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How to Develop a Fantasy App like Dream 11? Step-by-Step Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 27, 2023
How to Develop a Fantasy App like Dream 11? Step-by-Step Guide

In this world full of people progressing in the future through different technologies, it is important to consider entertainment from time to time. When it comes to sports applications, Dream11 is one of the thrilling applications that attract sports enthusiasts worldwide. It has a huge fanbase. There are many users of the Dream11 app now as the IPL season begins. Currently, they are busy creating their fantasy cricket team. 

Your Dream11 players score on-ground to win. People can earn money and compete against their friends in various sports contests. 

Let’s dive into the topic of how to develop a fantasy app like dream11 and its development cost through this blog. 

Essential Features of an App like Dream 11

When it comes to the development of a fantasy sports app similar to dream11 for football or other kinds of sports, then it should have something attractive that users will be drawn to. The higher the exciting and jaw-dropping features, the higher the number of downloads of your fantasy sports app. Anything unique catches the eyes of people pretty quickly. The same goes for the features you wish to include in the Dream11 clone script.

Essential Features of an App like Dream 11
User OnboardingThe fantasy app like Dream 11 must have an easy user onboarding method that allows users to log in or signup for the app through their social media accounts.
Safe & Secure Payment GatewaysIt is essential to integrate safe & secure payment gateways in an app similar to Dream 11. The payment gateways allow users to make transactions without any hassle and protect the user’s financial information.
Responsive UI/UXThe user interface is the first thing a user notices when browsing your app. It is important to design an easily navigable and attractive UI so users won’t be discouraged by your app. 
Multilingual SupportA fantasy platform like Dream 11 caters to a global audience. Multi-language support allows users to play the fantasy game in their desired language.
Refer & EarnThe refer & earn feature allows the user to invite their friends and family to the Dream 11 app. Moreover, users also get additional rewards whenever a user joins the platform through their invite link. 
Draft a TeamUsers can use this feature to add players and create their perfect team to take part in contests and leagues.
Player & Team DetailsUsers can get in-depth information about the players and teams such as their past performances and statistics to help them make an informed decision about their pick.

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Admin Panel

Admin DashboardThe admin dashboard is the master control of an app like Dream 11. All the settings of the app and various other controls are present on the admin dashboard.
User ManagementThe admin can monitor and manage all the user activities within the app. In case of any suspicious activity, the admin can also ban a user.
Payment ManagementWith payment management, the admin can monitor and manage all the transactions happening within the fantasy app like Dream 11.
Match ManagementThe admin can manage and modify all the matches and leagues with the match management feature.
Game ManagementControl and tweak all game settings including language, audio, matches, notification, etc.
Ads ManagementThe admin can remove or place an ad anywhere on the app with the ads management feature. 

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Business Model of Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream 11

When you add an earning feature to cricket, you can consider it pure gold. Cricket is a huge craze throughout the world. Moreover, a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 can take advantage of various monetization strategies that can help it generate additional revenue. 

Business Model of Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream 11
  • In-app advertisements and paid subscriptions are used widely in Fantasy sports platforms. 
  • Third-party advertisements and discounts and premium features on a fixed subscription can also be used as an extra source of income. 
  • Entry fees for matches are the primary source of revenue for apps like Dream 11
  • Invite other brands to promote their services and products on your platform for extra revenue. 

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How to Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11?

In order for a fantasy app like dream11 for android to be effective, its design is likely to be one of the most crucial aspects. Sports platforms are fundamentally different from other types of apps because of this element. It is important to remember that fantasy sports apps have multiple levels of engagement for their users. To ensure a superlative end-user experience, all of these aspects must be considered when designing the user interface. 

1. Market Research

Before developing an app, it is important to conduct thorough market research to figure out the ongoing trends in the market. It is also essential to know the preference of audiences so that you can deliver exactly what they want. Also, make sure to conduct competitor analysis which gives you insight into your competitor’s strategies. After a thorough market analysis, you should be able to answer the following questions-

  • What are the ongoing trends in the market?
  • The preferences of the audience
  • What strategies are used by your competitors?
  • What are the strengths of your competitors?

2. Technology Stack for a Fantasy App like Dream 11

  1. Kotlin for Android App Development
  2. Swift for iOS App Development
  3. Node.js for Back-end Development
  4. AWS or Azure for Cloud
  5. SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  6. Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics
  7. Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications
  8. for Chat
  9. Integrate Live Score API
  10. FIFS Certification or License (for creating an ethical gaming platform)

3. Hire Dedicated Fantasy App Developers

After conducting the market research and finalizing the tech stack, the next step is to hire dedicated fantasy app developers that will build your application. Cost is one of the major factors when choosing fantasy app developers for your project. India-based Developers are considerably cheaper than USA-based Developers. Also, make sure to check the experience of the company before entering into a partnership deal with them. 

4. Prototype Development

The next step is to create a functional prototype. A prototype is a functional version of the app with all the elements and features in the right place that is used for testing. A working prototype will also give you a general idea about the general feel and look of a fantasy app like Dream 11. 

5. Development & Testing

The next phase is to iron out the loose ends of your fantasy app and start the testing phase. It is important to ensure proper testing to ensure that your app is not filled with bugs or glitches. It can be detrimental to your business if you launch an app filled with bugs and glitches. Make sure to allocate a significant amount of budget towards testing as it requires a large amount of capital to complete the testing phase. 

6. Launch & Deployment

After proper testing of an app like Dream 11, it is time to deploy the application in the market. However, your task isn’t over. There are various other services that must be provided to users after deployment such as customer support and rolling out timely updates to include the latest features in your application. 

What is the Cost of Developing an App like Dream 11?

The cost of developing a fantasy app like dream11 for cricket starts at $30,000 and goes up to $40,000 for a simple platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionality. Depending on the functionality of the app, it may cost to develop a fantasy app like dream11 for iOS with all the advanced features and functionality. 

Cost of Developing an App like Dream 11

Your choice of company will also affect the cost of developing an app like dream11.

Charges for Small Companies$15-$40 per hour
Intermediate Companies$50 -$100 per hour
Companies of enterprise-level charge$100-$250 per hour

If you are looking for a mobile app development company, we can develop websites like Dream 11, a fantasy sports app like Dream 11. Various fantasy sports apps have been developed by our Dream11 app developers. 

Final Words

Sony Sports and ESPN networks, two of the biggest names in the sports world, have launched their own fantasy leagues. Fantasy sports platforms are available from organisations like the NBA and NFL as well. It is because of this phenomenal traffic that fantasy sports leagues are gaining popularity so quickly.

You can explore paths you haven’t fully explored by creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11. Even though there are established players on the market, there is still a lot of room for new players. The demand for this game is only expected to increase in the future since it is the game of the future. 

Let’s not wait any longer. Provide sports fans with the best possible reason to play with your fantasy sports app like Dream11.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How can i make money with a Fantasy app like Dream 11?

Fantasy apps have various monetization strategies. You can take advantage of various monetization strategies like-

In-app advertisements
Brand Promotion
League Entry Fees

Q. Do you provide customized fantasy app solutions?

Yes, we provide customized as well as white-label solutions for a fantasy applications. Our customized solutions are developed by keeping the client’s requirements in mind.

Q. What is the development cost of a fantasy app like Dream 11?

Fantasy apps development cost is dependent on various factors like cross-platform compatibility, location of the developer, features, etc. On average, the cost to develop a fantasy app like Dream 11 ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

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