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Dream11 Clone App- A Complete Guide

Fantasy Sports
Feb 05, 2024
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Dream11 Clone Script

Are you looking for the best Dream11 Clone App? If yes, this blog is meant for you! In this write-up, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Dream11 clone app. 

Dream11 is a renowned fantasy sports app that enables users to play fantasy sports like cricket, football, basketball, rugby, and hockey by participating in different leagues and tournaments to win exciting offers via creating accurate sports team. Moreover, the reason why the Dream11 app is the first choice for every user is because of the impeccable features it provides to the users in the form of attractive rewards, like real money. 

Keeping this thing in mind, many renowned Dream11 clone Script providers in India are developing clone scripts for Dream11, and now entrepreneurs from across the globe are seeking to enter this billion-dollar industry.

Herein, we will be discussing the complete guide for Dream11 clone app which will include its concept, features, benefits, development process, cost, and the factors affecting the cost of developing it.           

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About Dream11 Clone App

In the last few years, the market of sports fantasy segments has emerged as one of the leading segments in the world, especially with the introduction of famous sports fantasy apps like Dream11. The reason is quite simple and obvious for this acclamation, which is the magical duo of sports and money. You heard it right, by just putting these two elements together, platforms like Dream11 have clone app gained immense popularity among users.

Leading to this, the Dream11 clone was introduced which shared similar features with the original Dream11 application. Although the structure of both platforms is somewhat the same, the clone script comes with more modifications, with the sole purpose of making it a much better platform than Dream11 for the users. Moreover, you can also launch your business in a similar field, and that too in a real-time and cost-effective manner.           

How does the Dream11 Clone Script Work?

how dream11 clone work

To use the clone script of the Dream11, the user will have to follow certain steps to ultimately win great rewards:

Signing Up

The very first step to start winning on the Dream11 clone is signing up and creating an account. To do this, you will have to sign in on this platform with your email ID, and once the verification process is completed, before you know it you will have your account ready and will be provided with certain credit points to begin your journey. 

Choose your Game  

Once you have created your account on the Dream11 clone app, you will be now entitled to choose the desired contests you want to participate in and the fantasy team you want to rely on while playing the games. 

Role of Credit Points    

As mentioned earlier, you will be provided with certain credit points, and with those points, you can start playing the in-app contests. Moreover, it should be noted that these limited credit points shall be used adequately in practicing your game as choosing each player will cost you some credit points. Eventually, the credit points will be over and then you will have to add your own money to the account to continue playing and win exciting rewards.            

Winning Exciting Rewards 

In this final stage, you will be getting the ultimate opportunity to win tempting rewards including real cash, exciting bonus prizes, and much more. But what remains important is making the right team at the right time, which is before the actual match starts. When the match eventually ends, you will be rewarded based on the performance of the players you selected for your fantasy team.     

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Dream11 Clone App Features 

dream11 clone script feature

The Dream11 clone app offers multiple features from both user’s and admin panels’ perspectives, hence to discuss them in detail, we have curated the following points for you.         

Admin Panel Features

Managing the Players

One of the most important and effective features from the admin’s perspective is managing the players who are participating in the game.

Reward Management      

With this feature, the admin takes care of the offers and rewards that are being added to the Dream11 clone software, to increase user engagement and retain them. 

Allotting the Matches

Another feature that the admin has to take into account is the allocation of matches. This means it is completely in the hands of the admin panel, which match they would like to align or adjoin with the league.

Managing Revenue and Advertising

Ensuring that revenue generation and advertising are running smoothly without facing any hurdles, the admin panel decides which advertisement to run on the app and the flow of revenue remains constant. 

The Dashboard    

To manage the whole functionality of the clone script for Dream11, it remains important to have an admin dashboard. With this, the admin makes sure that the application does not become complicated and that every important element is available in one place.      

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User Panel Features

Easy Registration 

Being a new-generation clone application of Dream 11, it ensures that the users do not struggle in the registration process and that the process is completed seamlessly. For this, users are provided with an option of signing in with their email ID, which is easy and convenient. 

Playing Different Tournaments    

Once the users have entered their details, they can participate in their desired contests and start playing in different tournaments to win exciting rewards and offers in the form of real cash and promo codes. 

Creating Profiles    

Creating a profile on Dream11 is an effortless way to win big prizes. In this process, the users are required to enter their details like phone number and account details to withdraw cash rewards or add money to their app wallet.

Attractive Dashboard   

To make the app more user-friendly, an attractive dashboard is available in the Dream11 clone software, which enables the users to check all the details regarding the matches and tournaments in one place.   

Select your Desired Sport Event        

With multiple options for fantasy games and sports available on the Dream11 clone, users can decide for themselves which particular sport to participate in and win big.   

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Benefits of Dream11 Clone Script

benifits of dream11 clone script

The developers of the clone script for Dream11 ensure that it is filled with such benefits that not only attract customers for a single time but manage to sustain it for a long period in the market, which is filled with competitors.       

Easy Installation 

Being software that is ready to install, the Dream11 clone is all set to launch from both the user’s and an entrepreneur’s perspective.  

Multiple Payment Options          

As a fantasy sports software, the Dream11 clone is meant to provide multiple payment and withdrawal options to its users and it does the same. 

Secure Platform 

Equipped with the latest technology and security features, the Dream11 clone is one of the best fantasy sports platforms in today’s time. Henceforth, with this, the platform will enable users to play without thinking about any safety issues.

Provides Multilanguage Support            

By providing multiple language options, the clone of Dream11 will ensure that you can compete in the global market without any hurdle of getting stuck in different new regions and their particular languages.  

Multigaming Platform

One other thing this application is promising is the availability of multiple games to choose from. Furthermore, the more games there are, you as an entrepreneur will be getting more opportunities to earn wealth. 

Reliable Platform 

Providing all the benefits mentioned above, it can be said that the Dream11 clone is reliable software on which you can bet any day. 

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Dream11 Clone App Development Process

Once you have gone through the features and benefits of the Dream11 clone, you must be wondering how to develop this software. Fret not, we got you covered, as by going through the following points you will get absolute clarity about the steps involved in the development process of the Dream11 clone app. 

Market Analysis 

The first and foremost step in the development process of the Dream11 clone is doing proper market research. Therefore, before jumping directly into the actual development of the app, you need to perform certain market research techniques like conducting surveys, field trials, creating focus groups, and doing regular observations. 


Once you have conducted the market research, you need to start planning for upcoming steps. Furthermore, you will also be developing a blue chart of your whole business plan and later implementing the ideas you planned in this process. 

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UI/UX Designing 

Now you have done your planning, it is time to hire skilled developers and start designing the User Interface of your Dream11 clone. For this, the developers will add elements to the application like icons, colour grading, interactive buttons, and dedicated logos to help your app become more user-friendly and ultimately enhance the overall user experience.     


Once you have hired a fantasy sports software development company, now is the time to start the development process of your app. Here, the overall creation of your app will commence by bringing together the necessary elements to make the Dream11 clone app stand apart in the market.     


Before launching the app, testing is a process that ensures your app is ready from every aspect of the user experience. Moreover, the testers run your Dream11 clone through different sets of tests including functional testing, speed testing, performance testing, usability testing, and security testing to make the app ready for launch.      


This is the final step in the process of development because now you can launch your Dream11 clone software on different platforms like the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store for the users, from where they can download the application, use it, and give their valuable feedback. 

Cost of Developing Dream11 Clone App

Although multiple aspects revolve around the development of an app, if we have to assume the cost for Dream11 clone software, it will come around $10K to $15K. Moreover, these factors affect the cost of app development in multiple ways, but eventually, it remains important to at least get in touch with these factors. Henceforth in the below section, we have listed the top six factors that affect the cost of developing the Dream11 clone app.    

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dream11 Clone App Development 

Below mention are the six factors that influence the cost of developing the Dream11 Clone App:

  1. Hiring an experienced fantasy app developer 
  2. Location of the developers
  3. Complexity of features 
  4. UI/UX designing 
  5. Testing 
  6. Choosing the right platform to launch the app
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Why Choose BR Softech to Develop a  Dream11 Clone App?

why choose dream11 clone script

BR Softech is an award-winning fantasy sports app development company that has developed many such apps like Dream11 Clone for clients across the globe. Our sincerity and commitment to providing excellent service in the technology sector have enabled us to achieve new heights of success every day. Moreover, the skilled developers we offer to our clients have set a bar in the international market that no other similar company in the world has yet touched. 

Henceforth, if you wish to develop Dream11 Clone software and enter the booming industry of sports fantasy apps, you can contact us, and our experienced developers will help you develop your app. Choose us to get outstanding benefits like:

  • On-time Project Delivery
  • Innovative  Solutions
  • Exceptional Post Deployment Maintenance Services
  • Pocket-friendly Solutions
  • Skilled Sports Fantasy App Developers
  • Latest Technology Integration  
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Can we develop Dream11 clone?

Yes, you can develop a Dream11 clone software by just contacting BR Softech, which will provide you with all the solutions related to the sports fantasy game industry.  

  1. How much does it cost to develop a Dream11 clone app?

To develop a Dream11 clone app, an estimated cost would come to around $10K to $15K estimated. Although there would be certain factors that will affect the development of the app.

  1. How long does it take to develop a Dream11 Clone script?  

Although the time depends completely on the app and the functions it consists of, it would take around 1 to 2 months to develop a Dream11 clone script. 

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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