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in gaming since 2021. Gaming organizations, fundraisers, community builders, and even game developers will be impacted by DAOs in 2022 and beyond. However, Gaming DAOs can be divided into three types:

Guilds in gaming

A gaming guild is a group of gamers who play to earn on common ground, a clan, or an e-sport team. Because these gaming guilds function similarly to investment clubs, they are financialized. 

Accelerators and incubators

Gaming DAOs also involve a class of incubators and accelerators that are evolving. By providing their expertise to the platforms’ founders, they are focused primarily on growing Web3 gaming platforms. These expert incubators and accelerators can support a new gaming venture. In addition to advanced tools and technical solutions, they provide Web3 Game Development Services and upgrade services. 

The Developers

Game developers are also fundamental types of gaming DAOs. Using a common platform, these DAOs provide different Web3 Game Development Services. DAOs are responsible for setting the terms and conditions governing how the game will be developed. Smart contracts monitor these terms. With smart contracts, developers run their gaming DAOs autonomously. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of BR Softech‘s potential Web3 gaming development services now that we understand Web3 gaming and DAOs. 

Develop future-ready Web3 Development Projects with Comprehensive Development services.

Getting started with BR Softech’s Web3 Game Development Services

With our our following Web3 Game Development Services, you can enhance your Web3 gaming platform

  • Experience in developing games

We are an award-winning game development company with expertise in Unity, Unreal, and PlayCanvas game engines. In order to create immersive Web3 blockchain games that can be played on a wide range of platforms, our specialists utilize these top tools.

  • Expertise in art and design

In addition to making games in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D, we also hire artists to work with us. To deliver quality output on a consistent basis, our artists are well versed in design principles and use leading tools for design creation.

  • Porting Web3 games

We Make sure your games are compatible with Web3.0 so you can fully benefit from decentralized gaming. As part of our efforts to ensure a successful port, we retain the key features of the game and take into account the unique technical requirements.

  • Integration of NFT

Using our Web3 developer company, we create NFT marketplaces development in-game for asset trading and purchase. Additionally, all in-game transactions are secured by crypto wallets and payment gateways.

  • Developing and auditing smart contracts

We Develop smart contracts supporting in-game purchases and NFT asset exchanges in accordance with current token standards. In order to discover and eliminate vulnerabilities in the code, our team performs a comprehensive audit.

What Inspires Tech Giants To Partner With Us?

  • Providing white label solutions-With white label web3 gaming, we are your one-stop shop. Our experts can customize platforms based on ready-made solutions.
  • An approach based on reality-We developed a solution that offers a realistic gaming experience. NFT also offers a marketplace where gaming assets can be bought and sold.
  • Introducing Quick Launch-With our quick launch strategy, you can start using the system immediately. Testing and more options are available right away. We handle everything!
  • Extensive experience-Our in innovative solutions have been in the industry for 13+ years, and we have used blockchain technology for 5+ years.
  • Transparent pricing-Our development and pricing models are 100% transparent. Charges are discussed in advance.
  • 24*7 Support System-We are not bound by clock or time zone; our agile experts are available round the clock to accept your query and resolve it on time.


Web3 gaming has transformed the entire gaming landscape by integrating metaverse and blockchain technology into the gaming industry. It has democratized the gaming sector by eliminating central game administrators and owners of gaming platforms. 

With revolutionary technologies like blockchain, DAO, and the metaverse, Web3 gaming is also powering the financial aspect of the gaming sector. It is helping game players engage in lucrative activities such as in-game digital asset trading and play-to-earn in the form of NFTs. Therefore, Web3 gaming is a positive step towards a transformed digital gaming industry.

Connect with our blockchain game development experts for guidance if you want to develop a web3 gaming platform.

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How Much Does Web3 Game Development Cost?

The cost of Web3 game development ranges between $40,000 to $75000.

What Technologies Are Used To Build The Web3 Gaming Platform?

A Web3 gaming platform is built using the following technology stack:

  • Libraries and dApps for Web3 
  • The concept of smart contracts 
  • Providers of Node/Web3 
  • The digital wallet

How BR Softech helps in Web3 Game Development? 

Based on custom requirements, BRSoftech designs and develops decentralized games end-to-end. We develop Web3 games using cutting-edge game engines and development tools to develop RPGs, shooters, platformers, strategy games, and other genres using blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, and others.

Can a Web3game be Built on Blockchain?

Blockchain gaming is enabled by Web3Games. With Web3 Games, blockchain technology, NFTs, and Defi are combined with virtual gaming to create a gaming ecosystem that comes together and allows players to take ownership of their experience.

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