Elance joins oDesk to improve Services for Freelancers

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Elance and oDesk, two major online marketplaces for freelancers, declare their plan to merge. The deal is predictable to close within the next upcoming months.

The two platforms will continue to work separately under their separate brands. Behind the scenes, however, the older Elance seems to be taking the lead.

“If it’s meant to be, it happens very quickly, by reaching larger level, we can start thinking about our trade to the point where we can simply see the company achieving the scale of an Amazon or LinkedIn in this globe of online work.” says Elance CEO Fabio Rosati in a conversation.

“The single most meaningful progress that will come out of our combination will be the capability to create quicker and better matches between opportunity & talent and deliver that on the shoulders of a much more wide data science team and engineering procedure.” said Rosati.

In Rosati’s words -“We view ourselves as the Davids in an industry full of Goliaths. We will continue to serve you on odesk.com, & Elance clients will continue to work on elance.com.” In other words, oDesk and Elance will operate separately and as usual, even after the merger is complete.

The joining regarding, here are two types of things you can look advance to:

  • Important technology investments – This contains tools for more successful hiring, flawless online teamwork, better mobile support & freelancer talents development.
  • Superior quality results – With joint expertise in engineering & data science, we will enjoy a host of quality step up like as superior job & freelancer advices over time.


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