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Sports Betting

Live Betting Odds API- Everything You Should Know

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 05, 2023
Betting odds API Provider

Sports betting is not a new concept that involves predicting the results of sports events and making bets based on those results. It is clear that sports betting games like cricket, football, baseball, hockey, and volleyball involve wagers, but betting on entertainment is also included. The company that offers sports betting services is known as the bookmaker or bookie for the betting agency, live betting odds API provider and the outcome of a bet can be either winning or losing. Providing a marketplace is what a betting exchange API does. Punters or bettors are the participants who place bets.

Using any electronic platform, including the internet, to carry out the above process is known as online sports betting. It allows users to not only place bets but also check real-time updates, scores and performance of the players in real-life matches. If you want to take your sportsbook business to the next level, contact a live betting odds API provider, helping you develop a seamless betting platform. 

In this blog, we will cover all the crucial aspects of sports betting live odds API such as types of betting odds, and steps to select the best api for betting odds. 

What is the Live Betting Odds API?

An API is an application programming interface. It allows you to develop multiple applications, tools for websites, or anything else that requires odd information. 

Real-time scores, team statistics, odds movements, and game predictions are displayed by the majority of sports betting APIs.

Live betting odds API can be used in many different ways by developers. Betting lines are often screened using APIs by smart bettors. A variety of new algorithms and odds comparisons are developed with this odds API data by other companies to develop or support existing strategies. These APIs are used by talented developers to create programs that can place automated bets without user input.

Bookmakers, betting syndicates, individual bettors, and tipster sites all use live betting odds API providers for different purposes. By supporting data flows, the end-user can create value and profits. 

Types of Live Betting Odds API

We have provided an easy guide to explain how odds work when advertised in fractional, decimal, or American formats. Choosing a method that works for you can take some practice, but here is a brief explanation of how all betting odds work. In order to help explain, we’ll use the example of a fictional football match between Liverpool and Everton.

A. Fractional Odds

Our game might appear as follows if we use fractional odds, which have traditionally been used in the UK and Ireland:

Liverpool 1/3, Everton 8/1, Draw 4/1.

B. Decimal Odds

Since people began betting digitally about 20 years ago, decimal odds have become popular.

Here is a decimal representation of the odds of our game

Liverpool 1.333, Everton 9.0, Draw 4.0.

c. American Odds

Here is how our game would look if the odds were expressed as a minus or plus the amount in American terms:

Liverpool -300, Everton +800, Draw +400.

How does the Live Betting Odds API Work?

  • Data can be shared and communicated with other devices or processes can be executed by Betting odds api free in the right format. 
  • Function calls are codes that order the API to perform a particular action in software developed for different purposes. 
  • It is common for live betting odds API providers to provide proper, or at least basic, documentation detailing how to use the shared information.
  • GET requests are used to retrieve data from other APIs by sports betting or gambling APIs using codes and algorithms. 
  • Real-time scores and odds movements can also be displayed using data feeds from different odds and score APIs.

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How to Choose The Best ODDS API for Live Sports Betting

Several different live betting odds API providers offer different types of sportsbooks. Your success and competitiveness will depend on how many sports and events are covered, how many types of bets are available, and how customizable and localized the sportsbook is.

BR Softech’s Sportsbook API lets you add a high-quality sports betting platform or casino website to your existing business platform, which can be customized to suit your specific business needs. Besides over 5500 betting markets, there are 300+ sports and Esports (classic and unique sports and events such as hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, or football, hurling, teqvolley, DOTA 2, CS: GO, FIFA), as well as 1 500 000+ pre-match and live events on demand. 

You can add matches and even lower-tier leagues on demand. There are also various types of bets, odds formats, and web-site views available, such as accumulators, lucky chains, chain sweep, and anti-accumulators. Combined with 63+ languages, BR Softech’s Sportsbook ensures you’ll meet the needs of your market. Your business will run smoothly and efficiently with our fully managed solution and risk management advice.

It is essential to consider the following factors when selecting the right Sports betting lines API for your business in a competitive market with many other brands:

  • Sports, events, and betting markets 
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Fulfilling all market and player requirements
  • There are a variety of different types of bets available
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Personalised solutions for your business
  • Integration ease

The most complete solutions need to be improved and enhanced frequently in order to remain competitive. In addition to its simplicity and completeness, our bookmaker odds API offers real value. We also have a professional team dedicated to improving and optimizing everything we offer at our Sportsbook. A highly experienced team monitors industry trends, innovation, and emerging developments closely. In order to ensure that BR Softech’s partners always have a competitive edge, we are constantly seeking tools and content that enhance our products, services, features, and overall performance.

If you are interested in learning more about BR Softech’s API solution, please contact us.

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The Best Live Betting Odds API Providers?

In the years since sports betting applications were introduced to enthusiasts, a number of Sportsbook odds api have entered the market with a fair share of bettors all over the world. The following are some of the leading sports betting APIs:

1. Betfair

There is no doubt that Betfair is the big fish in the ocean, as it was the first platform to introduce the world to online betting exchanges. As the world’s largest online betting platform, it offers a variety of betting options. 

With the Betfair Exchange API, developers can create betting tools and interfaces that generate revenue for Betfair or for other Betfair customers by integrating with the sports exchange. A number of features set the Betfair API apart from the competition, such as finding markets, finding out the current bet details, placing bets, checking account history and more.

2. Betable

In addition to its United Kingdom license, Betable holds an Alderney license as well, making it one of the leading Sports betting lines API software providers for sports betting. Betables allows developers to add real money legally to their games without the hassle of obtaining a gambling license which is cumbersome and costly. 

Using the Betable API, developers can create applications that allow for real-money bidding. This sportsbook API allows developers to add a wide variety of games to bid on.

3. SharkScope API

The SharkScope API integration service provides poker API integration to sports betting businesses. All poker tournament results from SharkScope can be integrated with websites, TV, or any other digital platform like an app for Android.

The database contains information about players who participated in tournaments and their playing streak over time. Poker tournament players can also compare, evaluate, and rank each other. It is possible to integrate SharkScope information into apps developed by developers using the SharkScope API. Through SharkScope’s API, developers can create apps based on track data.

Why Choose BR Softech as a Live Betting Odds API Provider

With 10+ years of experience in providing sports betting lines API, BR Sofetch is specialized in delivering a wide range of APIs such as sportsbook API, Cricket odds API, betting odds API, etc. We have a highly skilled team of 100+ bet odds API developers in the Live Sports Betting software development solution industry. 

We provide the following Sports Betting live odds APIs Services at BR Softech:

1. Provider of Live Casino APIs

Our live casino game APIs include the most trending casino games such as poker, rummy, keno casino, diamond casino API, and many more. Indian Casino API is built with top-notch technologies that run smoothly without any hassles thanks to our casino API developers. 

Our online gambling API solution is optimised for use on any device, such as smartphones, computers, and laptops. In addition, we offer integration modules that facilitate adding third-party tools to the Casino API. In terms of casino API costs, that depends on the type of platform you intend to finalise for your casino game API, such as Android, iOS, or cross-app.

2.  Development of Sportsbook APIs in India

BR Softech offers various sportsbook API software solutions, including MGM sportsbook APIs, DraftKings sportsbook APIs, Fanduel sportsbook APIs, and barstool sportsbook APIs. Both land-based and online betting service providers rely on our bet odds API development team for specific modules. 

In addition to real-time statistics and multi-currency payment gateways, our Sportsbook software provides chat boxes, highly encrypted databases, and a lot more. For every end-product, we ensure excellent UI, creative graphics, and high revenue by communicating in real-time, being transparent, and delivering on time.

3. Development of an API for Horse Racing

Over the last 10 years, we have developed some cutting-edge horse racing APIs like British horse racing APIs, Australian horse racing APIs, and Australian horse racing APIs.

In India, BR Softech is the only provider of a horse racing odds API that offers extensive features such as racing entries, global statistics, previous history, odds comparison data with global filters, and horse results tracking. 

4. API for Fantasy Cricket

The Fantasy Cricket API is the brainchild of BR Softech, a leading business leader in the industry. In addition to playing credit values, fantasy points, and real-time player stats, our fantasy cricket API products are protected by AI-based security protocols.

Cricket live line APIs, Match Fancy Odds APIs, cricket odds APIs, Cricket Fancy APIs, and Indian Fancy APIs are some of our Fantasy Cricket app products. Enhanced database management systems integrate all of these products in an efficient manner without degrading the performance of the software.

5. Development of Tennis APIs

Tennis API provider with experience developing tennis live APIs, tennis odds APIs, tennis match data APIs, tennis court APIs, and tennis live data APIs.

These products all share some common features, including a dashboard for managing feeds from multiple tennis clubs, custom bookings, player insights, tournament selection, result statistics, and player ranking updates.

6. U.S. NFL API Services

Using our NFL API software, you can easily operate a variety of data structures. The NFL API products we offer include NFL live APIs, Python NFL APIs, NFL Fantasy APIs, and NFL scores APIs that we have served international clients with.

Every client receives cost-effective NFL API pricing based on a disciplinary code of conduct.  Multiple interactive features are included in our NFL API’s products, including live football feeds, player performance data, and multiple payment gateways. Mobile devices, laptops, and platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows can all use these APIs.

7. Development of an API for Cricket Betting

In addition to cricket betting APIs, BR Softech offers cricket batting APIs such as Among them are Bet365 odds APIs, Python sports betting APIs, Cricket betting APIs, betting exchange APIs, and Dynamic odds APIs. 

We use universal modules to develop our cricket betting products, which support the integration of a wide range of betting tools and interfaces. Some features of our cricket betting API products include global betting statistics, real-time betting details, account history, player performance, and secured transactions.

Cricket API costs depend on a variety of factors, such as the developer’s experience, the API’s features, the technology stack, the country a mobile game development company is located in, etc.

Final Words 

Last but not least, one should always choose the right sports betting website development company that understands the complexity of this mobile application and can also grasp the business objectives and requirements. 

Moreover, the live betting odds API provider should also be well-versed in API integrations as that decides the success and performance of the particular gambling website or application in the international betting market. Our team provides genuine and proven Sports Betting Odds APIs and Betting Solution Products from a reliable company, so if you are looking for the same then we are the right team for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are the features of Sportsbook Odds API? 

There are different types of features that are present in the sportsbook odds API, providing gamblers and punters worldwide instant and real-time match updates. The most crucial features of bet odds API are all bet types, in-play betting odds, odds converter, real-time data feed, robust risk management, match tracker, customer support, etc. 

Q.2 What are the benefits of sports betting lines API?

API for betting odds offers plentiful benefits to both creators and users. It enables users to track real-time match updates and scores in the most flawless manner. While creators get the chance to make their sports betting site or application stand out from the crowd by giving other market players a cut-throat competition.

Q.3 Do you provide bookmaker odds API?

As a leading live betting odds API provider, we offer feature-packed and tech enabled api integrations that are useful for seamless gameplay of sports betting platforms. 

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