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How to Build a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 for Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Volleyball?

written by Admin | Apr 02, 2020
Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

In this world full of people progressing in the future through different technologies, it is important to consider entertainment from time to time. When it comes to sports applications, Dream11 clone script is one the thrilling applications that attracts sports enthusiasts worldwide. It has a huge fanbase. 

Fantasy sports is taking the world by storm:

Fantasy sports is nothing but a kind of game which enables sports lovers to enjoy a virtual game by cherry-picking their own team with amazing players that play in a team. If the players you zero down, are promising, then you will earn a handsome price. 

One of the thrilling segments in digital sports is the growing trend of fantasy sports. With the massive population of youth, it is said to increase with each passing day. Moreover, games and entertainment is crucial for relieving the stress of working life by different professionals. Due to this, different IT companies have laudable developers to develop amazing app similar to dream 11.

Dream11 is said to have wide-ranging millions of fans who are sports aficionados to the core. Moreover, this application is designed with the point of view to enable users make money through playing. Sports lovers can choose from numerous sports to play on this fantasy sports application. This is the reason why entrepreneurs can opt for starting a business of fantasy sports online by creating fantasy app like dream 11 for cricket or various other sports. Within no time, it gets popular among the sporty youngsters. 

The reason why this sector is showing a rising trend is because youth are more attracted to it as they love sports day in and day out.

Factors to consider for developing alternative app of Dream11: 

The foremost thing essential for developing a dream11 clone script is to zero down the commendable mobile app developers who will convert your app idea into reality. A good market research is crucial to go ahead with your thrilling fantasy sports app. The trend of sports lovers as to what they find necessary in the app, is much needed. The simple user interface will highly impress the sports enthusiasts because they will be able to enjoy playing in simple clicks and by following simple procedures.

Fantasy sports application: Important features that will thrill sports lovers to bits: 

When it comes to development of an fantasy sports app similar to dream11 for football or other kinds of sports, then it should have something attractive that users will be drawn to. The higher the exciting and jaw-dropping features, the higher the number of downloads of your fantasy sports app. Anything unique catches the eyes of people pretty damn quickly. The same goes with the features you wish to include in dream11 clone script.

Important features that will thrill sports lovers to bits

1 User registration is the foremost thing to consider: 

In this, users will be able to register by following simple steps and procedures. This platform should be hassle free in usage so that it does not take much time for the user. 

2 There should be a main home screen: 

Another essential part is to include a default screen that the user will see once completing the registration to application. Every details about different game matches are listed here. Sports users will be able to know about different games according to their preferences, such as kabaddi, cricket, football, etc. Apart from this, a user will also be able to check different kinds of live matches, matches upcoming, and other kinds of match related info such as result about any match which has been played, etc. This category of application should include timing and date of matches and also about the teams for a game match, along with names of teams and a picture that will catch a sports lover’s attention in the blink of an eye. 

3 Contest section in the application: 

Another important category to include in the fantasy sports app similar to Dream11 for football or other games, is the contest section. This entices the sports enthusiast in a jiff. It involves different details related to contests, such as, entry cost, type of contests, price to be given to contest winners, total winners, total number of teams, etc. In this way, it will be easier for any user to cherry-pick the contest of his choice and go ahead with the match. 

4 Joining contest section: 

This section will enable the user to join in the contest which excites him the most and accordingly move ahead for playing. 

5 Contest creation segment: 

In this section, a user will be able to design a thrilling contest in simple steps. A user will just have to fill out various details like contest size, contest name, total winning amount, etc. It is essential to join for any contest and then this feature will be seen on the app. This particular section excites the users while using the fantasy app like dream11 for IPL.

6 Payment gateway: 

Another important section is payment gateway which will help the user to choose from various online modes of payment and it will make the functioning of fantasy sports app easier. 

7 My contest: 

This section basically deals with the part that users can check the total number of joined contestants. The sports lover will be able to see and make changes in team players chosen for playing the match. This section is exciting in the app similar to dream11 for volleyball or other games. 

8 My Profile section: 

This will be an important dashboard which displays the user’s gaming choices and match choices. This particular section in the application will show reward points, account details, cash bonus amount, etc. In this section, a user will also be able to check the transaction carried out, complete rank of different matches, etc. The user will also withdraw the winning amount through this section, without any hassle. You can also add the category called as reward points, in this particular section. 


9 Other sections can also be added such as Invite & Earn: 

In this particular section, a user can also earn more money by inviting their friends to use the app for different sports just by adding a simple referral code. This section will also increase your app users through this marketing technique. 

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Closing Thoughts: 

So, now you know the important features that excites users in a fantasy sports app. The next important factor to consider is selecting the best mobile app development company for making your app idea into reality. As an apex-rated company in technology, we have a team of promising developers who are well-versed with developing app like dream11 for cricket or other games. Contact us with your app idea and we will assist you further.


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