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Development Cost of Call Break Game App with Key Features

Game Development
Jan 03, 2024
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Call Break Game Development Cost

There is something nostalgic about playing our favourite card games. The Call Break Game is one of the best card games to play during vacations and festivities. With the arrival of the online version, it has received massive popularity and become one of the most played online card games on the internet.

Due to its huge popularity, investors are taking notice of the potential of this game and investing in the development of the same. This has made the call break development a profitable business which generates high revenue for the game companies.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with the cost of developing a game like Call Break and the key features that must be integrated into the Call Break multiplayer game. Let’s start by understanding the game.

What is a Call Break Game?

A call break card game is a multiplayer game played with a standard deck of 52 cards between four players. Here you discard cards and attempt to complete the tricks, which sets your win. When all cards have been dealt, the player to the right of the dealer discards the highest card of his suit. 

All cards belonging to the same suit must be played by the player with the highest card. The other players will discard their cards of the same suit. When compared to other online games like rummy and poker, it is a fairly new online card game.

It is widely popular in South Asian countries like India and Nepal as it provides a great platform to users for earning real cash at home.

Features of a Call Break Card Game

Features of a call break multiplayer card game

The features of the Call Break card game either make it or break it. Integrating a wide range of features will attract more players to the game and also increase user engagement in your game. Having studied the Call Break niche extensively, we have devised a list of all the features that you should consider implementing in your online Call Break card game.

1. Real Money Game

A real money game will allow players to earn real cash by playing the Call Break game online using their skills and strategies. Instead of just spending time playing Call Break, players can earn real cash at their convenience in their homes. In addition to this, you will also increase your game downloads by a huge margin as nowadays people are looking for platforms that offer earning opportunities.

2. Safe & Secure Payment Gateways

We develop Call Break earning apps that are integrated with safe and secure payment gateways that provide various payment options such as UPI, credit/debit cards, wallet transfers, and bank account transfers. Our games offer quick deposits and withdrawals to provide players with safe and secure transactions. This increases a player’s trust in the game platform and increases his confidence to add money to the game without hesitation.

3. Game History

The game history will provide a detailed history of all the games that you have played till now. This will be available in the Game History section. Information about wins and losses by a player will also be recorded and can be viewed in the same section.

4. Multiple Game Rooms

To avoid waiting periods and deliver a seamless gaming experience to the players, it is necessary to integrate multiple game rooms so that a large number of players can join the game without any delay. In the best real money call break multiplayer card game, there are several rooms with different entry fees, and players can select the room as per the fees which is suitable to them.

5. Withdrawal History

Just like game history, a withdrawal history will show all withdrawals done by a player to date. Detailed information on withdrawals will help a player determine the total amount he/she has won and credited to his bank account. This feature is beneficial in tracking the withdrawal amounts.

6. Buddy List

It is a list where a player has added other players as their friends which allows them to play the game with each other. Apart from gameplay, they can also chat with each other to discuss the game rules or anything related to it. The online call break card game also allows a player to either search for online players and send them invitations to play or send a buddy request to the players with whom you all are playing the game.

7. Live Chat

To improve the gaming experience and sort out the queries of the players, a live support feature should be integrated into the call break game online where players can reach out to the customer support team in just a few clicks. Our customer support executives are attentive and are available 24/7.

8. Guest Mode

If any player doesn’t want to register an account or log in through their social media account, the guest mode feature will help them to play the game without the need to sign up. However, players will have limited access to the games and they will need to sign up to get complete access to the game.

Cost To Develop a Call Break Multiplayer Game

Developing a call break game app requires a team of card game developers and a substantial budget. The cost to develop a call break card game is not fixed and is affected by several factors. To give you an idea, the average cost to develop a call break multiplayer game for a single platform with elementary features and functions ranges between $15000 and $25000. 

It is important to note that the cost can increase or decrease depending on your project. To Know the actual cost, you need to contact a leading card game development company

The factors that affect the cost of developing a call break game online are:

  • Location of the Developer Team
  • Project Complexity
  • Size of the online Call Break Card Game
  • Technology Stack Used in Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Intensity of Graphics
  • Compatibility over Cross-Platform

Develop A Card Game Like Call Break At BR Softech

As the top call break game development company, BR Softech excels in developing top-class multiplayer card game solutions. We have the finest team of card game developers who have in-depth knowledge of online card games and are proficient in creating the best online Call Break card game apps for clients all across the world. We are equipped with a modern technology stack and help you with every step of the development process, whether you want to build a brand-new Call Break app or website.

If you are interested in developing your own Call Break game online then BR Softech is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Choose us and get the following benefits:

  • Timely Project Delivery
  • Expert Call Break Developers
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Stunning 2D & 3D Games
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions

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Final Words

As smartphones become cheaper and easier to use, coupled with the ease of accessing high-speed internet, these card games have become a great platform for profit-making investments. The increased demand for games like Call Break has urged developers to become more involved in developing Call Break multiplayer online games. Choosing the right Call Break Multiplayer Game service provider can help you get a supreme-grade product while saving time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop a Call Break game app?

It takes around 2 to 3 months to develop a Call Break game app from scratch.

How can I make money from the Call Break game?

Users can wager and play for real money while operators can utilize various monetization strategies like in-app advertisements, match fees, and in-app purchases to generate revenue.

Is Call Break a game of skill?

Call Break is a strategic trick-taking card game that requires skills as well as strategies for winning the game.

How do you win a Call Break?

You don’t necessarily need to have a sharp mind and excellent skills. By following basic rules and strategies you can increase your winning chances.

Which card is most powerful in the Call Break?

Spades is the most powerful and the default trump suit in the Call Break game. So, it can beat any other card of a different suit regardless of their rank.

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