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Blackjack Card Counting Software

Jul 01, 2023
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Blackjack Card Counting Software

BlackJack is a popular casino card game that has secured a place in both land-based and online casinos due to its fantastic gameplay and low house edge. But, online blackjack card counting software adds a twist to it by offering you more chances to improve your odds of winnings.

Card-counting software for online blackjack gives a push to your game strategy and helps you to churn more wins. A better understanding of blackjack counting software will not only improve your winning percentage but also help you to understand whether you should invest in it or not. 

Are you excited to know about card counting blackjack software? If yes, then this blog is for you. Here, we are going to learn all about this software like its development process, features, cost, and much more.  Before diving in-depth, let’s know about card-counting software.

What is BlackJack Card Counting Software?

Card counting software offers you blackjack game tips that will improve the odds of winning in their favor. Basically, card counters assign a value (Plus, Minus, or Zero) to each card as it comes out of the deck, which helps you to know the running count of the live score of cards and all that helps you to determine the right strategy that will pave a way to your win.

In the basic gameplay, high-value cards favor the player, and low-value cards favor the dealer. So, a card counter helps you to know the number of high cards that are left in the deck. And this adds a positive side to the player and the player can increase their bet amount. This way helps a player to gain approximately a 1% edge over the house.

Let’s know the working process of card counting detection.

How Does Card Counting Detection Work?

Card counting detection is used by casinos to track a blackjack player like how much a player is wagering on a particular hand, how many chips he still has, and how many cashes are withdrawn. For that, they have two choices and one of them is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which uses radio tags embedded in casino chips and helps them to track every single casino chip.

The other way of card counting detection is a facial recognition system that is done by using a computer vision system. The basic concept behind this is to recognize the card counters as they enter and roam around the casino, and later know them through their ways of playing at the casino tables.

Features of BlackJack Card Counting Game Software

Here is the list of features that should be counted when you are going to develop blackjack card-counting software. Features are the base of any successful game software. The more features the more chances of success. Because nowadays, everyone wants to experience something unique and all on a single platform. So, always pay attention to features. You can try our card counting software solutions for blackjack casino card games.

Blackjack Card Counting Software Features

BlackJack Card Counting Software FeaturesDescription
Card ShufflersCard shuffling is done by using an RNG system. Our developed counting software increases excitement, thrill, engagement, and fun for your players. 
Customizable Cards and TablesYou can go with our designed card or you can also customize your cards and tables with us. Our customized services will take your gaming experience to the next level.
Multiple Languages
Our online Blackjack card counting software solutions support multi-languages that help your target audience explore the game platform seamlessly.
Multiple Payment ChannelsWe integrate multiple payment gateways in your blackjack counting software so that users can choose their preferred one in order to make a transaction in a secure way.
Our software has an anti-fraud system that helps you to offer a safe and transparent platform. Transparency and security make your platform trustworthy and reliable. 
Bonuses and RewardsWe offer exciting and enticing bonuses and rewards to attract new users and engage existing ones. So, players can spend more time and can come back to play more.
Multiplayer modesTo boost players’ engagement we offer multiple game modes. So, users can choose their desired one.
ScoreboardsScoreboard not only helps users to know their score but also increases the thrill and healthy competition. All that leads players to stay engaged and play more.
Legal Compliances
Our developed card counting software for live blackjack complies with all legal regulations that enable you to carry out your business services seamlessly all around the globe.
Achievement UnlocksAchievement unlocks not only increase excitement and thrill among users but also increase user engagement in an effortless manner. 
Multiple Currency SupportOur card counting software solutions for online blackjack supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies which helps users to make payments in their desired one.

BlackJack Card Counting Game Software Development

For blackjack card counting game software development services, you can hire a blackjack game development company or do it yourself if you are a tech-friendly guy. But, in both cases, you should know about the development process of card-counting software for blackjack. So that you can get the best software solutions for your blackjack card-counting game.

Let’s know the step-by-step development process for robust blackjack card counter software solutions. 

1. Brainstorming

This is the first step in which we work on our idea. Always try to offer something new that can be admired by players. For that, you can take the help of an experienced blackjack card counter game development company. They will help you to cultivate an idea that will not only work but also bring fruitful results for you. In the brainstorming process, you have to take care of vital aspects of your game software like features, functions, platform, payment channels, working mechanism, themes, art style, and much more. If you work on all these factors in an efficient way, then half of your task is completed.

2. Market Research

You should focus on market research before working on your blackjack counting software idea. In this phase, you have to invest in research in order to know who is your target audience, what is offered by your competitors, how you will create a difference, and what is the demand of your target users.

  • Idea– Has anyone else worked on your blackjack counter software idea? If yes, then what is your strategy to beat them?
  • Trends – Does your card counting software for live blackjack have the latest trends or not? Make a deep analysis and make a list of top trending features and try to integrate them into your platform. So, your counting platform can be liked by players and your investment can churn profit for you.
  • Languages – Languages play an important role when offering your card counter services to multiple locations. To attract and engage players from different languages backgrounds, you have to assimilate multi-language features in your software.
  • Cost – Decide your budget and act according to that. There are various features and functionalities that cost too much. So, diversify your budget according to that.

3. Wireframing Mockups

For wireframing mockups, you have to hire a professional team of designers to help you know how your card counter software for blackjack will display and look. It will help you get a clear picture of how your card-counting software will function when the player interacts. This is the initial stage where symbols, characters, backgrounds, etc. should be counted. All these processes are not final, you can make changes whenever and whatever you want to make in it.

4. Creating a Prototype (MVP)

After working on wireframes, you have to move on to develop a prototype. Because the prototype will tell you how your card counting software for online blackjack will function and looks statically. This creates a lightweight working model for your blackjack counter software. So, you can have a basic idea of your final product.

In this developers do programming to bring your idea into the real world and, your platform structure, mechanics, features, and UI/UX take palace. It is the same as your final product but, you can also make changes to it. Basically, this is the base step where every function and features get a shape. Always try to become a part of this step, because this is the crucial step that determines the success of your card counting application.

5. Development of the BlackJack Card Counting App

This step is counted as the most crucial step in the card counting software development process. Because, here developers give a final touch to your platform. For this step, you should hire a team of professional and skilled developers that can enrich your application with elegant features, and other mesmerizing functions that can engage users. This may be a time-consuming process because here each aspect gets a shape. Pay special attention to this phase and it will offer you fruitful results.

6. Quality Assurance and Testing

After the development of the blackjack card counter application, you have to go for testing and quality assurance so that you can offer a game app that is totally error-free and bug-free. For all that, you can hire an experienced tester that can make your counter software error-free and users can enjoy it without facing any issues. For a smooth and engaging experience, your app must not count any bugs.

Polishing your application will help you to offer high-quality counter software that will help you to attract and engage blackjack players.

7. Launch and Marketing

Now, your online blackjack card counting platform is ready to launch and before deploying it, you should know the specific terms for a particular platform where you will deploy it. Once your software is live, your target audience will be able to experience and enjoy it.

To offer your online blackjack card-counting services to your target audience in an effortless manner you can approach various marketing strategies. Choose one that gives you the best results at the best rates. Our main objective is to offer our services to the ones who are looking for it. So, you hire a team that excels in marketing.

After a regular time interval, you should offer an updated version so your software can work smoothly on all devices, and a new concept will help them to stay for a long time and continuously experience it.

Development Cost of BlackJack Card Counting Software

The demand for card counting software for online blackjack is increasing at a rapid pace. Both players and owners are getting benefits from it. Within a short span of time, it has proved itself profitable and has become a prominent part of the blackjack game. Now, you know how to use blackjack card counting software , and you can also invest in it to churn this fruitful opportunity. So, how much does it cost to create card counting software for Mac and other platforms? 

The cost depends on various aspects like-

  • Design of the software
  • Features of a card counter software
  • Tech Stack of the Blackjack software
  • Development process
  • Hiring developers
  • Testing
  • Marketing strategies

The exact cost can be calculated after counting all your desired features, functions, platform compatibility, technologies, payment gateways, tech stack, languages, and much more. With basic features and a single platform, it will cost you around $10,000 to $15,000. However, it may go up and down according to your game idea. To know the exact cost you can share your game idea with us and together we will achieve a great level of success.

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Final Word

Live Blackjack card counting software has attracted players from all around the world. That’s why, it has become a fruitful business opportunity within a limited time period and everyone wants to churn it to make money. You can also come up with your unique concept and can convert it into reality. For that you can take the help of BR Softech, which is a major blackjack card counting software development company. They will offer you smart and tailor made solutions for card counting mobile apps that will help you achieve your aim in an easy way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1  What Are the Features Included in the Blackjack Card Counting Game Software?

Ans. Some of the most useful and prominent features are multiple channels of payment, a player management system, an anti-fraud system, bonuses and rewards, scoreboards, and much more.

Q.2 Do You Offer Customized Blackjack Card Counting Software Solutions?

Ans. Yes, we offer you tailor-made solutions that will satisfy all your business needs. You can integrate features and functions according to your choices. Our developers are excellent at delivering more than you demanded.

Q.3  Can You Provide Ready-to-launch Card Counting Software Solutions for Live Blackjack?

Ans. Yes, BR Softech offers white-label solutions for users who want to launch their services within a limited time period. We will make changes according to your business needs and serve your software within a short span of time.


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