Yes!! “Here may be your turn, to change the world“.

Google start an open online competition of science. The Age limit for this competition is between 13 to 18 yr. the wonderful prizes, to be awarded in September: a $50,000 scholarship is announced by Google for winner student & another award is a trip to Galapagos with national geographic expedition & many more. This is the best step taken by Google to change the world & impressed young students.

Applications for the competition are due in next 3 months. Google said that, the youngest researcher can do that as their elder scientists. Brittany Wenger, from Lakewood ranch Fla, was the grand winner of 2012. Brittany built a tool based on cloud to help accurately diagnose cancer of the breast for doctors.

April 30, 2013 is the Last date for submissions. In June, Google will declare finalists (Americas=30, Asia=30 Pacific=30 and from Middle East/Africa Europe=30) in June. So total 90 finalists will be announced by Google in June. Then after judges of competition will choose the top 15 finalists, who will be conveyed to Google headquarters, Mountain View, California for a live & the final event on September 23, 2013.

Date of remembering for interested students:
Last date for submission: – 30 April, 2013
Announcement of finalist: – in month of June.