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What Are the Important Things We Remember Before Buying Apps Similar to Dream11?

written by Harshita Khangarot | May 27, 2020
Apps Similar to Dream11

Dream11 is the most trending and popular fantasy app similar to dream11  these days in the Indian subcontinent. It is going to be one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports category of mobile applications. It has more than 20 million and as a result, many companies are looking forward to developing an app similar to Dream11. The reason behind the popularity of this game is the allowance for the users to win the quick money. 

It also allows users to select one sport out of many different sports and thus, it is more attracted significantly. From Cricket to Basketball and ice hockey to Football, all these sports are played worldwide, so based on the expertise area, all the users will be efficient to play any game. By the time, various Dream11 clone apps have appeared through seeing the app popularity. 

If the participant has good skills and the   knowledge, he/she can win some significant amount of money by playing any of the games. So, are you looking for developing an app similar to dream11? If yes, then you have to understand the details, features, and things to consider for developing this kind of app.  

What is Dream11?

This is an India based fantasy sports app similar to dream11 that is growing faster day by day along with 20 million users. It provides iOS/Android and website interfaces to play and places money to the user over the fantasy leagues. It has reached to different continents of the world, enhanced in popularity, and an amazing combination of technology evolution, making it a famous game with loyal fans. This huge hype made the innovators take the user experience to the top level with this fantastic app. 

Fantasy Sports development made the fans of app similar to Dream11 more involved and active in the game by having a user-friendly mobile window. This app can be called a huge success within a limited time. 

Market Overview Before Developing an Alternative of Dream 11

There is no doubt that sports have high fan-following around the globe and has a separate fan base. With time, the sports fan has found various ways to show their engagement and love in their selected sport. By clicking pictures with their favorite sports star or by wearing personalized sports outfits, by making unique hashtags, by creating tattoos, they have shown their craziness towards the sports. In the present time, there is trending a new way of getting engaged in sports by apps and that is ‘get paid for the right guess’.

People from every corner of the world take part in this league that is operated by this app and get money on the right guess. 18% of the population of Canada and 20% of the USA have involved them in this fantasy sports app between the years 2014-2017. People are showing so much interest in sports that soon this user graph will rise above for sure. These fantasy sport app players earn $257 from the traditional league and $162 from daily fantasy.

To develop an app similar to dream11, you should know every aspect and ratio of the market overview that is increasing fast. People across the world are getting crazy about having the experience of these AR game app. As technology is stepping up towards the innovations, these apps will also gear up with a much more thrilling experience.  

The Analytics and Report Over the Fantasy Sports Industry

– Dream 11 app is the fastest-growing player with 1.8 crore users in the port fantasy industry.

– There is noteworthy growth in the last 2 years from 2 million to 20 million users.

– Also, there is high engagement with average users who are spending 4 minutes a day to play fantasy sports.

– 89% of people are interested in fantasy sports at least once monthly.

So, after analyzing the market statistics, it will be good to develop an  fantasy app like Dream 11 as its business model can be espoused by any startup with the possibility of revenue generation by advertisement or brand partnership.  

Important Things to Consider for Developing the Dream 11 Clone App

Before entering into the world of fantasy sports app development, you must have a look at some essential things that should be in your mind during the whole process-

Determine Your Purpose

You can’t enter into mobile app development services with your venture until you are having the same goal as others. It is a kind of pool where everyone swims with their own viable goals. As an entrepreneur, you have to keep the revenue model first but if you are a sports brand, then your objective should be the engagement of the players and leveraging your business. By defining your goal first, you will be able to pick the right partner for app development.

Market Research

The research analysis is essential for knowing the growth speed of specific sports in our country. Be optimistic as the app similar to Dream11 can be used worldwide, so think according to that! This analysis will give you a clear vision of the growth elements in a specific area.

Plan everything At First

Plan each and everything like- investment funds, market segments, about the niche, teams, budget, and integral features with the deadlines.

Integrate Your App with Other Sports Too

If you have decided to develop a sports app, it will be great if you prepare a list of prominent leagues in your targeted segments. The best thing about these sports apps model is that it can be implemented on every type of sport with its rule. Through this, the fantasy app scope can be enlarged.

USP is Also Important 

As many variations are available in the market; that’s why it is necessary to define your USP. It sets you apart from other sports apps. The delighted features will help you to look more unique and grand than others.

Pre-Decide the Game Format and Rules

It depends on you what are the rules and format you want to create for developing an app similar to Dream 11. After defining the rules, let the users know how to avoid hurdles over the later stage. 

Provide Both Platforms

For game development, both platforms mobile and web are equally important as we know smartphones are the topmost need of every person nowadays. And, nothing can be better than having these sports apps on web platforms, so it will be perfect to offer the sports apps on both platforms.

Features of Dream 11 Clone App

Features of Dream 11 Clone App

Here are some of the essential features to make an alternative of Dream 11

Admin Panel and User Panel

Admin panel involves the admin login area, user management area, dashboard, match management, reward management, earning, report management, payment, cash bonus, and CMS page. While the user panel includes the login/registration page, data of contest running presently, home screen for easy tracking, making their contest page, payment area, dashboard, and joined contest with one feature of the setting.

Home Screen

After the login, the user lands here on the main screen. A user can apply a filter on search by sports, match, match lifting, category, timing, and tournament name. after selecting the desired content or match, he/she will redirect to that page.

Contest Screen

This section will help the user to let him view the whole list of contests for a specific match with details. This list contains entry fees, contest type, team counts, and total winning amount.

Join the Contest and Payment Mode

To join the contest, pay the decided fee and enjoy it.


A user will be able to view and update the details in the profile. It contains account details, reward points, ranking, winning amount, and refer and earn options.

For making an app like dream 11 more advanced, here are some additional features to integrate into the app. Through these, the performance of the app can be enhanced and speeded up. There can be an option of personalization for the clients for making the app more comfortable, targeted, and manageable to handle efficiently.

Live Score API Integration

These APIs are used for providing easy to use data for the game developers.

Live Match Score

It is very essential as, through this, users can see game highlights, live scores, original video programs, and expert reports.

CRM Integration

It should be there for providing services to the customer and helping to manage the emails, tickets, push notifications, and other things.

Push Notification

It helps to alert the users at the time of starting the app and while building a team.

Customer Mail Reminder

It is used for giving the user, email reminder for upcoming matches and data relevant to players or their team.

Real-Time Analytics

This real-time analytical data is consistently collected and stored for providing the present match information.

Chatbot API Integration 

Many apps are providing the option of Chat Bot offered by companies who have expertise in APU and chatbot progress. This feature can be added to any sport.  

Cost Estimation to Develop an App Like Dream 11

App like Dream11 Cost

It is estimated that by the end of the year, there will be 3 billion sports app users as this same sports app model of Dream 11 can be applied to the other apps. To create an app like dream 11 with basic features of a user panel can cost around $8000 for both Android and iOS, on the other hand, with the admin panel, it will cost around $9000. If you are looking for hiring services for mobile development, the development cost depends upon the number of hours reserved for development. 

An individual will not be enough for developing an app, it requires the whole team. The team includes five entities to have a win-win deal.

Project Manager

The project manager is known as an intermediary between the client and the team at each stage of the project and accomplishes it before the deadline. The manager also updates the present status of the projects to the clients. 


The designer ensures the looking of the app and its easiness. From button arrangements to color combinations on the device’s screen, the designer is the person who is accountable for the structure and design of the application. The designer works as per the needs of the clients and it is time-consuming too.  


Developers add life to the designs by the web designers. They write a line of codes to add features and functionalities to implement them in the app.

call to action fantasy app

Back-end Developers

After the development of an app like dream 11, it is essential to know about the compatibility of the app with the database. The back-end developers keep an eye on the application connectivity with a database or server for making sure the correct connectivity.


They do an important job by testing and observing the code section’s quality and assuring the results meet all the needs of the clients.  

Know More: Features & Cost for Fantasy Cricket App Development Like Dream11

Final Verdict

Here are all the details about developing a Dream 11 clone app including the market overview, features, and development cost. The development process is not easy but it is not impossible too. In the coming days, the fantasy sports app has a bright future and it will rise by 30% in the upcoming 5 years.

As you know, people are attracted towards the digital world and if we see from a business perspective, it will be great to make an app similar to Dream 11 by any top mobile app development company and nothing can be better than BR Softech that is known as India’s leading game development company. You can take the help of their skilled and rich-experienced developers to emphasize the features of this fantasy sports app and make it more attractive and easier for the users.

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