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Celebration and festivals add colour & happiness in our lives. They also keep us in touch with our traditions and customs. At BR Softech, we celebrate each & every festival its doesn't matter festival belongs to which religion. Our unity is our strength. We celebrate Holi, Diwali, EID, Christmas, Makar Sankranti & other festivals.


BR Softech organized a Yearly trip to different-different places for increasing prime networking opportunities & energy boost up. Doesn't sound good if we have a relaxing environment with our office colleagues with all luxury amenities like swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games etc.


Birthday celebration gives us happiness and its shows that how much our company take care of their employees. At BR Softech, each & every employee will get equal importance. It's good to honor birthdays and have a reason to smile and enjoy a break, perhaps with something good to eat. At Br Softech, we celebrate the birthday of each & every employee. The birthday celebration is done team wise.

Team outing

At Br Softech, We also organize outdoor trips in every three months. We also organize trips to gateways & events related to sports & food. So, not matter what you like we have something unique for everyone. Dance parties, Sports events & other activities.

Award & Speech

At Br Softech, the most awaited event is the Annual function, which is most lovable for all. On 22nd August every year Annual function takes place. Every winner got his/her reward & appreciation with lots of applause. On this day every year we go for outing & celebrate it as a big festival.


At BR Softech, You will get excellent working environment. We keep looking for reasons to celebrate small moments. We believe that global innovation requires diverse employees & attractive hands-on experience that support and retain them. Working with Br Softech gives you the opportunity to hone your skills with continuous learning & training & access to new knowledge. Expand your horizon working with the best company.


At BR Softech, We respect, every religion and we celebrate each and every festival with joy and happiness. In BR Softech, employees from various regions, religions & culture are working together. It is called Unity in Diversity in BR Softech. We all enjoy together, celebrate each other's festival with love and show respect for every religion.