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How to Develop a Fantasy App like Dream 11? [Update 2024]

Fantasy Sports
Feb 05, 2024
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Fantasy App like Dream 11

Are you looking for the 10 best similar apps like Dream 11 so you can choose the top one to make money while having fun, and also to get a similar idea? If yes, this blog is meant for you! Here, we have made a list of the top 10 apps like Dream 11 after going through various aspects. This blog also helps you to know the key features, revenue models, cost, and development process of Dream 11-like apps.

Dream 11 is a prominent Indian fantasy sports platform that has more than 200M+ active users where you can play a wide range of games and fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Rugby, Baseball, Football, etc. In 2019, it has become a unicorn. Dream 11 has given a big hype to a fantasy world and made it more accessible for players. That’s why, the demand for fantasy sports apps is increasing because players are looking for alternative apps to Dream 11 so they can experience something new and innovative for their entertainment and earn cash.

Let’s dive in-depth to learn the prominent applications similar to Dream 11 with their development process, cost, features, etc. so you can clear all your doubts and make an informed decision.

List of Top 10 Similar Apps like Dream 11 to Try in 2024

Before creating your fantasy apps similar to Dream 11, let’s discuss a list of the best fantasy apps like Dream 11 so you can clear all your doubts and get a perfect idea for your app. Let’s start to know. 



When you are looking for fantasy apps similar to Dream 11 then MyTeam 11 is the perfect choice for you where you can play a wide range of fantasy sports games. Here, multiple sports, contests, leagues, live updates, leaderboards, player statistics, notifications, reminders, and several other rich functions make it the first choice for the player who wants to access an app like Dream 11. Within a short period, this alternative of Dream11 has become a favorite destination for more than 15 million fantasy players. Here, players create a team and compete with other users to earn real money. Sign-up bonuses, loyalty programs, cash prizes, referral bonuses, and various other opportunities are for players to play games and make money. Players can choose their desired sports according to their gaming skills. 



Howzat is another app like Dream 11 that has become the talk of the town among fantasy players to explore numerous sports on a single platform and earn money. Here, you experience rich features like live chat, leaderboard, player statistics, real-time score, & updates, multiple payment channels, safe and secure gameplay, secure payment, and many more that help you to stay engaged for hours.

This substitute for Dreal 11 was launched in 2019, and since then, it has attracted more than 10 million users by offering them a wide range of sports. Here, you can participate in all ongoing matches and tournaments. The best part of this Dream 11-like app is to make a fantasy team and compete with other players to win exciting cash prizes. 



Are you searching for Dream 11-like apps? If yes, My11Circle is one of the best similar apps to Dream11 where top-notch features and functions such as VIP pass, live updates, live chat, real-time score, referral program, in-app notifications, leaderboards, and many more help you to stay engaged for hours. With more than 10M+ userbases, this fantasy sports platform has become a favorite place for players to make money by using their gaming skills.

This app like Dream 11 has created a big hype in the fantasy world by offering a wide range of sports games so players can choose their desired one according to their interest and skills to have fun and make money. Try this once, and it will secure a permanent place in your smartphone. 


MPL (1)

MPL(Mobile Premier League) has become a perfect synonym for Dream 11 by offering an amazing gaming experience with top-class features to earn cash. When it comes to fantasy applications, MPL stands itself as the best similar app to Dream 11 and offers you multiple fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, and many more so you can participate in your favorite one.

Here, you can also try a wide range of games like card games, arcade games, brain games, casual games, puzzle games, and many more. You can participate in various ongoing tournaments and leagues by paying entry fees and by winning you can make a big fortune. 

This app is secure and safe so without bothering about other issues you can play and earn cash. Within a limited period, MPL has represented itself as the biggest competitor to fantasy apps like Dream 11.

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Gamezy is another top gun in the fantasy world known as a site similar to Dream 11. This platform is a boon for fantasy players who want to participate in fantasy sports to make real money by using their gaming skills. Here, you play a wide range of fantasy sports so players can opt for the best one. Numerous engaging features and functions help you to stay engaged for a long time, and alos lure you to come back for more. By offering rich services, and amazing games, it has become the best app like Dream 11. Add this app to your smartphone to experience a wide range of games to take your gaming experience to the next level and make money.



Fanmojo is an e-sports platform known to deliver Dream 11-like gaming services. By offering a wide array of games and fantasy sports like football, kabaddi, cricket, and many more it has represented itself as a prominent app like Dream 11. Here, players compete with each other but, for that, you have to form a  team by using your gaming experience and skills.

Here, your fantasy team competes with the real-life team and if you win, you can earn a huge amount that will change your life. Try this similar site to Dream 11 to explore something unique and innovative that can take your fun to the next level. 



Playerzpot is a fantasy sports and casual gaming app where you get an opportunity to make up to 10cr daily. With more than 15 million users, it has secured a place in the list of prominent apps like Dream 11. Here, you can participate in multiple fantasy sports and popular games such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Baseball, Basketball, and many more. When you have explored everything in Dream 11 and want to try a similar app to Dream 11, try Playerzpot. This app offers you an amazing gaming experience with top-rated features, multiple payment gateways, secure transactions, enticing graphics, and many more. 



Halaplay is another fantasy platform like Dream 11 that offers you multiple opportunities to earn real money by playing games and fantasy sports. Here, more than 100+ contests offer you an opportunity to win more than 10 Lakh+ per day. To participate in fantasy games, you have to form a team, and that team competes with other players’ teams and if you win, you win huge cash. Various rich features and functions of this alternative site to Dream 11 are enchanting. Fantasy players who want to experience something similar to Dream 11, try Halaplay.

Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11 is a similar platform to Fantasy Power 11 where you can make a huge profit by making the right fantasy team for multiple sports by using your skills. The best part of this app is the referral system, wherein if anyone joins this app by using your referral code, you get Rs. 100 as a bonus and 10% of the referred deposit each time. That’s why, players are so excited about this dream 11-like platform. Here, you can participate in various sports and by making a winning team you can make a difference. Add this fantasy application to your list. 



Myfab fantasy app was launched in 2020 and within a short period, they have attracted more than 1M+ users to their platform by offering them enticing and engaging games and various sports. They offer you an opportunity to make a team of real-life players and that team competes with real-time ongoing matches. If your selected player wins, you also win and make a huge amount. Due to offering similar services to Dream 11, it has become a perfect alternative to Dream 11. 

Now, let’s discuss the key features of the Dream 11 app.

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Essential Features of an App like Dream 11

When it comes to the development of a fantasy sports app similar to dream11 for football or other kinds of sports, then it should have something attractive that users will be drawn to. The higher the exciting and jaw-dropping features, the higher the number of downloads of your fantasy sports app. Anything unique catches the eyes of people pretty quickly. The same goes for the features you wish to include in the Dream11 clone script.

Essential Features of an App like Dream 11
User OnboardingThe fantasy app like Dream 11 must have an easy user onboarding method that allows users to log in or signup for the app through their social media accounts.
Safe & Secure Payment GatewaysIt is essential to integrate safe & secure payment gateways in an app similar to Dream 11. The payment gateways allow users to make transactions without any hassle and protect the user’s financial information.
Responsive UI/UXThe user interface is the first thing a user notices when browsing your app. It is important to design an easily navigable and attractive UI so users won’t be discouraged by your app. 
Multilingual SupportA fantasy platform like Dream 11 caters to a global audience. Multi-language support allows users to play the fantasy game in their desired language.
Refer & EarnThe refer & earn feature allows the user to invite their friends and family to the Dream 11 app. Moreover, users also get additional rewards whenever a user joins the platform through their invite link. 
Draft a TeamUsers can use this feature to add players and create their perfect team to take part in contests and leagues.
Player & Team DetailsUsers can get in-depth information about the players and teams such as their past performances and statistics to help them make an informed decision about their pick.

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Admin Panel

Admin DashboardThe admin dashboard is the master control of an app like Dream 11. All the settings of the app and various other controls are present on the admin dashboard.
User ManagementThe admin can monitor and manage all the user activities within the app. In case of any suspicious activity, the admin can also ban a user.
Payment ManagementWith payment management, the admin can monitor and manage all the transactions happening within the fantasy app like Dream 11.
Match ManagementThe admin can manage and modify all the matches and leagues with the match management feature.
Game ManagementControl and tweak all game settings including language, audio, matches, notification, etc.
Ads ManagementThe admin can remove or place an ad anywhere on the app with the ads management feature. 

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Business Model of Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream 11

When you add an earning feature to your fantasy app, you can consider it pure gold. Here is a list of various monetization strategies that can help it generate additional revenue. 

Business Model of Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream 11
  • In-app advertisements and paid subscriptions are used widely in Fantasy sports platforms. 
  • Third-party advertisements and discounts and premium features on a fixed subscription can also be used as an extra source of income. 
  • Entry fees for matches are the primary source of revenue for apps like Dream 11
  • Invite other brands to promote their services and products on your platform for extra revenue. 

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How to Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11?

When you are going to create a fantasy app like Dream 11 then you have to take care of various aspects to transform your fantasy idea to life. Here is the step-by-step development process to build a Dream 11-like platform from scratch. 

1. Market Research

Before developing an app, it is important to conduct thorough market research to figure out the ongoing trends in the market. It is also essential to know the preference of audiences so that you can deliver exactly what they want. Also, make sure to conduct competitor analysis which gives you insight into your competitor’s strategies. After a thorough market analysis, you should be able to answer the following questions-

  • What are the ongoing trends in the market?
  • The preferences of the audience
  • What strategies are used by your competitors?
  • What are the strengths of your competitors?

2. Technology Stack for a Fantasy App like Dream 11

  1. Kotlin for Android App Development
  2. Swift for iOS App Development
  3. Node.js for Back-end Development
  4. AWS or Azure for Cloud
  5. SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  6. Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics
  7. Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications
  8. for Chat
  9. Integrate Live Score API
  10. FIFS Certification or License (for creating an ethical gaming platform)

3. Hire Dedicated Fantasy App Developers

After conducting the market research and finalizing the tech stack, the next step is to hire dedicated fantasy app developers that will build your application. Cost is one of the major factors when choosing fantasy app developers for your project. India-based Developers are considerably cheaper than USA-based Developers. Also, make sure to check the experience of the company before entering into a partnership deal with them. 

4. Prototype Development

The next step is to create a functional prototype. A prototype is a functional version of the app with all the elements and features in the right place that is used for testing. A working prototype will also give you a general idea about the general feel and look of a fantasy app like Dream 11. 

5. Development & Testing

The next phase is to iron out the loose ends of your fantasy app and start the testing phase. It is important to ensure proper testing to ensure that your app is not filled with bugs or glitches. It can be detrimental to your business if you launch an app filled with bugs and glitches. Make sure to allocate a significant amount of budget towards testing as it requires a large amount of capital to complete the testing phase. 

6. Launch & Deployment

After proper testing of an app like Dream 11, it is time to deploy the application in the market. However, your task isn’t over. Various other services must be provided to users after deployment such as customer support and rolling out timely updates to include the latest features in your application. 

Development Cost of an App like Dream 11?

The development cost of an app like Dream11 varies from $15,000 to $30,000 with basic features and functions. However, it may go up to $40,000 with advanced functionalities. To know the exact cost of developing a similar app to Dream 11, share your idea with a fantasy sports software development company. 

Cost of Developing an App like Dream 11

Your choice of company will also affect the cost of developing an app like dream11.

Charges for Small Companies$15-$40 per hour
Intermediate Companies$50 -$100 per hour
Companies of enterprise-level charge$100-$250 per hour

If you are looking for a mobile app development company, we can develop websites like Dream 11, a fantasy sports app like Dream 11. Various fantasy sports apps have been developed by our Dream11 app developers. 

Why Choose BR Softech to Create an App Like Dream 11?

BR Softech is a leading fantasy sports app development company that has been offering its fantasy software solutions and services in every corner of the world. With more than 12+ years of experience, they have created a big difference in the fantasy world by offering innovative solutions. They have the best team of developers and designers that has rich experience in fantasy app development. We have a separate team for R&D that does proper research to take your idea to the next level.

If you are inspired by the Dream 11 app and want to create a similar app to Dream 11, share your idea with BR Softech. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How can I make money with a Fantasy app like Dream 11?

Ans. Fantasy apps have various monetization strategies. You can take advantage of various monetization strategies like-

In-app advertisements
Brand Promotion
League Entry Fees

Q. Do you provide customized software solutions for Dream 11-like apps?

Ans. Yes, we provide customized as well as white-label solutions for Dream 11-like fantasy applications. Our customized solutions are developed by keeping the client’s requirements in mind, and you can tailor them according to your business requirements. 

Q. What are the top 10 alternative apps to Dream 11?

Ans. Here is the list of the most popular apps like Dream 11-

  • MyTeam11
  • Howzat
  • My11Circle
  • MPL
  • Gamezy
  • Fanmojo
  • Playerzpot
  • Halaplay
  • Fantasy Power 11
  • Myfab11

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