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How to Develop a Fantasy App like Dream11? – Step-by-Step Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 10, 2022
develop a fantasy app like dream11

In this world full of people progressing in the future through different technologies, it is important to consider entertainment from time to time. When it comes to sports applications, Dream11 is one of the thrilling applications that attract sports enthusiasts worldwide. It has a huge fanbase. There are many people behind the dream11 app now as the IPL season begins. Currently, they are busy creating their fantasy cricket team.

Your Dream11 players score on-ground to win. People can earn money and compete against their friends in various sports contests.

Let’s dive into the topic of how to develop a fantasy app like dream11 and its development cost through this blog.

What is Dream11?

In Dream11, players are assessed according to their knowledge and prediction skills. For each game, players must create a virtual team, and points are earned based on their real performances.

It makes the players more excited about the cricket match. In addition to cricket, Dream11 offers other sports, including basketball, hockey, fantasy apps like dream11 for cricket, and kabaddi.

As fantasy sports become more popular, apps like dream11 are also booming on the market. In order for Dream11 to exist, Mr. Harsh Jain and Mr. Bhavit Sheth had to come together. As a result, they developed an idea for a fan base platform where users are able to use their skills and knowledge to determine the winner.

Various organizations have partnered with Dream11, such as BCCI, ICC, VIVO IPL, Pro Kabaddi League, International Hockey Federation, NBA, etc.

What Team Structure is Needed for Fantasy App Development?

It will be necessary to hire an expert team of specialists to create your Dream11 clone fantasy sports app.

For the development of a basic fantasy sports app, the following team structure is required:

  • Designer of UI and UX
  • Developers 3 to 4
  • Engineer, Quality Assurance

A medium to advanced Dream11 app version requires:

  • A team of five to six managers
  • UI/UX designers: 8 to 10
  • A team of four to six quality analysts
  • Developers between 15 and 18
  • One project manager

Business Model of Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

When you add an earning feature to cricket, you can consider it pure gold. Cricket is a huge craze throughout the world.

In spite of Dream11’s early attempts to use ads as a monetization strategy, they soon realized that a smooth, fast, and ad-free experience is the best.

There is a small entry fee for players to join the game.

The company charges 20% of the entry fee and distributes the remainder to the players. For example, if 10,000 rupees are collected, 2,000 rupees will be the company’s earnings, and 8,000 rupees will go to the winners.

How to Design an Effective Fantasy Sports App like dream 11?

In order for a fantasy app like dream11 for android to be effective, its design is likely to be one of the most crucial aspects. Sports platforms are fundamentally different from other types of apps because of this element.

Effective Fantasy Sports App like dream 11

It is important to remember that fantasy sports apps have multiple levels of engagement for their users. To ensure a superlative end-user experience, all of these aspects must be considered when designing the user interface.

The following guidelines should be followed:

#1. Onboarding made easy

An app platform’s user onboarding is the first design element. Several active users have complained that designers and developers have neglected this stage of the app onboarding process.

#2. Real Estate Defined

In most fantasy sports and traditional sports mobile apps, you can expect to find a lot of information. In addition to creating teams, joining them, tracking real-time scores, managing their teams, accessing dashboards, making payments, etc., there is an endless list of things that the user can do.

#3. Use of minimal text

It is not a good idea for the user to be distracted from the game by an overload of text. In a fantasy sports app, text should be kept to a minimum. To allow users to interact freely during matches and games, keep the screen real estate clutter-free as possible.

How to Develop Fantasy Apps like Dream11?

The development of an app is one thing, but the development of a ranking app is another. If you want your app to stand out from the competition, you will need to hire some professionals.

Technology Stack Required to Develop a Fantasy App like Dream11.

  • Kotlin for Android App Development
  • Swift for iOS App Development
  • Node.js for Back-end Development
  • AWS or Azure for Cloud
  • SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  • Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics
  • Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications
  • for Chat
  • Integrate Live Score API
  • FIFS Certification or License (for creating ethical gaming platform)

Backend Team Requirement for Developing an App like Dream11

  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer

Fantasy sports is Taking the World by Storm:

Fantasy sports is nothing but a kind of game which enables sports lovers to enjoy a virtual game by cherry-picking their own team with amazing players that play in a team. If the players you zero down are promising, then you will earn a handsome price. 

One of the thrilling segments in digital sports is the growing trend of fantasy sports. With the massive population of youth, it is said to increase with each passing day. Moreover, games and entertainment are crucial for relieving the stress of working life by different professionals. Due to this, different IT companies have laudable developers to develop amazing app similar to dream 11.Effective Fantasy Sports App like dream 11

Dream11 is said to have wide-ranging millions of fans who are sports aficionados to the core. Moreover, this application is designed with the point of view to enable users make money through playing. Sports lovers can choose from numerous sports to play on this fantasy sports application. This is the reason why entrepreneurs can opt for starting a business of fantasy sports online by creating fantasy app like dream 11 for cricket or various other sports. Within no time, it gets popular among the sporty youngsters. 

The reason why this sector is showing a rising trend is because youth are more attracted to it as they love sports day in and day out.

Factors to Consider for Developing an Alternative App of Dream11: 

The foremost thing essential for developing a dream11 clone script is to zero down the commendable mobile app developers who will convert your app idea into reality. Good market research is crucial to go ahead with your thrilling fantasy sports app. The trend of sports lovers as to what they find necessary in the app, is much needed. The simple user interface will highly impress the sports enthusiasts because they will be able to enjoy playing in simple clicks and by following simple procedures.

Fantasy Sports Application: Important Features that will Thrill Sports lovers to Bits: 

When it comes to the development of a fantasy sports app similar to dream11 for football or other kinds of sports, then it should have something attractive that users will be drawn to. The higher the exciting and jaw-dropping features, the higher the number of downloads of your fantasy sports app. Anything unique catches the eyes of people pretty damn quickly. The same goes with the features you wish to include in the dream11 clone script.

Fantasy Sports Application: Important Features

1. User Registration is the Foremost Thing to Consider: 

In this, users will be able to register by following simple steps and procedures. This platform should be hassle-free in usage so that it does not take much time for the user. 

2. There Should be the Main Home Screen: 

Another essential part is to include a default screen that the user will see once completing the registration to the application. All details about different game matches are listed here. Sports users will be able to know about different games according to their preferences, such as kabaddi, cricket, football, etc. Apart from this, a user will also be able to check different kinds of live matches, matches upcoming, and other kinds of match-related info such as results about any match which has been played, etc. This category of application should include the timing and date of matches and also the teams for a game match, along with names of teams and a picture that will catch a sports lover’s attention in the blink of an eye. 

3. Contest Sections in the Application: 

Another important category to include in the fantasy sports app similar to Dream11 for football or other games is the contest section. This entices the sports enthusiast in a jiff. It involves different details related to contests, such as, entry cost, type of contests, price to be given to contest winners, total winners, the total number of teams, etc. In this way, it will be easier for any user to cherry-pick the contest of his choice and go ahead with the match. 

4. Joining Contest Section: 

This section will enable the user to join in the contest which excites him the most and accordingly move ahead for playing. 

5. Contest Creation Segment: 

In this section, a user will be able to design a thrilling contest in simple steps. A user will just have to fill out various details like contest size, contest name, total winning amount, etc. It is essential to join for any contest and then this feature will be seen on the app. This particular section excites the users while using the fantasy app like dream11 for IPL.

6. Payment Gateway: 

Another important section is the payment gateway which will help the user to choose from various online modes of payment and it will make the functioning of the fantasy sports app easier. 

7. My Contest: 

This section basically deals with the part where users can check the total number of joined contestants. The sports lover will be able to see and make changes in the team players chosen for playing the match. This section is exciting in the app similar to dream11 for volleyball or other games. 

8. My Profile section: 

This will be an important dashboard that displays the user’s gaming choices and match choices. This particular section in the application will show reward points, account details, cash bonus amount, etc. In this section, a user will also be able to check the transaction carried out, the complete rank of different matches, etc. The user will also withdraw the winning amount through this section, without any hassle. You can also add the category called as reward points, in this particular section. 

9. Other sections can also be added such as Invite & Earn: 

In this particular section, a user can also earn more money by inviting their friends to use the app for different sports just by adding a simple referral code. This section will also increase your app users through this marketing technique. 

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Functionality & Features of the App

Prepare a list of features and functionalities that will be integrated into your fantasy app like dream11 for iOS before starting to develop a website like Dream 11. To begin with, any fantasy sports league app should include these features and functionalities.

Panel for users

#1. User registration and login for contestants/applications

The registration and logging-in process should be convenient and hassle-free for app users. This step should not be overcomplicated by collecting unnecessary information. The password must be unique and must be accompanied by an email address or a mobile number.

#2. My Profile

Profile dashboards allow users to build their online player personas by adding relevant information.

#3. Edit Profile

You can enter your profile details here, such as your username, phone number, email address, etc. Information can also be edited, added, or deleted here.

#4. Reward points can be checked


#5. Home Screen

The user is redirected to the app’s home screen by default after registering. This is a mandatory navigation where the user sees a bit of everything the platform has to offer.

Admin User Panel Features

#1. Login for admins

A unique id and password combination is used by the administrator to log in, very similar to the method used by users.

#2. Dashboard

As soon as the admin logs in, he is taken to the dashboard of the admin panel. Admins can view everything happening on the platform at a glance from the dashboard, which is similar to the home screen.

#3. Managing users

A user who has registered on the app can also be managed by the admin. Editing, adding, deleting or deactivating user accounts are all possible for the administrator.

#4. Matches to manage

The administrator can also manage match listings from the admin panel. Administrators can edit, add, delete, activate and deactivate match listings.

#5. Category management for games

Additionally, administrators can manage game categories by adding, deleting, editing, activating, and deactivating them as needed.

The additional features of the app

#1. Scores from live matches

When there are ongoing live matches and tournaments, a live scoreboard will bring in more users. It is more engaging for users to use an app that includes expert analysis, highlights, etc.

#2. Advertising within apps

By reaching out to a wider audience base with an in-app advertising functionality, promotional campaigns can be scaled.

#3. Notifications via push

Users should be notified periodically about updates, news, matches, or app-related information. A push notification feature can be integrated into the app to achieve this.

#4. Support for multiple languages

You should consider offering multi-language support if you want your fantasy sports app to operate on a global platform.

#5. Chat live

These days, mobile apps must have easy-to-access live chat features. Offering users optimal 24×7 support can be achieved by combining bots and live agents.

What is the Cost of Developing an App like Dream11?

The cost of developing a fantasy app like dream11 for cricket starts at $5000 and goes up to $10,000 for a simple platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionality. Depending on the functionality of the app, it may cost more to develop a fantasy app like dream11 for iOS with all the advanced features and functionality.

Cost of Developing an App like Dream11

Your choice of company will also affect the cost of developing an app like dream11.

Charges for Small Companies$15 – $40/hour
Intermediate Companies$50 – $100 per hour
Companies of enterprise level charge$100 and $250 per hour

We can develop websites like Dream 11, a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 if you are looking for a mobile app development company. Various fantasy sports apps have been developed by our Dream11 app developers. 

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In Conclusion

Sony Sports and ESPN networks, two of the biggest names in the sports world, have launched their own fantasy leagues. As well as the NBA and NFL, fantasy sports platforms are available from these organizations as well. It is because of this phenomenal traffic that fantasy sports leagues are gaining popularity so quickly. You can explore paths you haven’t fully explored by creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11. Even though there are established players on the market, there is still a lot of room for new players. The demand for this game is only expected to increase in the future since it is the game of the future.

Let’s not wait any longer. Provide sports fans with the best possible reason to play with your fantasy sports app like Dream11.

Why is BR Softech the Best for Dream11 App Development?

We are one of the top fantasy sports app development companies in the world. Having cricket enthusiasts as experts, we understand what our audience wants and needs. We also focus on innovation, so all of our apps and games have a few cool features that make them stand out from others.

Dream11 is developed by a dedicated team of developers on time and within budget. Our goal is to develop a website like dream11 that meets all of your requirements, as well as incorporating so many features and functionalities that the end product will exceed your expectations. We use the latest technology to create an app that is both advanced and user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How can i make money with a Fantasy app like Dream 11?

Fantasy apps have various monetization strategies. You can take advantage of various monetization strategies like-

In-app advertisements
Brand Promotion
League Entry Fees

Q. Do you provide customized fantasy app solutions?

Yes, we provide customized as well as white-label solutions for a fantasy applications. Our customized solutions are developed by keeping the client’s requirements in mind.

Q. What is the development cost of a fantasy app like Dream 11?

Fantasy apps development cost is dependent on various factors like cross-platform compatibility, location of the developer, features, etc. On average, the cost to develop a fantasy app like Dream 11 ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

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