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Top Games Like Go to Play in 2024

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Feb 22, 2024
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Game Like Go to Play

Want to play similar games like Go? You’re in luck! In this blog, we have listed some of the best games similar to the Go board game that you must play in 2024.

Board games have a really long history that dates back to ages. They are considered the best way to get away from boredom. One such game is the Go board game online which is often played by people for the same reasons. There are several board games that are available online, but choosing the most suitable can be a difficult task. To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of the top games like Go that come packed with fun, thrill and excitement at the same time. These games look pretty easy at the surface level but go tougher as the gameplay progresses. Hence, they may not be understated for the same.

Let’s start the blog with the top games like Go without wasting any further time.

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List of 10 Best Games Like Go

list of top 10 games like go


When looking for the most identical game like Go, Chess tops the list. This classic board game is a two-player game that involves the movement of 32 pieces (16 pieces with each player) on the board with two square colors. Here the objective of the player is to checkmate the opponent’s king piece in the shortest period of time. 

Other chess pieces include rooks. bishops, pawns, knights, a queen, and a king that moves according to specific rules made for different pieces. The game seems easy to start but gets complicated as the game progresses. To be the master, you will need to practice several times. Also if you want a Risk game alternative you can try out the Chess.


Checkers or Draughts is an abstract strategy board game that resembles a Go board game and is played between two players who try to oppose each other across a board of 64 light and dark-coloured squares. The game is generally played on an 8×8 chess board and has multiple variants to play the game on the board of 10×10 and even 12×12 sizes. 

The rules for the checkers game are so basic that it is considered to be one of the best games for beginners. Know how to play the Checkers game as the pieces move diagonally, one square at a time, and capture the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. If you get a piece on the other side of the board, it moves forward and backwards.


This is one of the board games like Chess that has been with us for centuries. This classical game has an iconic look that will be recognized by you even if you haven’t played this game earlier. The board contains 24 triangles of alternative colors and a bar down to the middle of the board. You as a player have a set of 15 checkers to move over the board and move them with the help of two dice. 

The first player to remove all his checkers from the board is declared the winner of the game. Just like the online go board game, Backgammon has little space for luck but requires some sort of strategies and skills to win the game.


It is a traditional board game that comprises a square board with holes in the corners and a strategically placed diagram of lines and circles. Within the center of the board, there is a group of 19 carrom pieces also known as coins or seeds. They are generally in three colors: nine pieces of the same color for each player (in case of two players) and a pink coloured coin known as queen. 

Here, the main objective of the player is to strike the coin into ant of the four corner holes. When you get a piece into the hole, you get a chance to flick again. Overall the Carrom earning app is all about pocketing the coins and the queen before the other player and scoring as many points as you can. 


Shogi is the Japanese variant of the chess game which is played on a board that is divided into nine pieces. It is one of the traditional board games like Go where the board sizes vary depending on what complexity or level are you playing the game. As it is a Japanese game, it includes a full set of instructions in the English language for global players who are not familiar with the game or the gameplay mechanics of the game. Here the main aim of the players is to get the opponent’s kind placed in check by ensuring that there are no safe moves left for them to move. 

Also, there are multiple variations of this game with different board sizes like 12×12, 13×13, 15×15 or even 16×16 that allow the players to make unique moves. The gameplay theme and the capturing mechanism of the King are the prominent reasons that make this game one of those games like Go that require a sort of strategy and thinking capability of the players.


Hive is another go-like game on the list. Here each player gets a complete arsenal of insects and every player places their insects in a strategic manner around the other player’s queen to win the game. This board game involves an intermediate level of strategy, a deep focus and an understanding of the game rules. The best advantage of playing the game of Hive is that in spite of being a board game, it requires no board to play on, unlike most board games that can be played on any type of flat surface without the need of having to set up any of the pieces.

All the pieces in the Hive game are placed next to each other and all of them have bespoke ways of movement that deliver a great level of thrill and entertainment to the board game enthusiast.


The Azul board game is a strategic board game that originated in Portugal. The go game development not only has unique gameplay but also pleases the players with its visually appealing designs and user interface. From the perspective of the game objective, it is quite simple to understand its set of rules and play the game. The players take their turns by drafting coloured tiles and placing them over the board by making a set of combinations just to increase their point value in the game.

As Azul is one of the games like Go board game online, it is easier to play than other games on the list, but it does not mean that the game requires no skills ot strategy. You must make the right combinations for tile placement on the board, although it can be quite difficult to do so. In order to win the game, the player with the highest points wins the game.

7 Wonders

It is a strategic board game that is based on old civilization. This board game is similar to Go involving strategies and thinking abilities to win the game. The board of this Go-like game is double-sided where building wonders on one is easier while on the other hand, there are interesting benefits waiting for the players. 7 Wonders board game is played out with different opponents each time you play and this is what makes the players spin to the game and away from getting bored. In every round, there are between two to seven players playing and dealing with new card sets. 

Here the primary aim of the players is to build a new civilization by making new discoveries, constructing new buildings and structures, finding hidden coins, and even building their own military. To win the game, you must implement unique strategies and develop the best civilization. One of the best games for those who like ancient civilization themes.


A simple board game where the players participate in a digital world where each player selects a country and gains control over it. The objective of the player is to fight in a war against other players (countries) in order to dominate the whole world. The gameplay starts with each player having control over a single country. The more they occupy the countries, the more they are able to deploy their troops helping them to defeat their enemies. For this, the players have the capability to deploy troops, build armies, move over the map and place their positions to tackle the enemies. 

As there is no rolling of dice in this game, the winning depends on the user’s play more than their luck. This game is a successor to the Go board game online and represents a modernistic approach towards the war. To win these board games like Azul, the player has to make strategic moves rather than relying on luck. 


Catan is a similar board game to The Go but based on a different theme of an island of Catan rich in resources. Here the players are settled on the island working to create new cities. The different parts of the island have different resources underneath. You will need to exchange or trade your resources with the other players to get the desired resources needed in building your settlements. The game board of Catan is made up of 19 different tiles of hexagonal shapes that allow for a different board layout each time, so there are no two games the same after consecutive gameplays. 

You gain points for different cultural achievements like a single point for creating a settlement, and two points for having the biggest military. The first player to gain ten victory points wins the game. Overall Catan is a strategic board game that suits players of all age groups irrespective of their skill levels.


Why Choose BR Softech To Develop A Board Game Like Go?

why choose BR Softech

BR Softech is a leading board game development company that aims for customer satisfaction and excellence. We have long-standing experience in Go game development and various board games that have top-notch features and innovation-driven functionality. With over 250 board game developers we leave no stone un turned to deliver the best board game solutions to our global clients. If you are looking to develop a game similar to the Go board game, contact us today and we will take care of all your needs related to your board game development. Choose us to get exclusive benefits:

  • Experienced board game developers
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  • Cost-effective games like Go
  • Integration of the latest technologies
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Can I play Go online?

Ans. Yes, you can play Go board game online with players from all over the world.

Q 2. Is Go a Korean or Chinese game?

Ans. The history of the Go board game online dates back to ancient China over 2500 years ago. The game is widely popular in China, Korea, and Japan.

Q 3. What is the best strategy in Go?

Ans. The best strategy to follow in the beginning is Corner-Side-Center. In other words, the corners are the easiest to take the territory as the two sides of the board can be used as the boundaries.

Q 4. How much time does it take to develop a board game like Go?

Ans. It takes around two to three months to create an online board game like Go. However, the time taken can be more or less depending on the project size and complexity.

 Q 5. How Much does it cost to develop a similar board game like GO?

Ans. The average cost to develop a board game like Go ranges between $10000 and $20000 with optimum features and functionality. This is an average cost and the actual cost may differ according to the type of game you are seeking to develop.

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