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How To Create A Betting App Like Betway Sports?

Sports Betting
Jan 30, 2024
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Betway Sports

Are you looking to create a betting app like Betway Sports? If yes, this blog is for you! In this blog you will get to know about betway sports and everything that you need to know about, including the development of a betway like app that will help you make reasoned choices.

Betting apps are very popular means of entertainment and wagering activities. They provide ways to earn money through betting irrespective of the location and time. There are a wide range of betting platforms available on the internet. The most widely used betting app in Brazil is Betway Sports, which is among the best betting apps in 2024. The platform provides exciting betting options and provides easy management of several bets at the same time which helps the platform to attract a large gambling community. The Betway App has bespoke features that make it a distinctive place to bet on.

So are you fascinated by the unique features of the betway sports app? Let’s explore the blog to gain insights about Betting sports software and unveil the development process and cost of an app similar to this betting platform.

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What is Betway Sports?

Betway Sports app is a popular online betting platform in Brazil that gives users a range of games and features. With Betway, you can make real-time bets on live events of various sports like soccer, tennis, and cricket. It is part of the biggest online sportsbook that allows you to bet on your favorite sports on your smartphone from any part of the world. Now let’s have a look at the features of the Betway sports betting application.

Key Features of The Betway Sports App

Key Features of The Betway Sports App

Here are the features for the user panel and admin panel that you must take into consideration while developing your own betting app.

User Panel

These are the features that must be included on the user panel of the betting app.

Easy OnboardingEasy login allows the users to log in to the app without effort. A simple login process that only asks for email and password should be considered when developing software similar to the Betway Sports app.
Sport OptionsThe betting application should be able to provide several options for sports and leagues to the bettors. 
Live StreamingLive streaming allows the users to have a great reference to make timely and effective wagers.
Betting GuidesA gambling guide is a useful feature that consists of tips and tricks that help bettors in placing their bets. 
Selecting Betting TypesThe bettors should be able to select the types of betting if a bettor thinks that a particular betting will be most profitable for them.
Free PlayNew users can practice betting sessions before real-time betting. As betting involves the risk of losing money, the free play mode can let the users increase their gambling skills and familiarize themselves with the workings of the gambling application. 
Wide Range of GamesA wide variety of games allows the users to select the game of their own choice.
Chat OptionAs betting is much like a sports activity, you should integrate a live chat option to make an engaging platform.

Admin Panel

Here are the advanced features that are necessary to have the admin panel of the betting application.

User ManagementTo efficiently manage users and track their gambling activity inside the application, a highly functioning user management dashboard is a must in the admin panel.
Ads ManagementWith this feature, admins can easily control the advertisements that are displayed in the application along with their placement.
Bookie AccessThe bookies are helpful in determining the profit share of each and every sporting event as they are the only ones that have real-time and authentic data of wagers on players and the teams.
Rewards and Payments ControlThis feature allows the admin to easily manage the incoming and outgoing amounts from bets and to the winners. Also, the admin can control the rewards and prize section of betting games.
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Benefits of Betway Sports Betting App

There are various benefits of creating a similar app like Betway Sports. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of this platform:

Wide Market ReachA betway app helps your business to tap into the worldwide audience irrespective of geolocations.
Real-Time Analytics and ReportingAnalytics play an essential role in making wise decisions. The betway app provides the platform owners with real-time analytics and reporting tools that allow them to track user activities and behavior, monitor their betting patterns and make data-backed decisions.
Regulatory ComplianceCompliance with legal regulations is not negotiable in the online gambling industry. Betway Sports betting offers regulatory compliance that protects the platform operators as well as the users.
Customer Retention and MarketingA competitive environment requires strong marketing. The app for betting allows the owners to implement various marketing strategies that have the potential to attract new users and retain the existing ones.
High ScalabilityGrowing users makes business scalability an important factor. gambling software like the Betway app scales up your business and easily accumulates large incoming traffic without hampering the performance. 
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Development Process To Create A Betting App Like Betway Sports

Development Process To Create A Betting App Like Betway Sports

Developing a similar betting app like betway involves three major phases. Let’s deeply explore each phase and find out what is done in every step.

Pre Development Phase

Pre-development phase includes getting a legal license, checking online app store rules and regulations, and selecting the best sportsbook provider as per your requirements.

Obtain License

Before getting into the development process, it is important to obtain a legal license for gambling. Without this, it is not possible to advertise your Betway sports betting online application and attract users. You must know that Brazil has its own rules and regulations for online betting licenses, and it is the same for the other countries as well. So it is very important to thoroughly analyse the rules of the specific country that you are willing to target the audience.

Publishing Regulations on Platforms

Apart from country rules, you must also consider the publishing regulations before launching your betting app. Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store have their own guidelines for approving gambling applications on their platform. You must read their guidelines and rules to avoid future problems.

Select Your Sportsbook Provider

A sportsbook provider is a prominent part of your betting platform. To create a betting app like Betway Sports, you must choose a bookmaker that promises to offer reliable, safe and real-time data regarding sports events and results that can be integrated into your betting online software. Apart from this, they must be able to give you a wide range of gambling options for users so that they can choose from the range and access various services such as live streaming and other sports services.

Development Phase

You need to hire a development company for the development and deployment of your betting application. Here are the three steps involved in the development phase.

App Design

The Betway app design involves making a creative and attractive UI/UX design for the application interface. It determines how the user sees and feels about betting, even if he doesn’t use your application. As the designing is a crucial part you need to have a simple and friendly user interface that allows easy navigation inside the application that will attract more users.

App Development

Again one of the most important steps in the development process where the developer team creates your betting online app with various tech and tools and integrates the features and functions in the app as per the blueprint. Here you contact the team to make any changes you require in the app, post which it is not possible to alter anything.

Testing and QA

After you have developed your new betting software, it should be checked thoroughly for any bugs or errors that can be detrimental to the performance of the Betway Sports betting application. There are various testing tools, functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, and many more that help determine even the minute error. The significance of this step is to attain the highest level of quality and performance of the Betway app for betting. 

Post Development Phase

The last phase of the development process involves betting app deployment and marketing.

App Release and Promotion

The developer team launches your application like Betway to the respective platform and promotes it using several marketing strategies including digital marketing, influencer marketing, etc in order to expand the reach of your betway like app to the global audience.

Maintenance and Updates

The best sports betting development company provides seamless maintenance and customer support even after the app deployment. Your app is regularly checked for any bugs and updated to remain up to date in the gaming market.


Cost to Create a Betting App Like Betway Sports

Cost to Create a Betting App Like Betway Sports

Cost is one of the prominent factors when developing a betting application. There are many things like development team, project type and functions, and more that add up to the development cost of betting apps like Betway Sports. On average it costs between R$70000 and R$140000 with optimum features and functionality. However, you should note that the cost of your project can be lower or higher depending on various factors. If you want to know the exact cost involved in making your own app for betting then you need to contact a leading sports betting development company.

Here are the factors that affect the cost of developing a similar application:

  • Skills of the developers
  • Location of the developer team
  • Technology stack and tools
  • Number of functions and features
  • The complexity involved in the project
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Why Choose BR Softech To Create a Betting App Like Betway Sports?

Why Choose BR Softech To Create a Betting App Like Betway Sports?

BR Softech is an award-winning sports betting software development company with 12+ years of experience in developing class-leading betting software for international clients. Our in-house team of betting app developers have in-depth knowledge of the relevant field and leave no stone unturned in attaining the highest client retention and satisfaction.

If you are interested in making your own betting app similar to Betway Sports, contact us today and we will turn your dream into a reality. Choose us to get the best benefits:

  • Skilful Developer Team
  • Latest Technology Stack
  • Maintenance and Customer Support
  • Customizable and Affordable Solutions
  • On-Time Project Delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Where is Betway Located?

Ans. It is headquartered in Malta, with additional offices in London, and Madrid. Betway Sports was launched in 2006 and currently is one of the leading online gambling platforms across the world.

Q 2. How much time does it take to develop an app like Betway Sports?

Ans. Although the development time depends on the project size, it takes around three to four months to build an app like Betway Sports.

Q 3. Is Betway available in Brazil?

Ans. Yes, betway has a strong presence in the online betting industry. The online bookmaker has a partnership with esports organization FURIA.

Q 4. Is betway available for Android?

Ans. Betway Sports app is available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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