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What is Public Betting? A Complete Guide

Sports Betting
Feb 23, 2024
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what is public betting

Do you know what public betting is and how public sports betting works? If not, here is the guide for you! 

People are crazy about betting and there is a varied range of opportunities when it comes to public money betting; some are casual fans, while others are professional bettors more likely to invest in informed and calculative betting scopes. The NFL public betting community is broadly classified into two categories; public and sharp. The sharps are the bettors who wager for a living, while others are not just beginners and bet all the time and are termed as public.

This blog talks about public money betting, including its types and tips that you must be aware of when wagering your money on a varied range of sports. Gambling is a slow and time-consuming activity and must be done while analyzing the public betting odds and trends that are emerging in the current market. You must understand the seriousness of knowing the percentage of public money betting and how it impacts the overall outcome. 

Read till the end to know more about some of the most common types of public bets like NFL, NBA etc. 

What is Public Betting? 

Public betting refers to putting the money of the public on bets, irrespective of the type of bet or sports. Whether it is a spread, money line, or total; the collective money of the people is placed on the particular sporting events or leagues. Some of the most popular leagues or sports that people like to wager on today are the NFL betting public, NBA, MLB, college basketball, NCAAB betting public etc.

How Does Public Money Betting Work? 

Public sports betting is known as the collective wagers placed on a particular sports match or league by a group of people. Let’s understand this with an example; Suppose there is an NFL matchup between the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks. The sportsbook favours the Giants by 1.5 points (-1.5 points), but despite being the underdog, the Seattle Seahawks are attracting 70% of public money, availing public support while becoming the public’s favourite. 

Public Betting Examples and Types to Know in 2024 

public betting examples & types

Sports betting software providers integrate a wide range of betting options to target the general public. Here is a list of some of the most popular public money betting examples or types that you must be aware of before you head out and risk your money on any of the sports or leagues. 

NFL Public Betting 

One of the most popular types of public money betting is the NFL public betting which revolves around putting in the major league; the National Football League. The major three NFL wagers are points, spreads, totals and to a lesser degree, money lines. For example; the New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots and 80% of tickets are on the Giants against the spread, public betting trends greatly favour the Giants. Keep track of the NFL betting percentages based on the total number of bets placed and the total wagering amount placed, whether it be the money line, total or spread. Many sportsbook sites offer an opportunity for NFL betting today as it is the most popular sporting event people want. 

NBA Public Betting 

NBA- The National Basketball Association is also considered a great type of betting done by the public. You can bet on the NBA in various ways from general cross-markets such as Points Totals, Money line and spreads to NBA-specific markets like player rebounds, player assists, and player points scored. The public will favour the bet when the team has the highest volume of bets or the most amount of money behind them. Understanding the NBA public betting trends is of utmost importance to stay ahead of the curve. 

For example: if the Warriors are against the Nuggets and the majority of the bets are back up the Warriors to win, but the money is with the Nuggets, then the experienced bettors might support the Nuggets the most and they are more likely to win in the end. 

MLB Public Betting

MLB public betting is the amount of money and wagers that are being staked on MLB games, which also defines the seriousness of checking the stats and keeping track of which team bettors have been backing and fading. Generally, if the sportsbooks are taking a lot of sides on one side of the MLB line, they will adjust the odds to the other side to encourage wagering. The best way to secure your profits is to have equal betting on both the team’s sides. 

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NCCAB College Basketball Public Betting

If you want to try NCCAB, you must know about its odds and percentage model to churn the profit out of your stake. It covers a varied range of public wagering like spread, over-under, player prop, team prop, parlay, etc. It is very similar to NBA betting. 

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Just like other betting sports, hockey lovers also get a chance to collectively bet on NHL public bets that allow them to pool money and wager in collaboration. Herein, bettors can wager on the total number of goals scored or a varied range of alternative odds for each game. 


Amongst other betting events and sports, soccer public bets are increasingly popular among bettors and punters. There is a varied range of wagering opportunities given by the particular sports to the general public, including Asian Handicap, money line bets, total bets, over/under, futures, player props, parlays, etc. 

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Understanding Public Betting Trend

Public Betting Trends

Understanding the public betting trend is very crucial as it impacts the overall wagering odds of sports or events. It refers to the betting patterns and behaviours of the general public no matter whether they are casual bettors or professional wagers.

They can offer valuable insights and stats that can help you make informed betting decisions, offering you a guarantee of maximized profits and winning opportunities.  

  • New Information Moves Betting Lines 

Betting lines because of the new information such as players missing games in the moments up to the beginning of the game, or drastic weather conditions for outdoor games. 

  • Favourites are favourites 

One of the best public betting trends is knowing that favourites are favourites. Customers are interested in wagering on favourites and most of the time it is beneficial to work on favourites to generate a high volume of profits. The general public trusts what oddsmakers favour.

How To Win Public Bets? 

Winning public sports betting is not as easy as it seems. You must understand the odds of public betting to make the best use of real-time stats, information and scores to avoid room for errors and make huge profits. Here is the list of public money betting tips that you must consider before wagering: 

  • Don’t Follow Consensus blindly 

The following consensus blindly or solely is very unlikely to be a sustainable approach to generating consistent profits. Make sure to have a well-thought-out betting strategy to avoid losing the bets. 

  • Betting Money Percentage 

In order to make accurate and well-defined betting decisions, make sure to analyze the betting percentage data. Most professional bettors today analyze the data of real-time leagues and matches to make the perfect combination of low betting percentage and high hold percentage to balance out the situation. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood the workings of betting against the public and its odds that are crucial to making informed betting decisions and generating a high level of revenue. Make sure to analyse the betting odds, tips and public betting trends to make the right winning decisions. Hire a sports betting developer at BR Softech to get enriched public-based betting platforms and apps that are of high value.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How Do I Find Out What Public Is Betting?

Ans: Make sure to research sports betting sites that show the breakdown of the bets and money on each game to find out data that have been pulled out from different sportsbooks. 

Q2. What is Public Money Betting?

Public money betting refers to the type of betting wherein the general public puts all of their money on a specific bet like spread, money line, spread or total. 

Q3. What is Betting Against the Public? 

Ans: Betting against the public is similar world to public wagering wherein they put money on specific sporting events and shows to win money.

Q4. What are NFL Public betting odds? 

Ans: NFL odds are a way of predicting the outcome of public bets so that you can place your wager strategically. 

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