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Fantasy Kabaddi App & Web Software Development: Everything You Need to Know

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 14, 2022

MDigitalization is meticulously evolving our lifestyle, the penetration of smartphones and increase in the tendency of people to access the internet is corroborating the daily life applications of mobile applications.

Seemingly, the introduction of fantasy kabaddi app development is dominating the entire sports betting industry, now people make online predictions by selecting a virtual team of real players. Although, many fantasy sports are catching the eyes of sports betters. Among them, fantasy kabaddi software development is taking the lead.

According to research, experts are predicting the global fantasy sports market to elevate from US$20.36 billion in 2020 to US$22.31 billion by 2021 with an astonishing CAGR of 9.5%. Such stats highlight that investing in a fantasy sports app development is going to be an outstanding fantasy sports business opportunity for various entrepreneurs. 

If you’re also looking to make profits by fantasy kabaddi app & web software development, then Google has brought you to the right place. Here you’ll learn all verticals related to queries for investing in pro kabaddi fantasy app.

Dream-11, like the fantasy kabaddi fantasy app platform where kabaddi lovers can draft their own team, play alongside the team and watch the live statistics of the kabaddi match. Here you become the manager of the top kabaddi players who battle with each other on the dream-11 fantasy kabaddi web software. The technology of fantasy kabaddi web software even allows the players to create their own private kabaddi leagues with their friends, join public leagues, view & analyze the live score treads, and so on. 

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Become a part of this highly popular traditional kabaddi game that is finding a new life in the form of kabaddi space’s latest software. Here in this blog post, we will provide you with plenty of information related to the fantasy  software development

Market Capitalization of Fantasy Kabaddi Software

As per a report published by the Statista research department, out of the hundreds of fantasy sports games available in the market, kabaddi has noted the third palace following cricket and football with 6% of the global market capture. Fantasy kabaddi business is expected to grow at INR 118.8 billion from INR 43.8 billion by the end of the financial year 2023 with a growing CAGR of 22.1%. 

Kabaddi has walked too far after being unrecognizable for almost two decades. Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most prominent factors in the notable success of kabaddi. This is inspired by the Indian Premier League that is well-celebrated for more than one decade. Pro Kabaddi League has drawn the attention of millions of people and its success is going higher and higher with every passing day. 

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The popularity of the Pro Kabaddi League and other kabaddi events has attracted plenty of sponsors that have fueled a lot of money to create the buzz of the kabaddi. Custom fantasy  software providers also recognize that the value of kabaddi can help them in increasing their brand reputation and market value. 

Kabaddi in India has made a place in the hearts of millions of people as it allows them to test their skills and predictions to win huge rewards. Therefore, the future of pro-kabaddi league software is bright, especially in countries like India. 

What Are the Key Features of Fantasy Kabaddi Software?

Features determine the functionality of a mobile app. The Fantasy Kabaddi Software allows users to draft their own team with features like real-time fantasy statistics. By using our White label kabaddi software development product, you create your own private leagues with your friends, join public leagues, view & analyze the live score treads, and so on.

Features for User Panel

The user panel dashboard of fantasy kabaddi app like dream11 offers features and instructions that are only available on the user’s screen. In this section, you’ll learn about the features that we provide in the user panel of our kabaddi scoreboard software.

Features for Admin Panel

Admin panel dashboard comes with features that help the business owner or the admin to monitor every trace of activity happening in the Kabaddi League software. This section will guide you about the top-notch features that we provide in Fantasy Kabaddi League Platform.

Here we have compiled a list of all the features that will help you stand out for your fantasy kabbadi sports application in the market. A fantasy kabaddi sports application is made of two panels; a user panel and an admin panel. We have categorized the features below depending on this fact.  

 Features for User Panel

Participant/user registration 

This feature is intended to facilitate the users to register on your fantasy kabaddi sports app. While the returning users can benefit from this feature to log in to your application. 

Home Page

This is the main page where users landed up after registering to log in to the app. On this page, users can search for the particular contest, contest category, tournament name and so on. 

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Joining the Contest 

The participants can join a variety of contests as per their preferences, team players, size and winning amount. Users should have the freedom to join the contest according to their wallet.

Payment Mode

The participants can deposit a contest fee using a variety of payment modes, such as debit card/credit card, digital wallet, net banking, and so on. 

Create Your Own Contest

With just a few clicks, the participants will be able to create their own contest just by entering a few details such as contest name, winning amount, contest size and participation fee. 

My Contest

Under this page, the user will be able to see the list of all the contests they joined or created. Besides this, users can also select or modify their list of team members. 


On this page, users will be able to view, edit or delete their profile information. Furthermore, users will be able to other information also i.e. total winning amount, account information, and other essential information. Users can also manage the transactions, withdraw the winning amount, invite friends to earn rewards and log out. 

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Admin Panel Features

Admin login

The admin needs to provide the login credentials i.e. username and password to log into the admin panel.  


This section will display the detailed statistics related to the ongoing matches, upcoming matches, total participants, total revenue generated, and so on. 

User Management

The admin can effectively manage the user’s account-related details, such as add/edit/view/delete/active and deactivate the account.

Manage Matches

The admin can also view/add/active or deactivate matches. 

Sports Category

The admin can manage all the sports from various categories. 

Contest Manager

This feature comes in aid to allow the admin to edit, view, activate or deactivate the entire contest. 

Manage Payment Withdrawal Request

The admin can see all the withdrawal requests made on the application. The admin can either approve or disapprove of the withdrawal request. 

Manage Multiple Reports

The admin can view or generate the reports related to the contest, total earning, player ranking statistics, team statistics. 

CMS Pages

The admin has control over all kinds of CMS pages such as about us, contact us and so on. The admin can view, remove, or modify the content. 

Reward Point Management

The admin can offer exciting rewards to the users. 

What Else You Can Add to Dream-11 Like Fantasy Kabaddi Software?

1. Custom Fantasy Scoring System

While developing the kabaddi league application for mobile phones you can incorporate the custom fantasy sports scoring system to provide the league scoring in the proper format. 

When talking about the fantasy scoring system, there are commonly three types of scoring systems that are widely used. The first one is standard scoring, the second one is points per reception system, and the third one is the individual defensive system. 

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2. Fantasy Analytics Software

Having accurate fantasy analytics software will go a long way to provide in-depth states and real-time information about the team and players. With the assistance of this feature, you can keep a record of all the information and data in the most organized format. 

3. Advance Level Data Integration Solution

No matter where you are getting data for your fantasy sports application. With the help of an adequate data integration solution, you can receive data from any source promptly and securely. 

4. Fantasy Sports AR Solution

To provide a smooth and enhanced user experience to gamblers, the best thing you can do is adopt highly advanced AR/VR technologies. These technologies will help you provide a more realistic and engaging experience to the players. 

5. eCommerce Integration

This is the best way to increase the revenue of your fantasy sports kabaddi software. Along with the kabaddi matches betting, you can integrate a platform where players can buy all the sports-related platforms. So, integrating the eCommerce store with your kabaddi league software is not only a smart decision but also profitable too. 

How does Fantasy Kabaddi Software Development work?

Fantasy kabaddi software development begins with understanding the client’s requirements and doing a comprehensive competitor analysis. These two things help the fantasy  app development company to build a successful fantasy kabaddi app. 

The following are some of the most common things involved in the fantasy kabaddi software development. 

1. Proper Planning

This is one of the most essential things you need to pay attention to while building season-long / daily fantasy kabaddi Software. So you need to be clear with the budget, target audience, development team, and list of the essential features. 

2. Research and Analysis

This is another important thing you can do to make a successful fantasy kabaddi software. In this stage, you need to do a competitor analysis to determine the important feature for your application and what strategies you can apply to gain a competitive advantage. 

3. Defining the Game Rules and Format

Hire a fantasy kabaddi app developer like BR Softech that can help you decide the simple yet effective and attractive game rules and format as per the user requirement. 

4. Design & Development Process

This is one of the crucial stages of the fantasy kabaddi software development, thus this requires topmost attention. Your fantasy sports software or mobile app needs to be well built to enhance the user engagement rate. 

5. Deployment 

This is the final stage where software or application is available to launch in the market. 

Cost of Fantasy Kabaddi Software Development

The cost of fantasy kabaddi software development depends on a variety of factors such as the development platform, required features, and the region of the fantasy kabaddi software providers.

The cost of fantasy kabaddi software development depends on several factors like:

  • Mobile app development platform (ios, Android, or web)
  • App features
  • Back end and front end development
  • 3rd party API integration
  • UI/UX development
  • Mobile app development team size and structure
  • Mobile app development hours
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

A Kabaddi scoreboard software cost with the aforementioned features will cost you somewhere around $25,000 to $45,000. Remember the fact that the development cost can go higher and lower depending on the features.

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Build A Feature-Rich Fantasy Kabaddi Software With BR Softech

With the help of a highly experienced and skilled team of fantasy kabaddi software development company BR Softech, you can successfully join the bandwagon of the fantasy sports world within your budget and deployment time. So what is holding you back? Take a wide step and schedule your appointment with our sales team today!

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